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(2004/09) Year End (Sep - Dec) 2004 Mothers-to-be

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by angph38, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. angph38

    angph38 New Member

    hi all,

    thot there might be a lot of year end 2004 MTBs around. anyone like to join in discussion here? [​IMG]

    let me start, my EDD is <font color="0000ff">04 Oct 2004</font>

  2. yingzi

    yingzi New Member

    Hi angelia,

    Me joining in. Mine on 10th Oct 2004.[​IMG][​IMG]
  3. angph38

    angph38 New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">yingzi,</font>
    hi, wow, our EDD only 1 wk apart! [​IMG]

    so u'r in wk 9 or 10 now? me in wk 10.

    how r u feeling nowadays? me still hv the bloated feeling on &amp; off. then can eat during lunch but can't take much for dinner leh [​IMG]
  4. wendyl

    wendyl Member

    hi angelia

    my EDD is 24/10/04...nw 8 weeks
  5. heather

    heather New Member

    Hi Ladies,

    My EDD is the same at Yingzi, 10 oct 04.

    Angelia - i am the same as you. Eating for lunch is not a problem but after dinner, my life is hellish!
  6. yingzi

    yingzi New Member

    Hi angelia &amp; heather,

    hey good good...we are all Oct mum to be, unless due earlier. Heard pple mentioned tat normally for the first pregnancy, bb will be out earlier by 2 weeks...dunno how true it is.

    Me having MS since week 5 and currently still having it on and off although less frequent. I can't take too heavy meals, will feel veri uncomfy and bloated too. But me on the contrary, can't eat much during lunch, dinner better. [​IMG]
  7. odie

    odie New Member

    Hi Hi,

    My EDD is 5 Nov. In my 6th week now.

    Just went to my gynae yesterday and saw my baby's heart beating =)

    Morning sickness... not too bad only on certain days but am overwhelmed with fatigue.

    Biggest problem is the multi-vitamins I have to take very morning. I have problems swallowing pills and need to bit it into small bits first... and the taste is yucky -.-""
  8. heather

    heather New Member


    I wouldn't mind a sept baby either!! My MS was worse in the 7/8 week period. Now getting slightly better, i hope ... but gynae said that it will peak these 2 weeks. Horror!!

    Odie: Wasn't it a wondering feeling seeing the hear beating. i was more relieved than anything!

    Where is everyone planning to deliver?
  9. angph38

    angph38 New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">heather,</font>
    at least u still can take dinner.. i practically gotta FORCE myself to eat dinner. of cos, after dinner will feel damn terrible lor [​IMG]

    <font color="aa00aa">yingzi,</font>
    hmm.. is it true that 1st kid will be out earlier by 2 wks? if that's the case then good leh, cos hubby &amp; i are born in Sept (2 days diff). if bb comes out 2 wks earlier, will be so close to our bday (1 or 2 days!!!) [​IMG]

    but hor, my ex-colleague only early by 3 days leh. guess not everyone is the same lor.

    <font color="aa00aa">odie,</font>
    wow, u muz be very excited rite? can see bb's heartbeat. me now looking to my next appt, 2 wks later. hopefully can see bb clearer cos last Monday can roughly see the hands &amp; legs alr [​IMG]

    me oso so sick of the pills (folic &amp; multivit) then i ask gynae can take alternate day or not?! he told me folic gotta take everyday, multivit alternate is alrite [​IMG]

    <font color="0000ff">anyone has any cravings for anything yet?</font>
  10. berrywife

    berrywife Active Member

    Hi ladies! My EDD's on 21 Sept. My MS and nausea + dizzy spells were real bad during mid first trimester. Its slowly improving. Appetite's still not there most of the time but also improving slowly. [​IMG]
  11. angph38

    angph38 New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">heather,</font>
    so u'r in wk 9/10 now?
  12. curly

    curly New Member

    Mine is 2 Nov (according to the books I had read). Having my first appt tomorrow.

    I dont have morning sickness or any craving. Life is as usual.....
  13. angph38

    angph38 New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">berry,</font>
    oh, speaking abt dizzy spells, mine was on/off but luckily not so frequent. however, these few days like getting a bit frequent. maybe cos this wk, i started to need to wake up middle of the nite to go pee wee, so not enuff sleep [​IMG]
  14. heather

    heather New Member

    Angelia, I am in week 10 now. You are in 11th week? So far no cravings at all .... just eat for the sake of eating.

    talking about folic acid .... i forgot again .. 2nd day in a row .. DUH!!!

    (Hey, how to make the coloured words?)
  15. angph38

    angph38 New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">curly,</font>
    haha.. then u muz be feeling very excited now rite? [​IMG]

    it's okie lah, think our EDD will keep changing by +/- few days until prob 2nd trimester? juz keep us updated on the lastest EDD u've got will do [​IMG]

    <font color="0000ff">btw, i'm trying to keep a list of EDD &amp; the wk we're in, so wld appreciate if u wld keep me posted if there's any changes [​IMG]</font>
  16. angph38

    angph38 New Member

  17. curly

    curly New Member

    Hi angelia

    Acutally, I have mixed feeling.... Sometimes, I'm happy, sometimes confused.... But I suppose I will be excited tomorrow since I would be able to see the baby's heart beat. My hubby is extremely happy and excited. I am into my 8th week.

    I have no problem taking folic acid bec I had been taking since Nov 2002....
  18. wendyl

    wendyl Member

    ladies.....i got craving for chillies foods
  19. odie

    odie New Member

    Oh looks like I'm the last on around here =p

    Hi Heather &amp; Angelia ... yup yup it was exciting. Read from a book that 2 biggest hurdle is whether the pregnancy is in the uterus and when the heart starts beating. Once we pass these 2 hurdles chances of miscarriage will be reduced drastically.

    Hmm.. can take the multi-vits every other day? Sounds tempting leh but for the sake of the baby I think I will just take it everyday.

    As for food craving not really. In fact will try to avoid overeating and oily stuff ... otherwise I will always end up regretting when I feel the bloatedness.
  20. ade02

    ade02 New Member

    can i join in too??

    Me only due in Oct, wow so many Oct babies coming. My EDD is 23 Oct 04, now 8.5 weeks.

    So far appetite good, eating every thing. but burping will come in the evenings and sometimes to much to bear will vomit, but manageable.
  21. odie

    odie New Member

    Hmmm so since all of us here are still in the really early stages of pregnancy... is there anything we need to prepare at this moment?

    Bigger size clothings? Bigger size bras?? :p
  22. heather

    heather New Member

    Talk about bigger bra size ... my shirts are about to pop already!! Everyday like giving free show. :p

    I haven't bought any clothes coz can still fit into normal clothes. Anyone showing already??
  23. expecting_mum

    expecting_mum New Member

    hi hi ..

    hope you all dun mind i join in
    my EDD is 12 sept...

    now almost 4 mths....next week ..going for check up ...hopefully can see the gender by then

  24. angph38

    angph38 New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">{curly,</font>
    erm.. not be dampen ur spirits, but be prepared to not be able to see the bb yet. cos we count our the week we'r in using LMP, but the foetus age might not be so as we might ovulate late.

    i only got to see the heartbeat 4 wks after my 1st visit to gynae (when i tested positive)

    of cos, hopefully u can see the "flickering" on screen [​IMG] it's really amazing!!!

    i've also started on folic way back (think last Jun/Aug). think took too long, now got sick [​IMG] there was 1 period where i juz "reject" everything that's beneficial to bb. the thought of them juz pissed me off. luckily got past it!! *phew*

    <font color="aa00aa">wendyl,</font>
    hahah.. me too. hv cravings for spicy food!! and fries!!! [​IMG]

    actually not really crave for them, but juz prefer to take them. if dun hv, oso can do lah [​IMG]

    <font color="aa00aa">odie,</font>
    well, some say it's only considered "safe" after we pass the 1st trimester. maybe that's why the elderly will advise us to "share the joy" after we pass the 3 mths mark.

    guess we juz hv to be a bit more careful during 1st trimester lor.

    <font color="aa00aa">micky,</font>
    of cos u can join us. this thread is open to all mah [​IMG]

    i think my m/s considered quite alrite, since i only threw up 2x. hopefully NO more to come [​IMG]
  25. angph38

    angph38 New Member

    <font face="courier new"> <font color="0000ff">as @ 15-Mar
    .. .. .. .. .. . EDD

    expecting_mum .. 12/09/04 wk 15
    berry .......... 21/09/04
    angelia ........ 04/10/04 wk 11
    yingzi ......... 10/10/04 wk 10
    heather ........ 10/10/04 wk 10
    micky .......... 23/10/04 wk 08
    wendyl ......... 24/10/04 wk 08
    curly .......... 02/11/04
    odie ........... 05/11/04 wk 06

  26. angph38

    angph38 New Member

    <font color="ff0000">bigger size clothings</font>
    my skirts &amp; jeans &amp; pants all can't wear liao. so now stick to the 5 dresses i've got!!!

    guess i've gotta go look for more dresses. but hor, i worried buy alr, after 1~2 mths cannot wear, then very wasted leh!! hiaz...

    for bras, still alrite for me cos previously i was "AA" [​IMG] so now breasts can fit nicely. thot of getting bigger size bras during sale, but not sure if it'll continue to increase, so din get any lor [​IMG]

    <font color="119911">let me noe if i got the wks wrong</font>
  27. curly

    curly New Member


    cannot see.... I really hope I can see leh. When I was tested +ve (last Friday), I was almost 7 weeks......
  28. angph38

    angph38 New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">expecting_mum,</font>
    so R u hopping for a boy boy or girl?
  29. curly

    curly New Member

    I was told by a friend not to eat mutton/lamb bec the baby will have "yang dian feng"? I was laughing my head off!! Anyway, I dont take much of that...

    At moment, I can still squeeze into my usual clothes, so no intention to buy yet. As for bras, I think I'll still wear my usual ones unless they become too tight.
  30. berrywife

    berrywife Active Member

    Heather, all my pants dun even fit anymore, tops are still okay, but becoming shorter by the day :p My hubby and I could see an obvious diff in my tummy since 10th week+. Now(12 week+) my belly is already a small hardened bulge liao. Planning to shop for maternity wear anytime.

    wendyl, ever since I got pregnant, I havent been able to stomach ANY spicy food at all, not even the slightest tinge of pepper. Or else I'll get terrible heartburn and puke my guts out.

    Odie, when you need to buy new clothes/bras depends on your own 'growth'. Some people dun show until 3rd to 4th month even. I started showing towards end of my 2nd tri. So buy as you need.

    curly, you say sometime happy, sometimes confused? Why confused?
  31. angph38

    angph38 New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">curly,</font>
    hmm.. everyone is different lor. but like i say, it very much depends on individual cos our AF cycle different mah.

    dun worry, if ur gynae did abdominal scan &amp; can't see, maybe can ask him try doing vaginal scan &amp; see if can see bb??

    well, relax.. me juz quoting myself, maybe u can see leh? [​IMG]

    my 1st visit to gynae was like 16 DPO (34th day of cycle) but could only see thickening of lining, can't even see sac.

    2 wks later, can only see sac.
    abt 1.5 wks later, finally can see bb heartbeat!!!
  32. angph38

    angph38 New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">berry,</font>
    me same same. bottoms all can't wear liao, top still okie. [​IMG]

    me oso feeling my tummy getting bigger &amp; bigger.. guess i'll wanna switch to maternity asap else wear normal dress with bulging tummy, very ugly leh. then everyone will think "aiyo, this woman tummy so big" instead of "hmm.. this woman pregnant" [​IMG]

    somemore, wear maternity can "poh" see got pple give me seats or not on MRT [​IMG]
  33. expecting_mum

    expecting_mum New Member

    Hi hi curly...

    yah dat what most ppl say....

    dat why i was banned to eat mutton and beef until september...cause was told that beef will make the baby very hairy....

    me also like spicy food....during my first tri...i craved for laksa ...until my hubby discourage me and say laksa is heaty...
  34. yingzi

    yingzi New Member

    I dun mind whichever mth so long as bb is healthy and normal. [​IMG] Now wondering wat the govt will announced on National day..hope maternity leave can at least stretch to 3 mths, at least more time to recuperate and be with bb.

    Ya veri individual basis, I do hv frenz whose bb comes out a week later in her first pregnancy. Just some hearsay onli.

    Me still wearing my normal wear but for bra, have wore bigger size bra oredy cos breasts has enlarged and hardened..wearing my normal bra wld be uncomfortable. I hv oso started buying maternity wear, so far bought one pant onli..dunno when will I start wearing but just buy in case i need them

    me on the contrary. Last time cannot take spicy food, now can liao. hee..

    BTW do u gals feel extremely tired. I do, esp after work and weekends. Literally I'm lying there motionless and tend to fall asleep sooooooo easily.
  35. expecting_mum

    expecting_mum New Member

    hi hi angelia...

    hmmm...i think my parent in laws prefer a boy...for me and my hubby...we prefer girl for the first one...cause we feel that sister will take good care of the brothers....

    my pants also cannot wear by 12 weeks...the tops can see my tummy very clearly...so during my 13 weeks...i start to wear maternity clothes liao...more comfortable...
  36. expecting_mum

    expecting_mum New Member

    h hi yingzi...

    yah, me worse..always doze off during work...especially after lunch......also got a hard time to wake up....

    now going to my 16 weeks...engery is coming back..
  37. angph38

    angph38 New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">curly,</font>
    hmm.. me still take mutton &amp; beef a wk ago leh. [​IMG] but my mummy nvr say anything leh [​IMG]

    <font color="aa00aa">expecting mum,</font>
    my hubby wants a boy, think my ILs oso wishing for a boy cos hubby's elder brother (wife juz delivered last Sept) got a daughter. guess i've got "added" responsibility.

    as for myself, i'll prefer a girl 1st cos can help out mah. but if boy 1st, next time can protect younger sister leh.
  38. berrywife

    berrywife Active Member

    angelia, I plan to only buy maternity bottoms, cause I want to wear stretchy tops that hugs my belly, I'm very proud of my bulge keke. but not easy to find tops that are long enough to cover as well as stretchy. Pregnant bulge is diff from thr normal big tummy, pregnant bulge is hardened and very defined, whereas fats are 'layered' and often 'spill' to the sides of waist. :p

    yingzi, I already finish the 'fatigue phase' liao. My engergy level is returning almost back to normal liao.
  39. expecting_mum

    expecting_mum New Member

    see you gals ..tomorrow...me knock off liao...going home
  40. ade02

    ade02 New Member

    yes, most of my skirts cannot wear also. Now can only rely on those A line skirts coz can wear abit higher, and the hip area can accomodate the stomach. Tops still ok, but me only wearing those few.

    think can tahan for few more weeks before buying maternity wear..
  41. blessed

    blessed Member


    is that u? who used to be in trying to conceive thread?? u remember me, blessed? a big Congrats to u [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  42. curly

    curly New Member

    angelia, I hope that with the abdomial scan, can see liao. Very scared of the vaginal scan.....

    expecting_mum, beef can cause hairiness? dont know weather all these saying are for real...

    Berry, I dont know why I feel that way, very mixed feeling... I read some books and they said it's normal as we know that our role is changing...

    Ok, will update you girls tomorrow after my appt.
  43. bbchic

    bbchic Active Member

    so many of you here! so happy that this thread is created. anyway i think we are a talkative bunch.

    i am 12 weeks EDD 26 sept. thanks angelia for updating!
  44. aurora

    aurora New Member

    hi all !!!

    so happy to see so many MTB coming later this year !
    I am 14 wks+
    EDD 8 Sep

    Thanks angelia

    Wah..expecting_mum, u start to wear maternity clothes oredi ? I went to try the maternity clothes at thyme and kiddy palace...all make me look so funni [​IMG]

    So now I look for stretchable pants, skirts, and wear knitted tops....most prob wait till belly becomes bigger then buy maternity clothes...[​IMG]
  45. skyblue

    skyblue Active Member

    Hi expecting_mum, can't eat beef? Oh no, I've been taking beef like at least once a wk cos my bb seems to like beef alot. Crave for western n fast food all the time. Cold drinks also...

    Hi berry, my energy also seems to be returning [​IMG] Can go shopping for a longer time without feeling tired so easily. Jus hope that my appetite will be better so that I can eat more...
  46. yingzi

    yingzi New Member

    sound so much like me, ya esp after lunch can't open my eyes at all and need to keep going to restroom to wash my face...realli hope my energy and appetite are back soon too.

    Try to refrain from eating too many beef and taking cold drinks, not gd for bb and health. Me hv totally abstain from beef but cold drinks still take occasionally but me trying to ctrl oso.

    My bottom oso gets tigher now, but now in a dilemma cos maternity pants too big for me and yet my current bottoms are getting tight. Still can dong for like at most 2 weeks, thereafter dunno how.

    BTW gals, do ur have peeling ard ur lips. I do hv since last week and it peels till painful. Hv been putting moisturiser. It does help but doesn't solve the prob totally.
  47. berrywife

    berrywife Active Member

    yingzi, I'm in the same delima. I'm way too big for my own pants but still too small for regular maternity pants esp because I'm supposedly small in size to begin with. I went mothercare the other day to see maternity clothes, wow, all so big!

    Skyblue, actually its medically proven that cold drinks will NOT harm the baby in ANY way at all. Its just a chinese belief. For me, I dun take cold dirnk most of the time, but when I have cravings, I still give in once in a while, eg, last night I drank a large slurpee keke..
    My gynea also says beef and lamb is fine, but just like everything else, take in moderation.
  48. cosmo

    cosmo New Member

    I'm so glad to find this... I have not seen the doc, but I think EDD is abt 1st or 2nd Nov. So, I'm abt 7 weeks... anyone then had a "tummy"?
    My boobs hurt!
  49. expecting_mum

    expecting_mum New Member

    hi hi everybody

    gd morning to all the year end mums

    yah i also have my lips cracked during the first 3 months....i guess cause we are heaty and the hormone(hope spelling is correct [​IMG] ) changes....

    yah lor..no choice i feel more comfortable...
    i admit quite a bit funny cause the tummy still not very obivious...but still can see a bit lah...

    skyblue...anyway these are all chinese belief lah...i think is ok if we dun take too much....i also cannot endure for so long...went seoul garden last week and take a lot beef :p

    any of you has acne problem during your pregnancy
    I have....so sian...somemore it concentrated around my nose and lip area....very ugly....
    i dun have these problem last time....
  50. angph38

    angph38 New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">curly,</font>
    i went thyme at Taka to try the maternity pants, but it looks weird on me. guess gotta wait till tummy is bigger.

    erm.. guess i prefer dresses cos easier. no need to think need to go with which top. me lazy person [​IMG]

    hiaz.. me getting more tired nowadays leh. esp these few days. kept waking up at nite to go toilet. last nite lagi worse. woke up once to go toilet, 2nd time dunno wake up for wat, 3rd time woke up 4+am feeling hungry (but still got back to sleep lah), 4th time woke up feeling a bit of tummy ache.. hiaz.. by the time i need to wake up at 7am, i totally exhausted alr!!

    <font color="aa00aa">curly,</font>
    vaginal scan nothing one, juz like BD. juz feel a bit discomfort only.

    <font color="aa00aa">bebechic, aurora,</font>
    no problem. cos me oso trying to find kakis mah [​IMG] guess all of us trying hard to catch the monkey bb [​IMG]. by the time confinement over, CNY will be near, then can bring bb out to collect angpows!!! haahahahaa..

    <font color="aa00aa">cosmo,</font>
    hmm.. think during that early stage, i only feel my waist expanding, no tummy yet.

    my boobs dun hurt that much, maybe cos i'm AA size, so grew bigger oso not much impact [​IMG]

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