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(2004/06) June/July 2004 Babies

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by newtoitall, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. newtoitall

    newtoitall Active Member

    Hi! Thought Ill start posting this to see how many of you are due about the same time as me. Guess it is also a great way for us to find out about each other's situation and go through the stages of pregnancy together. [​IMG]

    Let me introduce myself 1st:
    Name: Sunshine
    Age: 28
    Children: Nil
    Married for: 1.5 yrs
    Location: Punggol 21
    Hospital: Gleneagles/Mt Alvernia
    EDD: 9th July 2004
    At which stage did you discover pregnancy: 4 weeks
    Sex of Baby: Have not found out yet
    Week of pregnancy (till date): Week 16.5

    After the intro, I hope I will get some response of some kind and at least we can discuss any symptom/problem that we face in this stage of pregnancy. [​IMG]

  2. priviledged

    priviledged New Member

    Hi Emily,
    Congrats! I'm also expecting, but my situation is very different from yours (and probably most of you that will post here), so it would be interesting to share experiences.

    I'm nearly 36
    This is our first child
    We were married in June 03
    We have a home in Punggol 21 too(!)
    EDD: 18 June 04, now in Wk 19
    We discovered the pregnancy at about 4 wks too.

    We're living in USA hopefully only til August.
    My first (and probably only) sonogram will be done at 20 wks (next wk).
    My caregiver is a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM), which will be much more personal and wholistic than a regular Ob/Gyn. She will coach me throughout the labour and deliver the baby too.

    I've felt little movements from baby already, since early last week.

    Hope to hear from other mums-to-be.
  3. sahara

    sahara New Member


    I would like to join this thread too. The following are my details:

    Age : 29
    Hospital :TMC
    Children : None
    EDD : 24 July
    Married : 2 yrs
    Discovered pregnancy at 4 wks too!
    I'm in my 14th week.
    I am still suffering from fatulence. Really wonder when it will stop.
    So far, i have gained 1.5kg in my 1st trimester.
  4. giggler

    giggler Active Member

    Hi, here's my detail....

    Age: 29
    Hospital: Gleneagles
    Children: Nil
    EDD: 14 Jun
    Married: 2 yrs
    Discovered my pregnancy at 4 weeks too! (so qiao hor?)
    I'm in my 20 weeks now and started to feel bb's movements last week on first day of CNY!
  5. soyabean

    soyabean New Member

    hi hi... [​IMG]
    me here to join... [​IMG]

    Age: 28
    Children: One and oni One in my Tummy
    Married for: 7 mths (Jun 03)
    Location: BP
    Hospital: KKH
    EDD: 17th Jul 04
    At which stage did you discover pregnancy: 4wks
    Sex of Baby: dunno yet
    Week of pregnancy (till date): Week 15

    now lookg forward to feeling bb's movements soon... and knowing gender in mar... hehe...
  6. taringal

    taringal Guest


    Congrats to everyone here... [​IMG] I m also expecting

    Age : 31
    Hospital : TMC
    Children : Nil
    Married for: 2 yrs
    Location: Seng Kang
    EDD: 11th June 2004
    At which stage did you discover pregnancy: 6 weeks
    Sex of Baby: Have not found out yet
    Week of pregnancy (till date): Week 19

    I started to feel my baby movements late dec 03...
  7. giggler

    giggler Active Member

    Hi taringal, that's very early leh. I only start to feel bb's movements last week. [​IMG]
  8. rosken

    rosken New Member

    Hi! Would love to join this thread...

    Age : 29 going to 30
    Hospital : prob Mt Alvernia
    Children : the one in my tummy now!
    Married for : 1 year +
    Location : Bishan
    EDD : 5 Aug 2004 (but i have a feeling baby will be born in july!)
    At which stage did you discover pregnancy : 5 weeks
    Sex of baby : donno yet
    Week of pregnancy : 13 weeks

    I still can't feel baby movements and my tummy isn't obvious at all. Appetite is no good (anyone has the same problems as me?)
  9. newtoitall

    newtoitall Active Member

    Hi! Wow... looks like we are all new moms-to-be!
    Cool! Am so happy to know all of you.

    I have not felt any movement yet... am seriously trying very hard to feel the movements every day.
    So excited that so many of us are due close to each other.... so we definitely can support each other and also can see what kind of a bundle of joy each of us will be getting.

    Looks like no July baby has got kicking in us yet!
    Oh, I have only put on about 2kg till date.

    Any one has the baby name ready?
  10. newtoitall

    newtoitall Active Member

    taringal & Giggler (giggler),

    looks like you gals are the da jie of pregnancy here at the moment. [​IMG]
    will definitely be hoping to hear more from you girls on your experience of pregnancy and giving birth. Gosh! I still don't know how I am going to do that. I have that fear of excessive pain!
  11. giggler

    giggler Active Member

    Hi Emily, aiya we only few weeks different leh. I haven thot of any names for bb. Thot of waiting to know the gender first. How abt u?
  12. taringal

    taringal Guest


    yup, kinda of excited that i can feel the bb movements so early.
    my bb very active. yesterday, went to c the bb
    cot at ck tang wif hubby coz on sale and guess what, my bb so excited.. keep on kicking me.. [​IMG]
  13. giggler

    giggler Active Member

    Hi taringal, so did u buy the cot for your bb?
  14. taringal

    taringal Guest

    hi Giggler,

    nope, i reserved the bb cot for 2 wks. asked my hubby to ask around, c anyone willing to give away the bb cot or selling at cheaper price. u got
    any lobang?
  15. giggler

    giggler Active Member

    Hi taringal, no leh... I got no lobang. I'm still thinking if I shd get bb cot or playpen. But hubby not keen to get either one, he prefers bb to sleep with us.
  16. suet

    suet Member

    Hi Emily, thanks for starting this thread. My EDD is early Aug but I got the feeling that mine will be a July bb.

    Age : 31
    Hospital : Mt Alvernia
    Children : The little one in me now!
    Married for : 8 mths
    Location : Bukit Merah
    EDD : 5 Aug 2004 (Like Teri, I feel that my bb will pop out in July!)
    At which stage did you discover pregnancy : 5 weeks
    Sex of baby : donno yet
    Week of pregnancy : 13 weeks

    I dun feel any baby movements but I've a little bulge already. Pple will think that I'm fat rather than pregnant.

    Hi Teri, we share the same EDD. [​IMG] My appetite has been very good & I got hungry very easily. I've put on 2 kg during the 1st trimester. Was telling hubby last night that I must control my diet & eat more vege.
  17. newtoitall

    newtoitall Active Member

    Say girls, is it obvious that u are pregnant yet? For me, I have a pouch that has been moving higher. Anyway, am big enough now for people to give up their seats for me in the MRT and buses. But of coz, sometimes, they are not so friendly; and I have noticed that I can make make people go to sleep when I step into the trains. hehehehe... [​IMG] Any of you noticed that yet?

    At the moment, am 8 toilet paper squares big. HEheheee... this is a game I found in babycentre. What about the rest of you? Guess I must be pretty big... coz my cousin's belly, who is pregnant just a week later than me is still barely visible.

    EDD: 9/7/2004
  18. priviledged

    priviledged New Member

    Hi all. Glad to meet you gals. I've been showing a bit since about 2 wks ago. But I had a small 'basketball' developing behind my belly-button since about the 2nd month. I figured it was due to bloating. Now (19wks+) I have given up my old pants and I am wearing maternity clothes. Much more comfortable that way.

    Sahara, the flatulence abated after the 16th wk. But I still get bloated if I eat too much. And the stretchy feeling....[​IMG]

    Baby's movements are quite cute and ticklish. At first, I thought it was gas, but then the movements are too much in the same place and like someone poking a finger out from inside. Baby doesn't move at such regular intervals yet. Giggler and Taringal, is your bb moving regularly yet? Mine usually moves after a shower or when I am sitting down at the computer (like now) or at the TV.
    So far I only have hand-me-down maternity clothes from a church friend. It is winter and snowing heavily here. I don't work so I don't have to go out or dress up much. Hoping to get other hand-me-down baby furniture when the time comes too. Will be back in Singpaore when bb is about 2 mths, so no point buying anything.
  19. sahara

    sahara New Member


    I really hope so, cos i dont like the feeling of gas trying to pop up my throat, hope to feel normal again soon.

    I overate during CNY and vomitted all the good stuff like shark's fins and abalone. sigh...

    I wonder if any of u had symptoms of feeling weak? i felt like i was going to fall sick yesterday but i didnt and it happened a few times during my 1st trimester.

    Emily, yes, my stomach has been protruding, now it looks like i have a tummy and am growing fat. For me, everything has upsized! Skirt, Bra upsized! i think i will be wearing mat dresses soon cos i dont feel comfy with a band across my tummy when i'm wearing skirt.
  20. soyabean

    soyabean New Member

    hi priviledged...
    i think bb clothings in usa are much cheaper than in sgp. [​IMG] not getting any for ur bb?
  21. giggler

    giggler Active Member

    Hi Emily, I think your tummy is considered quite big. For me, my friends still can't tell I'm preggie by my look though I'm 20 weeks now. So no one give up their seats to me in mrt yet.

    Hi Priviledged, normally I feel my bb's movements before I sleep. It's not that very regular and sometimes not very strong also.

    Hi sahara, I've been feeling great all this while. Guess I'm one of those lucky few. [​IMG]

    EDD: 14 Jun 2004
  22. sahara

    sahara New Member

    Wah, Giggler, u're so lucky! U mean u dont feel tired, discomfort also dont have?? One of my friends also say she feel normal also, but just tired.
  23. soyabean

    soyabean New Member

    think u jus started to feel the movements... but as time goes by, u prob can recognise a pattern. [​IMG] so exciting hor? now i m waiting for my turn. hehe...
  24. taringal

    taringal Guest

    hi Giggler,
    If your bed size is king or u r a light sleeper then i guess should be ok. My colleague told me there's an incident which really scare the hell out of her sister. Both mother and bb was sleeping on the bed with a pillow in between. when my colleague's sister wake up, she found that the pillow was on top of the bb's face. she quickly check for the heartbeat of the bb. luckily, the bb was ok. So u have to take extra care if u plan to sleep wif your bb. For me, dun think i can sleep wif the bb, coz both me n hubby quite big size and our bed is only queen size, if put the bb in between us, i can't imagine what will happen to the bb... [​IMG]

    Hi Priviledged
    My bb moves when it feels like it. Just like yesterday, my bb was kicking and moving the whole afternoon, (end up i can't concentrate much on my work) and nite time not so much movements...
    so i guess it depends on it moods... [​IMG]
  25. giggler

    giggler Active Member

    Hi sahara, I feel normal and occassionally feel tired lah.

    Hi soyabean, I guess so. Now, I stroke my tummy once I feel bb's movement. Hopefully, she knows that it's my way of communication with her. [​IMG]

    Hi taringal, my bed only queen size. Actually I don't agree with my hubby to let bb sleep with us as I find it dangerous also.
  26. angel13

    angel13 New Member

    Hi! Wld like to join in too.

    Age : 28
    Hospital : TMC
    Children : The one in the tummy now
    Married : June' 03
    Location : BP
    EDD : 8th May
    Sex of baby : Male
    Wk of Pregnancy : 26 wks

    My baby have been kicking alot. Esp in the middle of the night.

  27. priviledged

    priviledged New Member

    Hi Angel, welcome to the 'club'. You're the most advanced of us all, so I guess we'll be looking to you for baby milestones.[​IMG]

    Sahara, I was always tired during my 1st trimester, and had a nap every afternoon. (A luxury I know most of you unfortunately can't afford) So I guess feeling like you're getting sick is just the tiredness. Try to get as much rest as possible. My hubby said I was so 'piggy' sleeping every afternoon [​IMG]!! I DID catch cold over Christmas and New Year, but fortunately, got over it within a week.

    Soyabean, perhaps the designer clothes for bb are cheaper here. But for infants, you can get cheaper clothes in Singapore, in the neighbourhood shops. I think my mum will be sending some over with an auntie who will be coming to help me out during the first month. Don't really think the bb clothes here are that cheap. More variety, maybe. But we're very poor over here [​IMG], so I don't plan to buy much at all.

    Giggler, I agree with taringal. Be careful with sleeping with your bb. Also, it could create a bad habit with the bb. After 2 yrs, bb may still want to sleep with you in your bed. If you can live with that, then go ahead.

    Taringal & Giggler, my bb also moves as an when it likes. Yesterday, it was pretty quiet. Today also, until now. Maybe it's just starting to wake up. hahaha.

    I'm going for my sonogram (ultrasound) on Monday. Will hopefully know the sex of the bb then.
  28. sahara

    sahara New Member

    I slept a lot too over the CNY and Xmas season cos i took leave for a longer break. I slept at 10 everynight and had afternoon nap and when i got back to work, had difficulty adjusting.

    I am going to see gynae on sat. Some of my colleagues say i can see gender on 15th wk. Wonder how many of u know the gender of ur bb so early.

    Privileged, Giggler, Angel 13, taringal
    Really exciting to feel bb movements ! I am waiting to feel mine.. hmmmm any idea which week can i expect?

    Last nite i just quarrelled with my hub.. I dont usually lose my temper, but dono why last nite i just lose it all.. maybe hormones.. sigh.. today i got swollen eyes
  29. bubblebb

    bubblebb Member

    Hello all new MTB,
    Looks like I am the only exception one here [​IMG].

    Age: 34
    Children: 2 (One in tummy n another 16+ months ger ger)
    Married for: 5+ yrs (almost lost count)
    Location: West (Bukit Gombak)
    Hospital: Gleneagles
    EDD: 7th May 2004
    At which stage did you discover pregnancy: 13 weeks (Amazing right?)
    Sex of Baby: Boi Boi
    Week of pregnancy (till date): end of Week 27? (lost count!! Memory failing)

    In my previous pregnany, I have made dozens of mummies kakis in SB. Was thinking maybe fun to know another bunch with babies around same age as my younger one.

    I am exceptionally busy this week. Hope to catch up more next week [​IMG].

  30. bubblebb

    bubblebb Member

    Hee! Correction.....I should be end of my wk 26, tomorrow I will be in wk 27! Pai say!
  31. giggler

    giggler Active Member

    Hi gals, just get to know my bb's gender y'day. BB is a girl!!!

    Hi sahara, I only get to know bb's gender on 20 weeks leh. I think you can feel bb's movements by 16 weeks. But for us, first time mummies, we may only feel it later.

    Hi bubble, so fast you got another companion for your 1st child. So you have boi/girl as your eldest?
  32. sahara

    sahara New Member


    U sound excited tt it's a girl.
    Thks will take note of bb movement.


    Good for u! 1 boi and 1 gal, just rite.
  33. giggler

    giggler Active Member

    Hi bubble, now then I saw that you've a 16mth old ger ger. I wish that I'll be like u also leh. Have a jiejie to take care of didi. [​IMG]

    Hi sahara, you're rite! I'm very happy that bb is a girl. I feel that if the eldest is a girl, she'll help out in taking care of her younger siblings next time.
  34. newtoitall

    newtoitall Active Member

    Wow! Hi girls, am so excited that so many of you have found out the sex.

    I went for my doc appointment today... baby is 10cm at 17 weeks... what about other bb's length?
    Doc said maybe it is a boy, but he can't be sure as baby kept the legs closed. BB was moving a lot during scan... must be normal for the age.

    Am going for my detailed scan on 21st Feb... can't wait till then... guess that will be the most exciting!
  35. jas26

    jas26 New Member

    hi bubble,

    Long time never see you around.

    Congrats to you!

    Hi all,

    Age: 27+
    Children: 1 baby girl
    Age: 9mths plus
    Married for: 3 yrs
    Location: North
  36. decbabe

    decbabe Guest


    Come in to congratulate you. Decbabe here, not sure whether you remember me. Known you from the previous MTM thread. Wow, time really flies, you are going to have your 2nd one soon....your gal gal Crystal is already 16mths. My gal is 13mths now. Do you still keep in contact with Elleon and the rest?
  37. sarsi

    sarsi Member

    Hey, I'm so excited that I found this thread....Here's my info:

    Name: Sarsi
    Age: 26
    Children: One n only one in tummy
    Married for: 1 yr
    Location: Queenstown
    Hospital: Raffles
    EDD: 8th July 2004
    At which stage did you discover pregnancy: 5 weeks
    Sex of Baby: Boi Boi
    Week of pregnancy (till date): Week 17

    I have not felt bb movement's yet. Cant wait to feel that magical moment. I know my boi's gender at week 15. He's very co-operative luckily.

    Sob, think I'm the only one here that has put on so much weight. I put on 3kg till-date oready and it is continuing to rise at an amazing rate. Scary.... hope I dun go beyond 15kg (tat's my target). Have u gals experienced better appetite nowadays? I have been eating alot and like sweet stuff. Anyone with similar experience?

    Have u gals worn maternity wear?
  38. soyabean

    soyabean New Member

    hey sarsi...
    angeline once told me dat if u like sweet stuff, bb will be a boi... looks like its true for ur case yeah? [​IMG]

    like u, me oso waiting for the magical moment to feel bb's movement.

    yest i saw from a website dat a good way to feel movement is to lie down flat on the bed... usu there cld be some movement once u lie down. i tried yest... then felt a very quick flutter in my tummy... but dunno if its my imagination or reali movement... hehe...
  39. sparks

    sparks New Member

    Hi Bubble...

    Congrats!!!! Haven't been catching with the kakis for ages now... How have you & Crystal been??

    I haven't been as active in the forum now... been busy at work and was recently down with Chicken Pox... Keep in touch k??

    Take Care

    Sparks (formerly known as Jewel)
  40. sarsi

    sarsi Member

    Soyabean, really? I will try that tonite.
  41. rosken

    rosken New Member

    Hi Sue,
    wow same edd...actually i have inkling that my baby will be born in july becos i am a july baby as well. i am thinking my appetite is prob suffering becos even before pregnany i have poor appetite and i am underweight all the time! in fact i am looking forward to gaining weight during and after pregnancy! my tummy is showing slightly now and i am looking forward to seeing doctor again 2 weeks later...hopefully will tell if it's girl or boy...i am hoping for a girl...
  42. sahara

    sahara New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I just went to gynae yesterday cos i had brown discharge. Doc gave me Utrogestan for 2 wks. Wonder if anyone of u took this??

    oh, and i also found out abt bb's gender thru ultrasound.. doc confirmed it but i have my doubts. Anyone of u found out gender thru ultrasound?? BB got to serve the nation!
  43. soyabean

    soyabean New Member

    hi sahara....
    sori to hear dat.... take good care okie? rest well and dun move too much. and congrats on knowing gender! [​IMG]
  44. priviledged

    priviledged New Member

    soyabean and Sarsi,
    Yes, that flutter could be the baby. Don't worry. The flutters become more frequent after about week 18. They might start to tickle. Sitting or lying down quietly usually allows us to feel the flutters. Yesterday when I put my hand where the flutters were, I felt the bb poke me.

    Maternity clothes are about the only things that fit me nowadays. Hahahaha
  45. newtoitall

    newtoitall Active Member

    Hi Sarsi,
    We have about the same EDD, mine is 9th July.
    Wow, your baby is very cooperative for the doc to see the sex at wk 15. I went to the doc just 29/1/04 (17 wk) and the doc couldn't really see it... kept pressing my belly for baby to move... baby kept kicking too fast for doc to see... but he said looks like a boy. I will find it out later on 21/2/04 at my detailed scan.
    Say, what's your baby's length now? Mine's at 10.5cm.

    Oh girls, don't worry about putting on weight. As long as doc doesn't give warning, it should be fine... am thinking of all the exercises and stuff I can do after I give birth. [​IMG]

    Hi Priviledged, will you be staying in your punggol flat after ur return? btw, which blk is your flat? Mine is in 173.
  46. priviledged

    priviledged New Member

    Hi everyone! We had our ultrasound today. We're having a girl! Thank God her vital organs are normal and functioning well. She is large bb for her age. Could even be one week ahead of estimated age though our midwife says that it could just be the top of a growth spurt.

    She was moving around a lot but was rather shy, refusing to show us a proper profile, and she kept her legs closed most of the time so our sonographer had to manuevre quite a bit to finally see between her legs [​IMG]. She also had the hiccups. We got a full video of the whole ultrasound proceedings and a few printouts.

    I might be having another us in the 35th or 36th wk cos the midwife says my placenta is just a little lower than usual. Anyone else here has the same problem?
  47. sarsi

    sarsi Member

    Soyabean, I still can't feel bb movements. But have been feeling a bit pain at specific parts of my tummy occasionally. Dunno if that is bb movements.

    Emily, yap our EDD is very close. I think bb was 10.9cm when I had my u/s 3 weeks ago.Have u felt bb's movements already. How much weight have u put on so far. I'm very worried.
  48. taringal

    taringal Guest

    hello everyone,
    Congrats to those mummy already know the gender of the bb.

    Emily, my situation is the same as u. i have a detailed scan at wk 17 (8/1/2004) but my bb wasn't cooperative. i m going to c my gynae this coming sat. hopefully can know my bb gender by then.

    hi priviledged,
    my bb not much movement these days, so quiet... how's abt yours?

    anybody feel pain at the bottom of the feet while walking (esp after waking up from nap/sleep)?
  49. kis

    kis New Member

    Hi all mothers 2be, can i join in as well....

    Name: Kis
    Age: 27+
    Children: Still in my tummy
    Married for: 2 yrs
    Location: Chinatown
    Hospital: Gleneagles
    EDD: 16 June 2004
    Sex of Baby: Girl Girl
    Week of pregnancy (till date): Week 21
  50. priviledged

    priviledged New Member

    Hi Kis, welcome to the club!

    Taringal - don't worry about it. Baby is still probably moving about. You just don't feel it, that's all. My bb moves about quite a bit. The sonographer says she'll usually move about more after I've had something sweet to eat or drink. My hubby has felt her move, which was exciting for him.
    I've been having a pain in my ligaments in my left groin. It sometimes hurts to put weight on that leg, and is uncomfortable when I move about when I sleep. The midwife thinks I may have injured myself. That could be true cos I've been slipping and sliding on the ice outside lately. Like yesterday. Fortunately my hubby was holding my hand at the time ;). Anyway, if it persists she recommends some physical therapy.

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