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(2004/05) MAY Babies

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by aunty_faye, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member

    Hi, everyone! i'm new here! my gal's omos two years old, as i'm still a breastfeed mummy, tot of weaning her on her 2nd birthday? wicked me? haha...

  2. shook

    shook New Member

    Hi cher
    My son 23mth today. I still breastfeed him. i no intention to wean him. Let him wean by himself
    out of curuisity y u wanna wean your gal off your boobs?
  3. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member

    cos i tot of having another one... so tot of weaning her at age 2.. but i guess it will be quite tuff to do this, ever since when she's born, she rejected milk bottle... rejected formula milk even i gave her cup with straw.

    BUT, will they really wean themsef out of curosity? my gal seems so addited!
    some of my friends n family even my mom in law kip asking me to wean her... kip saying she's too big for bf now.

    hee... but frankly, i enjoy the moment when she latch on me, the eye contact, the smiling happy face... is jus so lovely n heartwarming lol...

    now i abit "bu she de" of weaning her... gdness
  4. shook

    shook New Member

    Hv u got your menses already?

    Your gal rejects bottle. R u a sahm?

    My son v addicted too. esp b4 he wanna sleep in the presence of me.

    The strong bonding is the most enjoying n fulfilling thing of bf
  5. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member

    no, have not try yet, jus intending n planning to have another one when she age 2... cos when i expecting her, is terrible on the mornin sickness, lost 5kg in two weeks... wouldnt noe whether is the same sympton... so tot of weaning her b4 expecting another one...

    uh... wats sahm?

    same here lah, she zzz wif me too, and she normally wakes me middle of night to ask for it... guess both of us shd have heavy "panda eyes"... haha...

    shall see how it goes... my husband encourage me to feed on... [​IMG]jus let natural runs it, if really expecting, then wean her at dat time.
  6. shook

    shook New Member

    Hey shake hand wif u. We same same so many ways! My tai yi ma havent' visit me yet. Like dat how 2 know when ovulate?

    I had terrible morning sickness too. As if living in the hell. I survived day by day. Loose 5 kg in a wk. Dr asked me go hospital if tis cont. I hugged toilet bowl during dat time. Felt cold freezing cold fm inside. Had heartburn thru out my pregnancy. Gd lar dun put on much wt [​IMG]

    sahm = stay at home mom

    Ya permanent panda eyes

    If I can still bf, I intend to bf even I m expecting
  7. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member

    ^5!!! haha...
    see lah, we same sympton but we got diff sex of baby, where got "zhun"... some aunties said the way my morning sickness pattern mostly is boi... gdness... all sorts of their "theory"...

    i shd hail on u, u lost 5kg in a week... yah, dats was a nitemare, i mean imagine, out of sudden, u cant eat or drink, even a sip of water can throw out like dun noe wat???
    me2... i still put a stool infront of the bowl, ez for me to puke... luckily it was the 1st 4 months, after, was amazing thru out the prenancy, especially when u can feel her in u, the way she kicks n moves... keekee... i miss it!!!

    yup, i'm sahm... no choice, mum n mil kind of old liao, canot tahan taking care of her, so i quit my job looking after her, but somehow, i enjoyed lah... [​IMG]

    but i guess the gynae wont encourage u to do so if u r expecting, one of my gf does, as her milk became like water instead of milk liao... no gd for the one u feeding as well as the one inside u...

    and 2day was her 2nd birthday, as wat i taught n told her yesterday... she says " yao didi meimei, no more nehneh... wyn wyn happy birthday!" (wyn's her name)

    alamak, and yet she still pester me for whole day for nehneh... saying..."last, no more, mummy..."
  8. shook

    shook New Member

    Ya man according to the general theory yours is the sympton of a boi. According to modern theory, terrible morning sickness = rapid growth of foetus. My morning sickness peaked @ wk 11. How abt u?

    I can't eat only ate 2 or 3 chestnuts every meal n drank glucolin. I puke them out. The glucolin I took wz raspberry flavor. Initially I thot I puke blood. Bsdies dat I got insomnia n dream whenever I slept

    I got v terrible breakout - my scalp, ears, face, back. My colleague said coz boi hormone oppose to my female hormone resulted in tis

    I wish to b a sahm but can't afford to live on single income [​IMG]

    1 of the mum I knew in forum said she produces colostrum. She is pregnant n nursing her tod. Her tod grew fat. May b it's individual.

    U posted on 4th May n u mentioned 2day Wyn's b'dy is 4th or 3rd May?

    Wyn so cute [​IMG]. How do u celebrate her 2nd b'dy?
  9. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member

    jus to let u noe i cant write gd english, haha... oli broken n simple singlish... hee... so dun mind i might have to add on "hokkien" or "chinese" if i do not noe wats the word in english called??? :x

    my gynae gave me sort of a "bullet thing" known as PRIMPERAN. it was to insert into my anus by mysef twice daily to stop me from throwing out again... otherwise i couldnt intake any food or drinks... so after inserting, i can eat but not as much, oli little... the urge of vomiting is still there, i still got to hold the bowl "EEEee Oeii oii" after my meal, and i tink thats the worst part!!! u "EE ooei ee ooeii" in the toliet but nothing cum out from ur mouth... ur tummy n ur throat so upset... ><"

    *pad pad shoulder* oli no work nia, not rich tai tai... dun envy... wait u see my "yellow face" then u might tink... "phew..." ><"

    wyn's birthday was on 3rd may, we brot her to a sushi restaurant cos she enjoyed those sushi turns round n round on the belt... :D
    i didnt get her a cake, so oli a candle on a "maki", sang her birthday song! as long as she has a candle to blow she very happy liao...
  10. shook

    shook New Member

    U can't write gd english? Aiyo, u v humble, u mean Queen english? I can't either. Hokkien or Chinese I understand. I m a Singaporean [​IMG]. R u a Hokkien?

    I tend to write in short form. Hope u dun mind. Shout if u dunno wat I wrote

    I got v bad ms after my 1st visit to gyne. Went to consult GP. Gave me nausea pills. Din help. V impt thing is mc [​IMG] n empathy fm co dr. She is mother of 4. Kept assuring me it's ok. It's like dat. Will get better after the peak.....

    Dun say u yellow face. Not all sahm r yellow face. May b radiant till golden shine u said yellow [​IMG]

    Wyn your 1st child?

    Happy belated b'dy to Wyn.

    Your hubby applied leave to celebrate Wyn's b'dy? Wyn eats sushi? She eats outside food?
  11. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    Hi all,
    my daughter will be celebrating her 2 year old bird day on the 22nd.

    Anyone here had birthday celebration @ Child Care Center?
  12. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member

    hi shook!

    @@" ok ok, ur short form so far so gd, can understand... kekeekee...

    how old r u? i report 1st, me 34 dis year... lao aunty liao... sob... yup, wyn is my 1st child after trying for 4 hard years.. ><"
    we jus let everything runs naturally... never take precaution for the 4 yrs lah ... but funny hoh... 4th year then kena...

    i'm a mixed blood... khek + hokkien married to cantonese... wahpiang!!!

    oh, thanks... ur son soon rite??? any idea how to celebrate for him... :D
    my ang not so "wei da" take leave celebrate bd for her, we went dinner after his work.
    my daughter loved jap food,{cooked} i dun restrict her on eating, up to her preference, but then of cos, sweets n cold drinks not too much lah...
  13. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member

    hi, lengleng, welcum to May babies thread!!!
    seems that so far my wynthia is "Lao Da" from MAY babies... :p
    i tink celebrating at cc, u got to prepare a birthday cake n gifts for her classmates... thats wat my nieces n nephew celebrate their birthday if u intend to let them celebrate at cc.
  14. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    Hi cher,
    thanks for the welcome [​IMG]

    Any suggestion on the weight of the cake?
    Should I be getting the all-time-favorite chocolate?

    I'm a SAHM also,
    my son't born on 21/12/2005.
  15. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member

    hi leng,
    u got to check how many students in ur daughter's class. actually 1 kg is gd enuff, normally the teacher oli cut small pc for them and for the left over, they shared them to other teachers or staffs...r u invited too? normally the family members of the birthday gal/boi r invited to join in... but u got to check wif the teacher wat's the timing on the celebration time.

    yup... all time favorite chocolate!!! *drool*
  16. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    mmm cher,
    thanks for the tips.
    Wah, got to do some plannings liao...
    About 2 weeks to go only.
  17. shook

    shook New Member

    I more senior than u lar. Pai seh to publisize in the forum leh [​IMG].
    I married late I got babydust [​IMG] 3 mths after my customary wedding. V heng coz we din plan let nature take it's course.
    Do u speak khek, hokkien n cantonese? I totally differently fm u on dialect. I m a pure Hockchia married to a Hokkien
    My son gonna spend his 2nd yr on earth on 29th May. His lunar b'dy is today which happened to b my lunar customary wedding anniversary [​IMG]. Gonna bring him to cruise agn. Same as last yr
    Your gal da jie da here
    I m strict on my son's food. His food no seasoniong but I know my mom gives him adult food once in a while.

    My son is not in childcare but I think celebrate b'dy in childcare - buy b'dy cake (simple) + snake (if u want more things) + goody bag for ea kid
    cake wif fillings or toppings as fruits look smaller than sponge cake. But I agree wif Cher 1 kg is sufficient
  18. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    Foreverfriends Honey,
    Thanks for your advise. [​IMG]
  19. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member

    hi shook "JIE",
    few days no c!!! i bz in market section, c any "ho liao" to "kio" anot!!! haha...
    ya, i do speak them, hokkien, cantonese, khek... but mostly still speaks mandarin... i brot wyn to cruise las month, still throw her at the childcare center for a hr, heng she okie...they said got ask for "mummy" for few times but never cry... phew...at least she enjoyed in there...

    someone told me try not to restrict their intake too much, otherwise they will became "picky" to food in future... dun eat these dun eat that, so i jus "junk" her lah... i even let her taste "chilli" {not too hot kind}... and she's impress, will not eat when i told her "spicy" in future! :p but of cos those icy, chilled gassy drinks "NO NO NO!!!"
  20. shook

    shook New Member

    U frequeent mkt secttion?

    do u teach Wyn dialect?

    Does Wyn enjoy the cruise? U took cruise to where? How much is the childcare chrg?

    My son started 2 bcome picky since my mum gave him a bit of the adult food leh [​IMG] I did the same trick as u wrt spicy taste but it wz n accident not gave him the spicy food on purpose

    I do give my son chilled fruits n yoghurt n i-cream
  21. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member

    ya, went there browse thru daily, c any interesting topic or worth buying thing to buy...

    yup,little bit lah... my ang request, ask me to teach her cantonese, cos most of the kids nwadays dun speak their dialect anymor, so i jus teach her simple one...

    of cos she does, she got huge big space to run abot... haha... but mummy here dun enjoyed... cruise to nowhere. the childcare charge $6 hourly, but for wyn age is $12 cos nid 1 to 1 care for her, meaning they will ask "nanny" to tag along her...anyway i oli let her in for a hour, feel so lost when she's not wif me... hee...

    hmm... ya, cos adult food taste salty...
    to me, i find is allrite as long as they r no longer a infant! of cos i will still keep away food which r fried, oily, fattening, starchy unhealthy or very salty food from her, but of cos she still eats them once in awhile... i make it ezier for me so that i dun have to prepare her food when i'm out... watever i eat, she jus share wif me... [​IMG]

    wat u work as?
    u very steady poon pi pi hoh??? working but still insist of bf!!!
    my mil nag on me jus now asking me to wean my wyn... haha... :p
    hows ur mothers'day???
  22. shook

    shook New Member

    Ay when u come across any gd lobang inform me can? I no time to go into mkt plc section

    IMHO gd to teach kids dialect. Otherwise dialect will b extinct like dino in no time

    Do u cook separately for Wyn @ home?

    I work in Accounts.

    Bf creates a v strong bond b/w mother n child. I can't bear to n dat. Bsides it's natural. Wat's natural is gd. My son doesn't want fm oso [​IMG] Now I no longer need to xpress. My son rejects ebm. I HATE EXPRESSING! My office not pro bf. I expressed in the toilet YUCKS! My mil nags on me to wean my son too. Zip up man! It's my son, my breasts!

    Had a swim wif my son in the morning than attend my cousin's NB bb shower party on mother's day. How abt u?
  23. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member

    nope, i dun cook separately meal for her... but of cos i will try to cook food that is not spicy like curry or assam.. she's still picky sometimes, if thats the case, i wont force her to eat... wait till she hungry, she will asked for bread from me... as long as she grows healthy, put on wgt... i dun really care whether she finish her bowl of rice anot... :p

    i didnt like expressing too... my gf lend me the auto medela something pump... duno, i jus dun like to express this way... feel so "gao wait"...

    went over to my inlaw side celebrate wif my mil n family... nothing much...
  24. shook

    shook New Member

    U like spicy food?

    Does Wyn self feed wif cutlery?

    My boi borned to dislike bread. I love to eat bread, when I wz pregnant, I can't even stand the sight of bread. Serious, I wanna puke even by looking @ the pic of bread. B4 I found out I wz pregnant I cldn't swallow bread. I wz wondering y then.

    U sahm, dun need to express milk lar.
  25. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member

    oh yes, favourite!!! can eat chilli padi as well for me... :D

    yup, i let her handle the cutlery hersef when she's around 22months. each time i got to place big bid on her and a newspaper under her high chair. although is very messy n dirty but than she enjoyed eating hersef, she refuse to eat now if i wan feed her... so i mus make sure the food i served her is not "hot" but warm... i trained her to sit on chair when eating, hate to run abot wif her when feeding...

    then maybe i guess mor or less got such thing... hmm, i very fond of japanese food when i'm expecting, dun wonder she does too... haha...

    i tot even is sahm, oso enjoyed express milk for storage, my gf lol... store bottle by bottle in the fridge... say scared one day "dry" liao, can used! haha...

    which area u staying?
    planning to have another one?
    sometimes i tot of having jus one is gd enuff... is like abit "sing lang" now cos wyn's turn age 2 and back to my normal weight then if plan to have another mus start all over again... very sian...
    of cos not oli that lah, to have another kid cost a BOMB! so much worries oso... worries their health, worries when they fall sick, worries worries worries....
  26. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    when we have our 2nd baby,
    my hubby's friends laugh at him &amp; say,
    "everything's fine already, why you go &amp; press the RESET BUTTON".

  27. shook

    shook New Member

    U eat chilli padi by itself?

    Does Wyn protest when u put bib on her? My son does but I coax him @ home. @ my mum's plc, my mum gave up putting bib on him

    I dun let my son run abt when taking proper meal. Make him sit on chair

    Does Wyn eat porridge herself?

    Sahm how can ss dry 1 unless u dun latch on.

    I stay in Sengkang on wk n Pasir Ris on wk days. How abt u?

    Can't imagine splitting my full attention n love for my son wif another child initially. Seeing him lonely n face we adults day in day out so wanna hv no2 but no planning lar. Hv hv lor. I like bb leh so won't feel sian to start all over agn.

    Hey u v gd get back to your normal wt. I got 4kg still hogging on to me [​IMG]

    Agree dat raising a kid is x n the worries of them falling sick is eternal man

    Leng Leng
    How old r your children?
    Reset button not necessary bad mah, otherwise there won't b a reset button [​IMG]
  28. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    Foreverfriends Honey,
    My daugheter's 2 yr old,
    my son's 5 mths old. [​IMG]
  29. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member


    can oso but mus eat wif soya sauce, but my sis can jus take 1 by itsef and eat it... :hail at her:

    she doesnt like poridge, she likes noodles... doesnt like rice as well unless chicken rice cos mor "pang" mah... but i oli let her eat ocasionaly cos oily n salty mah...

    i stay in depot road, somewhere near bukit merah.

    my wyn fever now hit 38.5 [​IMG] thats the worst part especially i hav difficulties feeding her medicine, whether in spoon, shringe or small cap of holder, she jus cried nonstop n i have to press her down to feed her. she hates me on doing that, i have actually tried sevaral gentle ways to feed her but it jus dun work, in order to stop her cried as bad, i do it quick.
    hate the part when u have to wake her up for medicine middle of the nite in order to cool her down her fever....
    any suggestion to make her drink by hersef... sigh...

    although i back to my normal wgt, but my bottom n my arms... hai...

    Leng leng,

    so ur account closed???? :p
  30. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    you mean factory close?
    Yup. [​IMG]

    For wyn's medicine, I have a question,
    have you tasted it?
    Does it taste good? Sweet? Bitter?
    A month ago, my gal was down with cough &amp; running nose,
    my MIL brought her to a PD, spent > $80.
    She doesn't like the medicine (nor I),
    they taste real bad &amp; bitter.
    2 weeks later I brought her to Sengkang Polyclinic,
    the medicine taste sweet,
    after that she volunteered to take her medicine.
    &amp; cost of her visit this time - $6.

    You may want to consider. [​IMG]
  31. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member

    oh yes, i tried each x, sweet and bitter, different medicine...i even bluff her is sweet or prepare her favourite candy but she screams n runaway when she saw the shringe, spoon or cap... [​IMG]
    but luckily her fever is gone now... phew.... lasnite wake her up for medicine... tink she cried till my whole family awake! :x

    i jus visit those family clinic downstair, ezier for me... each time spent around $18 to $22 unless i asked for stronger anti bio... then cos mor..
  32. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    Hi cher,
    that's the catch,
    you tried each time, if it's not sweet "forget it",
    you bluff her it's sweet &amp; it's not,
    she'll never believe you again.
    Like my daughter,
    she never wants my MIL to feed her medicine also.
    Kena conned by her before lor.

    Take her temperature at night,
    try those "ear or skin thermometer"
    if she's ok don't wake her up lah,
    just let her sleep thru.
    Sleep's the best medicine.

    I think it's not something that we can just pray hard or deny,
    kids nowadays falls ill too easily,
    try to explain that if she doesn't take her med,
    she won't feel better,
    if she doesn't feels better,
    she can't do many things.
    e.g. go swim, play, school, shopping, playground, etc., etc.
    Quote all the things that she loves to do/eat,
    promise that when she gets well,
    she'll be able to carry out those task,
    &amp; I always keep our promise. [​IMG]
  33. shook

    shook New Member

    Leng Leng
    A boi n a gal. Dat's gd!

    Wow I kow tow to u. Eat chili padi on it's own.
    I only like to eat green chili soaked wif vinegar n sweet, the type u eat wif hor fan

    I dun wake my son up for med when he has fever. I sponged him. Dr told me sponging is the best mtd to cool the body.
    Feeding med is a headache for most parent. Wat I tried b4 is put cereal, mango, peanut .... watever my son likes in the spoon of med to feed him. Once my neighbour helped me by giving my son sticker, chop on the hand AFTER he ate his med.
    My son simply hates Western med even if it's sweet. I bring him to consult sin seh nowadays. My son accepts chinese med more easily n chinese med seems to work more effectively on him
  34. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    Foreverfriends Honey,
    YUP, that's why can close factory liao.

    I like your methods for fever. [​IMG]
  35. andric

    andric Member

    Hello mummies, my boy also a may boy. he just turned one yr old 2 wks ago. we had small celeb at my house. recently he also caught the flu and cough. doc gave him 3 types of medicine and everytime i have to force him to eat it. 1st few times he will vomit after the the medicine. now better liao but he still object violently when i tried to feed him..poor boy..
  36. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member

    leng leng n shook,

    2day her fever came back... so tried nicely n sweetly talk to her... well, she still complaining n cry but at least dis time she's willing to drink hersef, still nag like old ahma after taking the medicine... ><"
    sounds like a gd method for the sticker part... hee, i try nex time... :D thx

    leng, u how old? make it 3 lah if u still young!!! reset reset the button... kekeeekee...
    if i still young, maybe i will tried for another two... :p
  37. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member

    hi ann.... welcome to MAY babies thread!!!
    we have a new comer!!! yeah... *POM POM UPZ*


    same thing lol... thats wat it always happen to my gal since she's an infant... tink using shringe is a bad idea... cos direct pump in to their mouth makes them feel like throwing out... got choke ezily,i suppose u r using the shringe too???
  38. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    good try, gave her some incentive after that?

    I'm 29 this year, actually wanted 3,
    but too "lucky".
    1st pregnancy, kena retrenched.
    2nd pregnancy, boss refused to give my confirmation letter.
    Now no $ liao,
    looking after 2nd one, no job, no income.
    Both times also no maternity leave...

    Rest a few years then see if we are "brave enough"
    to press the reset button again lah... kekeke...
  39. shook

    shook New Member

    Leng Leng
    U r v lucky indeed. So young, 2 kids liao.
    U juz join a new co when u were pregnant wif no 2? R u a sahm now?

    I used syringe to feed my boi med in the beg. He tong kor we kang kor. He spit the med out on the wall our face. Brush teeth dunno how to spit water, spit med he v kiang [​IMG]
    It's better to feed med in a way dat the tod takes med "willingly"
    My neighbour is a teacher so got all sorts of way to pian gi nah.

    U invited relatives or friends to your boi's b'dy? Any photo to share?
  40. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    Foreverfriends Honey,
    yah, thanks. Somemore got 1 gal &amp; 1 boy.. heh heh...
    Yup, I'm a SAHM now.

    I was 3 mths pregnant when I joined the company, during interview I told the boss.
    She was rather desprate, cause the "previous 2 person" quitted after 2 mths,
    job was stress &amp; hours are long.
    So, I was very happy to be accepted for the job,
    I work like a mad pregnant lady,
    start work early, return home late, no OT pay.
    After 3 mths, no confirmation was given to me.
    I waited 3 days then approach her,
    she said no time, very busy, talk another day.
    Then this faithful day 1 week later, preggy 24weeks,
    I had a contraction, was rushed to the hospital,
    nearly had a pre-term delivery.
    Luckily baby's fine. (He's born full-term after that)
    I was given a 2 weeks MC.
    I was requested to return to work half the time.
    So I return to work upon request.
    Little did I realise that I was treated as a unconfirmed staff,
    so it's unpaid MC, during this 2 weeks,
    Paid when I work, no pay on the days I didn't work.
    She avoided me these 2 weeks,
    email her for my confirmation also no reply.
    Then I submitted my resignation letter,
    only after that she told me, confirm me
    "BO HUA" ley.
    "2 weeks MC + 3 mths maternity".

    Well, I didn't answer her,
    in my heart I told myself,
    God bless her &amp; nothing like mine will happen to her,
    I stayed at home after that. [​IMG]
  41. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member


    very sweet of u... talk like me nwadays liao... wif all the rojak languages...c lah, my young time dun ho ho study... syringe spell wrongly...:blush:

    sigh, wif all the bz hsework, where got time pian gi nah... wan them kar kin eat, kar kin drink, kar kin koon.... then happy liao... haha...

    my wyn oso duno how to spit water when blushing her teeth.. always drink it instead... gdness, so i prepared "cooked" water for her incase she drink it again... uh, btw, since u r still bf ur son like me, how many teeth he has liao? my wyn oli has 10 so far... realized formula kids'teeth grow faster. some even pop up 1st teeth at 3 month old...:faint:


    u really can "ren3"... tink for the sake of money n ur kids, got no better choice... [​IMG]
  42. shook

    shook New Member

    Leng Leng
    WHAT! U went back to work half the time of the 2 wk mc still no pay for 2 wks.Your ex-boss is a slave driver n oscar cum jin ma jiang award winner. When did her last slave died? Luckily u quitted.

    U rojak I rojak to sing n dance wif u lar
    My spelling is v bad after I got pregnant. Gotta check dictionary most of the time
    Not easy to b sahm, hsework, look after kids, ....
    Wyn brushes teeth herself?
    Not true of your suspicion abt teeth growth vs kinda milk bb drinks. My son full set of teeth liao. His 1st gigi spouted @ 6th mth
  43. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    what to do, that's why woman has better endurance than man. [​IMG]

    paid only for day I went back [​IMG]
    Her staff change over rate is birdy high,
    preggy woman like this also wanna "makan",
    God bless her.

    My daughter's 1st tooth appear at 8th month,
    then 1 mth 1 tooth pop up. [​IMG]
  44. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member

    my gal is age 2 now... how to toliet train her?
    she jus refuse to pee or poo on it! mus do it on diapers... any suggestion? dear mummies???
  45. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    try the huggies pull-ups.
    There's stars on the bottom of the diaper,
    when wet, the stars will disappear.
    Kids who love the stars will tell you when
    they want to pee to "keep" their stars.
    Encourage them to "keep" their stars on too,
    remind them to go toilet every 0.5 to 1 hour.

    On the other hand, you can show her when you pee,
    tells her that grown-ups have to pee &amp; poo @ the toilet bowl.
    Asked if she's interested to pee like you do.
    You can buy a "toddler seat" over the toilet seat for her small butt.

  46. aunty_faye

    aunty_faye New Member

    she has been using huggies pull up since she's around 18mths... but i nv tot of the idea abot the stars... hmm... i will try, sounds gd... :D

    she saw me pee on the bowl, she's interested to follow too, but jus sit on it n pull the toliet paper n wipe it wifout peeing... kekeekee....so funny...
  47. shook

    shook New Member

    I hv the same problem. Dunno how to toilet train my son

    Leng Leng
    I asked my boi to c how my hubby pee. He is interested in flushing the toilet only. He wz able to signal when he wanna poo many many mths back but now he doesn't signal [​IMG]
    I never thot of the star mtd on pull up pants. Hmm... will try dat Thx.
    How abt passing motion? Any suggestion?
  48. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    kekeke.. my girl until now,
    wee wee &amp; poo poo also no diff, signal same thing,
    "xiao bian".
    But when she needs to poo poo, she won't squart,
    wants to "sit" at the sitting type toilet bowl.

    When interval of her wee wee time is very often,
    it means she needs to poo poo already,
    we have to make her sit at the bowl for a longer time,
    then go "nggggg ng nggggg" with her... kekeke
  49. alicias_daddy

    alicias_daddy New Member

    Hi Leng Leng,
    Your gal and my gal same birthday and year leh.
  50. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    Alicia's Daddy,
    on 22/05/04 too?
    Is your gal born in KKH?
    You may have seen my hubby... hahaha...
    We were at the Delivery Suite for 22hours.

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