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1st month celebration - Suggestion on venue outside home

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by raisintan, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. raisintan

    raisintan New Member

    Hi ladies,

    Anyone has suggestions on the venue to hold baby's 1st month celebration other than our home? Cos I'm expecting more than 100 guests (in-laws have a big family, no choice..)

  2. dressaholic

    dressaholic Member

    hi raisintan,

    do u stay in a condo? or if u have relatives staying in a condo, you might want to use its function room, or host a poolside reception.

    alternatively if cost is not an issue, you can host the party in a small hotel ballroom/ function room.

    will let u know if i can think of more venues!
  3. tamarind

    tamarind New Member

    hi raisintan,
    How much is your budget ? If cost is not an issue, I would like to suggest the Sunday Brunch at One Ninety Restaurant at Four Season's Hotel. The buffet is very good and includes free flow of freshly squeezed juices. The restaurant can seat about 100 people. There is live piano music and singing. It is $68+++ per person. The Jiang Nan Chun restaurant in the same hotel also has a very good a-la-carte chinese buffet at $48+++ per person, available on Sundays only.
  4. raisintan

    raisintan New Member

    Hi Christina,
    Not staying in a condo, that's why headache... Was thinking the only options are restaurants, clubs and hotels but have yet to check out the price.

    Hi Tamarind,
    Wah... expensive leh... it'll cost me a bomb ar... got cheaper alternatives or not? [​IMG]
  5. dressaholic

    dressaholic Member

    hi rasintan, u can oso check out the function rooms at SAFRA. i've recently attended a ROM party there and its quite cosy...

    grassroots club at yio chu kang offer function rooms at affordable rates too.

    if you're holding it in a hotel ballroom, lunch buffet is a lot cheaper than its restaurant
  6. raisintan

    raisintan New Member

    Hi Christina,

    Which SAFRA club did you attend the ROM? Your fren held it at the function room?
  7. tamarind

    tamarind New Member

    Hi raisintan,
    A cheaper place is Lao Beijing at Plaza Singapura, they have Hi tea at $12.80+++ per person. Checkout the website for the menu.
  8. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Hi, I had over 100 pax too and I held mine at a friend'ex-colleague's condo. See if you manage to get any friend's help to book the condo's function room. This way, it helps to save cost on rental of function room and can get better food. I spent about $1.5k (only for the invited guests, exclude colleagues) for rental + buffet + full mth goodies bag.

    Hotel is a no no unless you are willing to pay. I checked the price b4 and personally dun feel is worth. Its like holding a wedding dinner cost! SAFRA is not a bad idea.
  9. dressaholic

    dressaholic Member

    rasintan, my friend's rom was held at the yishun branch...she did up the function room very well and a lot of guests enjoyed themselves. u may want to check out SAFRA website to pick one closeby to your place.

    jenny, now that we're on the topic of bb's full mth party, may i ask what was in your goodies bag? my bb due in sept, and im also brainstorming for ideas now..
  10. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    christina, I made an enquiry from SAFRA Yishun too, but I can't remember the price liao. I ordered my bb's full mth goodies bag from Choz. Since I invited the guests for buffet lunch, I think is right that I gave them a small goodies bag as apprecipation for their effort to attend. Though I know nowsday many ppl dun give goodies bag.
  11. dressaholic

    dressaholic Member

    jenny, i c...choz is a good place, a lot of our local celebrities got their bb's first mth goodies from there. i'll kiv on that one, thanks! [​IMG]
  12. cleo

    cleo New Member

    Hi all MTBs
    Anyone knows of any other restaurants with cheap buffet, menu suitable to host the 1st mth party, pls? Thanks.
  13. hsee

    hsee Member

    Hi Cleo,

    as mentioned somewhere in the thread, u can try the chinese restaurant in Safra. Price is quite reasonable.

  14. lilipit

    lilipit Member

    Try Chumeez at Novena Square. It is a chinese restaurant (menu is a bit like Crystal Jade).

    They have weekend ala carte lunch buffet at $16.80 ++

    But of course, typical of Chinese restaurants, it can be noisy lah.

    Sorry I dont have the phone number.
  15. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

    One of my hb's cousins held her bb's 1st month at Quality Hotel. Not too sure of the price but the birthday celebration was beri interesting with magical shows and games for the children.. all the kids so happily playing. [​IMG]

    Food wise, I won't say, a 100% good. But if need place not just for adults then function room in condos or hotels b quite a good choice. [​IMG]

    I ve in mind to hold mine in chalet. Thinking of asking my sis to get for me govt chalet as they re quite big.
  16. cleo

    cleo New Member

    hsee, lilipit, evon
    Thanks for the suggestions. [​IMG]
  17. bee_hoon

    bee_hoon Member

    Hi, or you can book chalet to celebrate. One of my friend did that for his twin baby girl
  18. jennyjosh5

    jennyjosh5 New Member

    I held my boy's 2nd yr birthday party at Yishun Safra club, function room.Rental cost for the function rm is $300+ and u must ordr yr buffet from the restaurant - i think is abt $10-$12 per pax....was in august 2005, can't remember the exact cost...i know it's a reasonable amt to pay. Yio Chu Kang grassroot club is more expensive...just rental is $700 +...

    yishun safra function rm is very big and nice....cater for 100 pax, no problem....i had 140 guests for my boy's birthday party..call them up and make enquiry [​IMG] hope this helps...
  19. lilipit

    lilipit Member

    wow jennyjosh, how did you manage to host so many guests for a birthday party? my ds is only 5mth+ but i am thinking ahead of wat to do for his b'day party... :p

    wat kind of programs did you have for such a large group?
  20. buffy

    buffy Active Member

    Hi ladies,

    One other suggestion is Singapore Poly Graduates Guild. Based on my understanding, seems like for birthday parties and all, you do not need to be a member. The venue is actually quite nice. As for how much it costs, I think it should be about $20 onwards, depending on budget. Hope this helps.
  21. brenda9987

    brenda9987 New Member

    Has anybody tried the function rooms at Raffles Town Club?
  22. sharon_c

    sharon_c New Member

    Hi, juz another suggestion if you are thinking of a venue to hold the 1st month celebration! If you don't mind simple hi-tea, the Crystal Cafe in Orchard Grand Court @ Killiney Road is quite good!

    My daughter 1st month celebration was there with 80 paxs! Less than $10 per person! Very quiet place & ample parking space in the building itself!
  23. rocher_ho

    rocher_ho New Member

    Hi Sharon,
    is that the Hotel that you have mentioned? Thanks.
  24. ling156

    ling156 Member

    Hi, we had about 150 to 180 guests for my son's one month celebration at our home. We did the only thing we could think of....split the guests into 2 days...1 day for his friends...1 day for my frends...family and relatives could come anytime they wanted...
  25. joeietan

    joeietan New Member

    i had my girl one at this civil service club "qian xi restaurant" for abt 15 tables. per table cost $300+.............
  26. chrislee

    chrislee New Member

    anyone tried mum's kitchen as caterer before? Thinking of using them for my bb's 1 month celebration.
  27. valc

    valc Member

    oh i tried mum's kitchen. i had the pick your own menu. but had laksa, kueh pie ti as well. nice. but i think 4 seasons nicer - jus that 4 seasons is qt stingy on helpings.
  28. fijentna

    fijentna New Member

    Juz a suggestion,for those staying in new HDB flats, I am sure yr flat size is ard mine 95sqm and you must be having a headache as limited space if u have many guests.If there is a rooftop garden at yr blk, can consider using it.I juz held my boy's 1st mth celeb there and the feedback from my guests was it is open spaced,cooling and spacious.U can juz ask your Town Council for permission and pay $50 for usage from 8am-10pm.
  29. janicachan

    janicachan New Member

    is it a norm to organise one month old party? can we jz deliver the full month cake vocher?
  30. thumbprint

    thumbprint New Member

    my elderly at home always say it is important to celebrate one 1st month, one year old and 21st birthday, cos it marks their beginning of each stage of life. usually, the people i know will organise a one month party, perhaps it is cos most people i know only have 1 kid. can organise a small party as big scale party can be very troublesome.
  31. jamienmama

    jamienmama New Member

    Hi! I'm new here... my friend recommended me here!
    is it a tradition to hold full month celebration? My mom-in-law is expecting me to hold but i don wanna dirty the house! any suggestions?
  32. bin

    bin Member

    Hi Jamie,

    Welcome [​IMG] Ha...it was my MIL who wanted the full-month celebration too. Me & hubby were so tired with the new baby and still had to clean up the house after...sigh...sorry for ranting :p

    Actually if you are not inviting too many guests, would be good to hold it at a hotel which serves buffet lunch or high-tea, eg. Merchant Court. No mess to clear [​IMG]
  33. pt_su

    pt_su Member

    If anyone wants to cater food.. Can try Eatz catering. Delicious and price is reasonable
  34. pkum

    pkum Member

    i m now staying with my parents. both our parents house are quite small and restuarant and hotels are out of budget as my hubby has lots of relatives. and was advice not to book chalets as the environment is not baby-friendly. i m more concerned that my families dun mixed well. we had a chalet for our ROM and both our family just stay by themselves.. very awkward. hope to avoid this.

    is it feasible to have lunch buffet at my mil house and a dinner buffet at my mom's house? is it weird? anyone did this before?
  35. ccc

    ccc New Member

    I also thinking of hosting in my hse but then so many groups, my relatives, my husband relatives and friends..maybe have abt 40-50 pax...i tried having party for 30 pax in living room quite packed..although we stay ina condo, our function room so pathetic so small...
  36. trx

    trx Member

    isit impt to celebrate baby's 1st mth..??
  37. akachan04

    akachan04 Member

    Hi! Trx,

    It depends on individual. My in-laws and parents insisted on holding baby's 1st month celebration as my boy is their first grandson.
  38. trx

    trx Member

    for mi its oso their 1st grandchild.. but due to some money prob i'm not sure whether to celebrate not.. haiz..
  39. bin

    bin Member

    Hi trx!

    My suggestion is to invite only relatives and hopefully they give ang bao to help cover costs. Have the celebration at home and order $10 or $12 buffet per pax for 80% of the guests as usually there is buffer from caterer and alot of wastage (for my past experiences). If you have relatives or friends who are willing to cook some simple dishes in large quantities will help save on the catering costs too, juz give a bigger ang bao. Moreover home-cooked food are usually nicer [​IMG] HTHs [​IMG]

    Oh...and usually if you have celebration for your first-born, you'll need to have for the siblings also...MIL will say "not fair for no.2" if you decide not to hv :p Agree?
  40. trx

    trx Member

    thks bin.. wil start to look out for cheap n nice catering s i hope to celebrate for my 1st baby.. n due to some conflicts i dunno whether to invite my in law... of course i dun hope to see her.. but dunno how wil hubby ting.. :p
  41. hoonie

    hoonie Member

    Do u need to be a member of SAFRA to hold function at SAFRA club?
  42. chrislee

    chrislee New Member

    Hi trx, I had the 1 month celebration for my 2 babies. In my opinion, it's really to make the relatives happy since the babies don't even know what is happening and it can be such a noisy and stressful event for them. Anyway, I just want to share what a good friend of mine did. She invited 2 groups at different times on the same day. Relatives in the morning for lunch and then friends for tea but both groups were small. She bought cakes & pastries from Bengawan Solo, made some simple home-made food like chicken wings and beehoon & bought some hawker food like otak and other stuff. It was a good spread, didn't cost much at all and we had a really good time. At the end of the day, it's your baby - you decide what you would like. Your true friends will understand and support you. Those who don't will criticise and comment no matter what you do anyway. [​IMG] All the best to you and your baby.
  43. closetdoor

    closetdoor Active Member

    I am also thinking of where to hold the 1st birthday party...

    Have to think of whether to hold buffet (then have to clean up the house), or go restaurants (expensive), where to get cute and yummy cakes... [​IMG]

    I don't think I get to enjoy any food on the day anyways. Feel so silly, running around like mad woman and make myself tired out on the day again...
  44. trx

    trx Member

    anione noe wher i can hav a place wit catering for baby 1st mth wit reasonable price for max 50 pax..?? my hse is too cramp..

    n if we order tings like cake n eggs to giv to relative w/o buffet does it mean tt we hav to go to their hse personally to giv them..??
  45. trx

    trx Member

    is KCK food caterin food nice..?? anione tired it..?
  46. blessed11

    blessed11 New Member

    trx: not nice my friend had chalet bb first month i found it to be quite bad..
  47. lcyen

    lcyen Member

    Fourseasons catering food nice..?? anyone tried b4..?? hw abt their food portion??
  48. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    is it ok not to organise full mth party?
  49. happymrskoh

    happymrskoh Member

    Anyone recently threw a full month celebration for their baby at Yishun Safra Club? Just called them up to enquire about their in-house catering & they're using Pin Si Kitchen Catering. Any comments about the food? Nice? What about the portions and the presentation?

    when do you all normally book the venue? When the baby is born or prior to that? Cos our EDD is estimated.. What happens if the baby pops out earlier or later? Are we supposed to celebrate within the first month or can be a few days after the first month?
  50. madetolove

    madetolove New Member


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