1st haircut for baby

My baby gal is approaching 4 months soon.
i intend to shave her hair.
any recommandations of any hair dresser?

Hi Mummies,
I think the growing of hair depends alot on the individual baby. I did not want to shave my boy's hair cos he has lots of hair and they are nice but his scalp was peeling and he was pulling his hair so much that I bring him to shave it. I asked my mum and she said that babies will shed their scalp skin so it is cleaner to shave. Baby feels more comfortable. Now his hair grow very beautifully and smooth and his scalp no problem. I heard from someone before that they are thinking of cutting their daughter's eyelashes so that they will grow longer. I think it is crazy. I hope they did not do it.
I shaved off bb hair when she's almost 2 mths and at 4th months. 1st mth I just use scissors cut a bit cuz she's still very small and I am those don't want to shave attitude.

However, after 1st mth found tt her hair is like getting thinner lor! Then realised that book says the bb hair will drop off by itself in first 3 mths then grow back again.

No choice I bring her to shave at HDB salon for $5 as she got bald patches, so ugly! Then at 4th month I went for my haircut with bb and the hairdresser commented that my bb gal hair is not growing out nice cuz got batches so say shave it off again so that it will grow out more evenly.

Never regretted shaving though cuz the weather was so hot, with no hair her head feels cooler and less grumpy!
hi mummies...anyone DIY shaving ur bb head at home? If you did, what did you shave with?

My hubby insist on wanting to shave my bb hair himself..bb is 4mths now but i'm abit concern abt it as i scared he will accidentally hurt the bb if the bb fidgets. Any Mummies..can share?
I think shaving is fine. But not when using scissors cuz when bb fidgets, I will scream!

Those shavers u can adjust the length of the blade and even bb fidgets won't poke bb! But must hold bb head firmly though.. N of cuz halfway thru bb sure cry and cry cuz feeling uneasy!

I think, bring your ah lao go to the barber with bb together. Use their shaver and then, he'll sure give up when bb don't cooperate then the barber can do his job!
Should be able to? Cuz I go to those HDB hairdresser. go see which one u think is more friendly then ask can let ur ah lao shave =)

good to go during off peak when u see them super free!
wat type of shaver can i buy for my baby? anyone?
as i intend to get one and trim it myself whenever needed.
Have not try BabySpa. My kids first hair cut by Huaxia Taimaobi. For my mother in law, the full month hair cut is the tradition. Along the way while chating with friends when have few kids, personaly feel that the full mth hair cut for modern mummies should be by the reason of -

1. Reduce chance of getting cradle cap.
2. reduce hair drop when baby in 3/4 mths old.
3. let the hair fully growth well after shave(reborn)
4. most important, once shave bolded, we can see the baby head's shape. if the head's shape is not round, still have chances to "mo mo" make it round before the shape fix in full month.
But if we give the 1st baby hair cut in 3 or 4 mths old, it may be too late.

Especially for girl girl, must be pretty pretty... so, i think the full month hair cut is super important especially for baby girl.

Any mommies whould like to share your thaught on my comments ?
One more thing to highlighted here, for the texture of the hair on the baby , neither soft or Hard, in fact it is natural born by the BB. I do not believe on cut or not cut. I have seen some babies have soft nice hair after shave it bald. It really depend by your own family gyn.

As for my kids, all have different hair texture, just dunno why. One have Black & thick curly hair, one have thin & soft straight hair, and yet to see the youngest now...

May be is the nutrition I give to them during pregnancy is different.
My baby first hair cut is done by HLC HAPPY LAND CONCEPT for free. Its from Malaysia,not sure whether singapore have any brunch. Their service are good and friendly. Can check it out for more info.
Mine is shaved by Hua Xia. They can come over to your home for baby hair cut. But I prefer to go to their outlets. Think they have a few outlets kk hospital, thomson medical. But I went to their outlet at Toa Payoh Hub.
Service was good. My baby shaved until fall asleep.
So cute.
its at http://www.taimaobi.com/
my baby boy just had his first hair cut by a lady call sharon. She is pretty professional and able to calm my son down during his haircut. Got her contact from my colleague. quite happy with her attitude. Those who are interested can find her from www.mummybabycare.com.sg