1st haircut for baby

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Heard that can only shave full month or 4th month. Don't know what is the reason behind it. My daughter shave her head at one month. Your nick brings back memories of my kampong days in Mandai.
Hi, bbrooster,thank u. i was told by a friend that one compamy provide the home visit to shave baby's head and the hair can be made TaiMaoBi(baby hair brush)as keepsake.
contact no.: 64894847
Hi, actually, cutting baby's hair whether during 1st mth or 4th mth is up to parents... Just that it has different meanings... the ppl at TaiMaoBi can advise you on that.

I got them to come and cut my girl's hair at 4th mth 'cos my parents in law thought full mth too young, scared she will fidget while cutting and hurt herself.

The haircut is free when they come to ur place but you gotta pay for the making of the baby hair calligraphy pen. Prices varies according to the kind of materials you choose for the making of the pen.
I just brought my baby when he was 1.5 months old to a hair dresser in Woodlands. She had a special shaver for babies. It was so fast, I think my baby didn't even knew what was happened. If you want to know where this hairdresser is, you can PM me
I think its better not to shave your baby's hair even at 1mth or 4mths. Cos after that the hair that grows will be abit coarse and not baby fine when they are first borne.
Hippoes, I 2nd your thinking. I did not shave my girl during her 1st mth and 4th mth, now she is 21 mths old and her hair is very very soft. Unlike my friend's, cousin &amp; BIL's daughter, they shaved their girl's hair during 1st mth and now, their girls' hair is much courser, especially my BIL's girl, her mum is hair stylist so cut her hair quite often, her hair is very course in texture.
yeah i also agree on not shaving cus it will come out rather coarse however the hair will grow out evenly lah. I didnt cut my ger's hair until she's like 1.5yrs old. She has very fine hair and very little but i guess all the baby hair are still growing pretty slowly. so slowly trim trim until they grow evenly lor.
me on the no-shave camp. uncle just shaved his head after having long hair for quite a while and commented that the growing out part is uncomfortable and regretted shaving his 3 daughters. my #1 didn't shave and her hair's soft till now so i didn't shave #2 either.
My cousin (10yrs old) did not have her hair shaved and she has alot of baby hair and hair growth uneven. I feel that it is individual. I had my baby's hair shaved at first month and noticed the new hair growth is much coarser. Will monitor tho.
Hi All,

I also heard that baby's hair should be shave and my hubby agree on this.
My baby is coming to 1 mth old and had nice dark hair. I'm afraid that once shave off the hair will not be as nice as what she's having now.

Now that i've heard from Babylynn's experience on the new hair growth is much coarser made me worried more.
I guess depend on individual lor. When my DS was 1 month old, we use scissor to cut a bit (yi shi yi shi), then when he was 4 month old, we got TaiMaoBi to come down and shave for him.
my baby got a patch of botak from lyin on his back too much..
tot of shaving his head so can grow more hair..
any other where got such haircut services for baby??
It is said to b auspicious 4 the baby to shave hair either on the 1st or 4th month... actually most barber shop can shave hair 4 ur babies...at taimaobi they're also using shaver...my 1st baby i shave at taimaobi n we must buy a calligraphy pen cost abt $100 +.. this time 4 my 2nd baby i'll not do it at taimaobi..their product i think 2 expensive.
How r the reviews for mummies who brought their bb to taimaobi to cut their bb's hair? Is it gd? I tot of gg cos I wanted to keep his hair as a pen.
My son got his hair shaved just after his full month. Did not do it on his exact day cos i had a party for him and wanted him to look good with hair and not bald.

The next day, i brought him to a normal HDB hair salon and shaved all his hair off for about $8. I did not shave off his hair for any meanings, but just to shave and hope his hair will come more fuller, more too. Dunno how true is it, but my son's hair took so long to grow that i kinda regretted shaving. Plus it al grew out in ulgy patches.
i also shaved off my son's hair just before full month. Hair is growing unevenly now.
I thought better to shave then to drop gradually resulting in ugly patches.
now some parts of his hair not growing. seems like it is going to grow out in ugly patches.
True, now i think i wont shave if i have a second one. My sis in law's son never shave and his hair is so much more even and nicer than my son's.
I agree. people told me that hair will fall out in patches. that's why i shaved him. Had I known that hair will grow in patches too, I wouldn't shave him. somemore got heat rash on his head now. maybe if he still has hair, he would not get heat rash on his head.
Ya my son has bad heat rashes on his head too, till i brought him to see a doc and gotta take medications to stop the itch.
the PD at KK refused to give me anything for the heat rash despite me asking for it. so now relying on aloe vera gel to soothe the skin.
Huh? My PD gave my son this cream to apply, and this medicine to cure the itch. It works wonders and my son was ok in just 2 days. In fact on the next day, my son stopped pulling his hair or scratching as much.
his heat rash does not seem to itch. he does not scratch them but they are so pimple like (those with white heads inside) that I itchy hand feel like squeezing at times.
they are all over his face and head.
the PD simply said leave them alone, keep him cool &amp; it will be fine despite me telling her the rash keeps recurring.
i also wonder why she refuses to give me any cream. i read in the forum that most mummies were given creams to apply for heat rash that's why i asked her for it.
i had my baby's 1 hair when she was 1 months and 2 weeks old...
I also belong to the no-shave camp. My son has nice black hair which i couldn't bear to shave off. However, he developed cradle cap which was very flaky. But I still refused to shave, just thin the hair and trim the sides. Now after reading the posts, I am glad my decision was right. Thanks a lot ! =)
Glad you made the right decision. I will not shave for my second one next time too. But i must admit that my son's hair is indeed more black and coarse now then before he shaved so depends on how you view it.
i feel that it is never too late to shave if you want to.
once you shave, that's it. dun know how long it will take to grow back.
My DH also shave his head few months back and it just took 1 month for it to all come back.
but my son's hair, now 3 weeks already and still very short.
i am missing the feeling of stoking a head full of fine hair but enjoying the prickly feeling. he likes to have his botah head stroked. =)
Me do not know bout the superstitious part, but i did it cos people say hair shaved will come out thicker and fuller.
for mummies who are in the no-shave camp, does your bb has a lot of hair? i am also in the same camp. since birth, my bb does not have a lot of hair. he is almost 7 mths now, hair has grown but still not thick.
i am ok to leave it as it is but am pressured to have his hair shaved cos many pple say only then the hair will grow.
me at 1st also belong to no-shave camp but pressureise by many ppl aroung me keep saying her hair little ,no cut = thin hair or little hair in future. so no choice i shaved her hair
I'm also in the no-shave camp but also get pressure from everywhere to shave my girl.

I don't want my girl to have coarse hair. Do all babies who shave end up with coarse hair?
I only trim my baby's fringe.

Mine's a gal born in Mar 08. If I shaved her hair, she will still be botak on CNY 2009.

I think Shave Hair is crap lah. :x Dunno why the old relatives like to ask ppl to shave. My baby cannot be botak on CNY!!
I don't know what the superstition is behind shaving head, but I heard that old people believe that baby being delivered naturally is 'dirty' because passed through mom's birth canal. So shaving head is a 'clean start'. Sounds very prejudiced against women. If this is the rationale behind the practice, then shaving is out for me.

My baby is reaching her 1month soon, if its true that hair grows our coarse then I will definitely not be shaving. I love my niece's baby soft hair. She's coming to 1year and has never had her head shaved.
haha...now that you mentioned about shaving hair because of dirty stuff, it really sounds like it.
I remember on the day my son was born, they did not bath him and there were bits of stuff stuck on his hair.
Maybe the old folks is referring to this??
Hi Mico,
I think the old folks refer to the passage through the birth canal is "dirty"... Lol. A lot of dramatic beliefs.

My HB autn shaved my baby hair and eyebrows on first month i was forced into it..very irritated with the older folks..i believe it's all rubbish.

Now hair grow in patches, the top grow side dun grow yet...