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(1999) calling all 1999 babies

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by fei_fei, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. fei_fei

    fei_fei New Member

    My eldest son is 7 years old and he is now in P1. Anybody facing any problems teaching your kids?

  2. lexin

    lexin New Member

    hi fei fei

    my son is also in P1.
    when you say problems teaching, is it like your son does not want to study or you have problems with the syllabus?

    i am quite a relax type of mum. but i do have some problems teaching him as i am not so in tune with the school's teaching methods. so at times i may be teaching him the wrong methods e.g. for math. then it just confuses him even more.
  3. candance

    candance New Member

    Hi there
    my eldest girl is in P1. Me too am not in tune with the school teaching method and my girl's school is not giving homeworks other than the weekly spelling and chinese spelling.So, being kiasu, i am giving her past yr CA and SA paper from other schools. Just let her get used to doing more difficult paper and learnt from copying the answer provided if she can't do it.
  4. jenkoh

    jenkoh New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    My son is in P1 too. Usually no time(too lazy and tired) to teach him except the weekly English and Chinese Spelling. I actually leave it to him to study on his own. Only come to his picture when he got CA1 or CA2 test.
  5. greekcraze

    greekcraze New Member

    Hi hi,

    noticed that there has been no discussion in this thread for a while.

    My son is in P2 now. I do feel more stress now as compared to last year. His maths and English are fine. Only concern is his Chinese. Wanted to send him for classes like Hua, Tsien Hsia or Han... but he refused.

    How do you coach your kids in Chinese?
  6. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    I have no clue what does the kid do in primary 1.

    Is it project based or worksheet based ?

    thanks for sharing your experience
  7. lexin

    lexin New Member


    Can't comment much since I don't coach my son for Chinese becos' my Chinese is not that good. I just test him for Chinese spelling based on school list. But he attends Chinese enrichment since kindy days. So I've pretty much left this subject to the pros.

    I think its a mix of group projects and worksheets nowadays. But I suppose it still largely depends on the school your child is in.

    My main concern is how to improve son's English Compo. He does not like to read, so I find his vocab and sentence construction kinda weak. Anyone has ideas on how to coach child in this area? I've tried making him write more compo, and he detests it! How to make it fun learning? Please do share with me your ideas and experiences. Thanks.
  8. greekcraze

    greekcraze New Member


    In general, I think nowadays the teaching approach in schools are more interesting than previous.

    DS#1's school uses BIG BOOK. But I don't really know what that means and when I ask him, he said the teacher uses a BIG BOOK to teach lor.... (got say like never say like that)


    I think for lower primary school kids, it is quite normal that their compo is very factual. Most of the time, they do not add colours, taste, smell, touch, into the description.

    Reading widely definitely helps increase their exposure to how people writes, but it is still in them whether they can "output" it or not.

    DS#1 also have this problem, even though he reads A LOT. (I have tonnes of books at home and he has finished reading all...)
  9. rjj

    rjj New Member

    Hi all,
    I too have problem wif my boy P2 chinese. Sent him for tuition, but seems not helping. Can write, but by itself, he cannot recognise the characters. How huh?
    How to teach Chinese huh?
  10. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    hi rjj

    I used different approach for my 2 girls to learn chinese

    my elder girl is attending Kumon Chinese now. Before Kumon, she attended Chinese at community center and RC. they seem to teach a lot because she can recognise & write quite a number of chinese characters and count the number of stroke and read hanyin pinyin, etc. But it's those drilling method so not suitable for my younger girl. my younger girl attends Chinese enrichment at another learning centre. They use the pictorial way of teaching. for each chinese character, they draw a picture. so my younger girl associate the picture with that chinese character and she can recognise those characters anywhere. but cannot write yet

    maybe your son is like my younger girl, must use the pictorial way of learning
  11. rjj

    rjj New Member

    thanks hippo2002,

    how do you find these learning ctr? And much do they normally charge?
    My 2nd boy will be in P1 next year, I m getting worried already.
  12. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    I just started my younger girl in Mar. so far ok lah, after the teacher teaches the words in class, she expects us to do flash cards with the child at home to refresh memory. my girl can remember the characters but I don't know is it long term or temporary, must observe some more

    $130/month + material fee payable per term
  13. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Get your child to write the character 10 times. You may write the han yu pin yin below it.

    Learning centre charges vary.
  14. rjj

    rjj New Member

    He now in a tuition ctr, a character make him write 10 to 15 times. He can copy and write, but cannot remember how to read it, and what it means.... headache.....
  15. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    probably because he is not interested in Chinese?
    Chinese can be quite boring lah

    how about letting him attend Mandarin Speech & Drama? maybe can stimulate some interest
  16. rjj

    rjj New Member

    pr 2 go for speeach & drama, is it too old?

    must ask him la..... if force him, later he come home black face.....
  17. white_lady

    white_lady Active Member

    Hi all ,

    i m looking for this doctor , Dr Lee Seow Lang , from CHYE CHILDREN CLINIC ... previous add of her clinic is at Toa payoh Blk 54 , but she moved already ... any one know where is she now ? pls email / PM me : wcxie@hotmail.com

  18. stylobb

    stylobb New Member

    I hv pm-ed u.
  19. alicia_see

    alicia_see New Member

    hi all mummies,
    can i join this thread? hope to get some tips from more experienced mums. i'm a SAHM with 3 kids - dd (born in 06/2003), ds (born in 10/2004, 08/2006).

    sorry. dun hv time to read thru' previous postings ;-P
  20. happypumpy

    happypumpy Member

  21. preowned_store

    preowned_store New Member

    Any website for learning chinese to share?
  22. jenkoh

    jenkoh New Member


    Hello to all the P2 mummies. [​IMG]

    Have anyone here enrol your kids in MindChamp or any of your friend/relative?

    Any successful story?? [​IMG]

    Hope to hear from P1, P2, P3 stories.
  23. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    My girl attended when she was in P3 last yr. Beneficial in terms of absorbing what is taught better. Also spelling improved. However, parents must constantly use the methods (very applicable for Science only, I feel). The child does not automatically use the methods to study unless very simple ones like spelling.
  24. jovin

    jovin New Member

    Hi caroline3sg, can you share more on what is the method use by MindChamp. How does your child learn spelling? Using phonics or rote memory?
  25. jenkoh

    jenkoh New Member

    Hi Caroline,

    Hope you can share more on your experience.

    How much did you pay for the MindChamp course and how many lessons are there? Each lesson how long is it?

    Did you attend the course yourself otherwise how will you know how to apply the method yourself and how to encourage your kid to apply similar method? How much is the parent course?

    Hope to hear from you. Thanks.
  26. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    The cost is about $2500 and can be paid by instalment. The course is 16 weeks, 3 hours each with 15 min break in between. If you sign up, parent course is free. This parent course tells you what techniques they teach the children. But questions audience brought up are usually problem handling their children.

    You don't have to worry the hours are so long, they are fun, the children enjoys going. There is no guarantee for P1/2 (P1&2 same class), meaning if your child score 80% or less, they would not give FOC module. But there is guarantee for P3/4. Based on the topics, it is better to go at P3.

    You can call up the centre to arrange a salesperson to talk to you. He/She can "demonstrate" or shed little light on how they teach the children.
  27. jenkoh

    jenkoh New Member

    Hi Caroline,

    Thanks for sharing!

    So sorry to bother you with so many questions. No lah dont want to talk to salesperson prefer to talk to parent whose kid had been through. The sales person tend to be driven by their commission when they talk.

    What do you mean by guarantee for P3/4 only? P5/6? So it seems like P1/2 are too young and cannot absorbed and apply the method effectively and diligently.. hence no guarantee for P1/2. Better to send after P3 onwards? Guarantee in what way? Re-go through the course again and again. If the kid still cannot make it at 80% and above then how? Guarantee for how long?

    Is there any guarantee that if the kids all along score average of 85% then after the course they must at least improve i.e. > 85% ? Any guarantee for such case? Is it better to send kids whose marks are way below 80%... to see the result and to worth the Big Investment of $2500? Why its more applicable to Science because of methods of memorizing of keys words?

    Hope to hear from you. Thanks.
  28. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    There is no obligation if you ask salesperson to demonstrate how (of course maybe you feel little obligation to sign up). Because I have some input from my daughter's friend's mother, I cut short the presentation about founder, research, right/left brain. So he showed me how my girl perform before & after in front of my eyes. So this demonstration you have to judge whether worth it or not. Or course, this "experiment" is just one aspect of it. They are salesperson, they are not teachers. But don't expect the salesperson to tell you all the techniques. He just show you one or two.

    What I mean by "guarantee" is, after a module, they would be given a test. The test result would be given to children/parent at the end of the course. If your child score below 80% for a particular module(s), he/she would be able to attend that module(s) free. This 80% is not school results.

    My personal opinion of those children who went through the course (I might be subjective) --> it seems those children are not top performers in school. That's why parents source around for courses for their children. They do not say that the kids are under achievers. They say because their hidden potential is not uncovered, which to a certain extent quite true due to our past learning experience and we pass them down through our body language and facial expressions. These negative responses limit children's creativity. In the parent workshop, they also mention kids have different learning styles, we have to know what style is our kids and use the style to teach them so they can absorb.

    To give you more details on the learning styles, basically there are 4 types, namely (1) Visual, (2) Auditory, (3) ??? (4) Kinesthetic. A visual person learns using eyes. So by reading, he gains a lot. Around us we see some kids don't need parents to teach. They belong to this type as they read and read. An auditory person learns by listening. Just tell him and he knows. Kinesthetic children learns through body movement, engaging in activities. So if a parent's style is visual but the kid's style is kinesthetic, parent would be reading and reading science text but the kid still don't understand. The styles must be in sync.

    Coming back to your question, no guarantee for P1/2 but has guarantee for P3/4 onwards, including P5/6. I don't know why no guarantee for P1/2. Why better to attend in P3 than P4? Because the topic covered for P3 Science is Life Cycle & Skeleton. P4 would have gone through them. For P3, it serves as teaching them the syllabus on topic of the techniques. Retake the module until you hit 80%. I like to highlight again, this marks means you master the techniques not syllabus. In Mindchamps they are teaching learning / study techniques.

    So if your child is P2 this year, it is better to take the course from Nov/Dec (unless you are planning for overseas holiday) then when sch re-open, you need to bring for 2 months.
  29. jenkoh

    jenkoh New Member

    Hi Caroline,

    Many Thanks for your clear explanation!!

    Soooooo Sorry .Just some more queries.. :-

    Each course(equivalent to one module) consists of 16 lessons and each time 2 lessons will be conducted together (3 hrs with 15min break)? Hence the course duration is 2 months?

    How big is each class? Any training materials given? Any homework? Can bring the assessment test worksheet back home for parent to re-test the kid on a regular basis? Any review or follow-up for each enrolled student? E.g. after 3 months, the graduated kid really cannot remember / apply what he had learnt, can seek them for further support/advice from the trainer.

    How long is the parent course and how many sessions are there? Any one-to-one parent-meeting feedback session on the kid progress?

  30. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    One course is 16 lessons = 4 months. In this course, there are maybe 8 - 10 modules, one module = 1 method. They also have twice weekly course = 2 months, for those living nearby (ie Toa Payoh).

    Why call module? Because it is not one lesson the children can master it. So one module could be 2 - 3 lessons.

    I can't remember the class size, maybe around 20. No training materials. No homework. Assessment done in class would not be given back until the end together with summary result and certificate at the end of the course. But you would be able to see your child's work when he/she bring home that lesson's exercise. No review after 3 months. We as parents have to help the child to actively use the methods learnt.

    The parent course is 3-4 hours and only 1 session. One to one parent-teacher feedback is as and when you like it. But it is usually after the class ends.

    I do admit it is very expensive. But if it can help to up the child's sch grades through learning the effective way and in shorter time, give it a try if you can afford it.
  31. jenkoh

    jenkoh New Member

    Hi Caroline,

    You are indeed very very nice and helpful [​IMG].

    A Big Thank You for helping me clear all my doubts about MindChamps.

    Will consider about it. Not easy to convince hubby about this. Will try....

  32. ccbb33

    ccbb33 New Member

    hi all mummies,

    can i join this thread? hope to get some opinion from more experienced mums. I have a girl who was born in April 1999 and a boy born March 2002.

    Have anyone here enrol your kids in The Learning Lab? Wanted to send my girl there next year for science enrichment programme. Any recommendation for science enrichment programme other than Learning Lab?

    i am also looking for creative writing programme, any recommendation?

    Thanks mummies!
  33. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member


    you can also join us in the 2002 thread
  34. tinkling

    tinkling New Member

  35. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Any centre around CCK that you know of? Thinking Plus & Hess location not suitable. Jan Elly & Lorna Whiston good and expensive.
  36. pumpkindonut

    pumpkindonut New Member

    hi mummies, i'm relatively new in this forum, I'm hoping to get some ideas on sch holidays prog...my son is P1, what does yr child usually do during Nov/Dec hols? thinking of letting him learn how to play tennis. any lobang?
  37. ccbb33

    ccbb33 New Member

    hi caroline3sg,

    thanks for the infomation about MindChamp, i am going to enrol her today. the final examinations were just over, i think she is not doing well cos she got lots of careless mistakes and she is too rely on tuitions. i can't provide her with every tuition when she moves to the higher level.

    btw, have anyone here heard about Six Thinking Hats? i am thinking of enrolling her for this holiday camp, any feedback?
  38. akmom

    akmom New Member

    Hi Orange,

    I have friends send their kids to this 6 Thinking Hats and heard it was good. I am actually planning to send my boy for this December 3 days course.
  39. jenkoh

    jenkoh New Member

    Hi AMmon,

    Where is the 3-days for the 6 Thinking Hats held? What about the fees? Suitable for what age range?
  40. akmom

    akmom New Member

    Hi Jenkoh,

    There are 2 dates available for Six Thinking Hats Holiday Programme for Students in Dec. I was looking at 12-14 Dec cos is a 3 full day course.

    You might want to visit their website:

    Hope this helps!
  41. ccbb33

    ccbb33 New Member

    hi AKmom,
    thanks for the feedback[​IMG]

    hi Tinkling,
    thanks for the link... will consider Jan & Elly[​IMG]
  42. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Jan & Elly has holiday programmes?
  43. ccbb33

    ccbb33 New Member

    hi caroline3sg,

    i don't know whether Jan & Elly has holoday programmes. i am looking for a regular creative writing class.
  44. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    I think it is good but expensive.
  45. gonggong

    gonggong New Member

    Hi mummies,

    Any recommendation for P3 science? (I mean workbook for practise purposes)
  46. janetan28

    janetan28 New Member

    i send my kids for tuition at a nearby neighbourhood tuition centre but the teachers are very interesting and my child who usually hates going to school looks forward to tuition every week..
  47. janetan28

    janetan28 New Member

    it's at blk 707 choa chu kang ..number to call is 93277010
  48. comfy

    comfy New Member

    Anyone has any lobang for P3- English Enrichment at east area.
    My son has tried Enopi, Kumon but his results are still no good. tks
  49. bishanmum

    bishanmum Member

    Hi DLP,

    You may want to try Learning Point. They have a branch at Eastpoint Mall. My son joins them since P1.

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