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(1997) 1997 or before children

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by caroline3sg, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Anyone with children born in 1997 or earlier? I would like to know more about higher chinese as well as direct sch admission.

  2. zeemimi

    zeemimi Member

    i guess this is a bit late.

    my girl is born in 1997. she is taking higher chinese now. a lot more work to do than those taking normal chinese.

    I'm trying to look for mums with kids in upper pri to share some woes.

    Do you find P5 Maths difficult? I find them so difficult to solve without using algebra. But after figuring out how to solve the problems using models, it looks really easy.

    But my gripe, why must let them do something which they can learn in Sec 1 later?
  3. chee8218

    chee8218 New Member

    Agreed with ZMM. My boy in P5 too. The maths is really difficult. I used to think I have good grades for maths during my sch days but when I try their problem sums or looking at PSLE papers, I wonder why is there a need to make life so difficult.
  4. zeemimi

    zeemimi Member


    Glad to find someone in this thread.

    My girl had some mock CA1 papers to do for her 1 week hols.

    She couldn't do some of the science questions on cells. Couldn't not find the answers in any of her science reference books. I couldn't help her either because i did not do biology in secondary school. My hubby had some impression but couldn't remember the details.

    Then we went to Popular Bookstore to browse through the books. Found that the questions were taken from 'O' Level Biology textbook. *Gasp*

    Now not only they push Lower secondary stuff to primary school, they are pushing 'O' Level stuff to them also.

    I'm at a loss ....
  5. chee8218

    chee8218 New Member

    Yes you are right. I also bought secondary text books for my son cos' I also not too good in science. At least these secondary text books explained more details than their current P5 text and he was able to answer / do his school work without asking me to help.
  6. comfy

    comfy New Member

    Anyone has any lobang for P3- English Enrichment.
    My son has tried Enopi, Kumon but his results are still no good. tks
  7. bokoao

    bokoao New Member

    Hi ACL,

    Which Sec Sc text book do you use? My P5 son usually receives supplementary notes from the teachers 'cos the textbook is quite simple. In fact, some of his last year Sc notes were from the PSLE guide.
  8. chee8218

    chee8218 New Member

    We use the "New Science Discovery for Lower Secondary" Vol 1 & 2 by Pearson Longman.
  9. cowandchick

    cowandchick New Member

    Hi all,

    My girl also in P5 this year. Agree, Maths and Science are killers!

    Don't know what her teachers doing. Many weeks no science lessons, then suddenly last week, completed 2 topics - cells and something on heredity, I think. She blur, I blur, die lah.

    The lower sec science books you got, good? How much are they? Can get from Popular, right? I desperate liao. Thank goodness for this thread!

    As for Higher Chinese, I donno coz my girl not doing.
  10. chee8218

    chee8218 New Member

    I also desperate since the sch text does not have enough info to answer sch worksheets. No other resources available, that is why I suggested to my son to try secondary text. Not cheap, Vol 1 is $14.75 and Vol 2 is $11.30.

    I would say the text have similar topics but more in-depth, explains more details......should be able to get from popular.
  11. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    My goodness! From "O" level text? MOE must be crazy. I don't know what's next with change of Education Minister. I hope Dr Ng seriously takes into consideration parents' views. But I read from the papers only those holding executive positions would be met, meaning those CEOs, bankers, lawyers.

    ACL, thank you for the info. Would visit Popular one of these days. I agree that higher level and encyclopedia provide in depth knowledge, if not complete.

    By the way, my girl also P5. Agree that Maths is very very tough. I read from the papers about PSLE Science on the question about mouldy bread. Not easy.
  12. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Anyone knows where is good for creative writing? Preferably West. Thank you
  13. cowandchick

    cowandchick New Member

    How you mummies help your kids in maths? Using calculators also donno leh. I fail maths kind when in school, how to help my own kid now? Help!
  14. zeemimi

    zeemimi Member

    hi cowandchick

    nice to see you here.

    i help my girl with her maths sometimes but to a certain extent. if always help, she very lazy to think for herself, always fall back on me.

    if she asks me the same kind of question which i hv taught already, i don't teach her anymore no matter how much she whines. just got to harden my heart and resist helping her. Or just yell at her ..... [​IMG]

    Very often the maths questions looks difficult and complicated. But try to think "simple" and the questions can be solved. I find that "drawing out" the problem helps also.
  15. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member


    do you know how to draw Maths model?

    Is there any web link or resource that guide us on this?

    attended a Maths workshop today on primary school Maths. wow, now I start sweating. Questions are so tricky! not the typical questions we see in assessment books. Even if we plough through lots of assessment books also cannot guarantee top grades. Now the new trend is creative thinking, not die die remember formulae
  16. zeemimi

    zeemimi Member

    hi hippo2002

    nice to see u here too.

    don't worry too much about maths model. first time i saw it i also sweat. but the more you do them, the more u get the hang of it.

    try this book by dr fong ho kheong. "Challenging Mathematical Problems: The Model Approach".
  17. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    thanks ZMM [​IMG]
  18. bokoao

    bokoao New Member

    Hi hippo2002,
    You may also want to try SAP 100 Challenging Maths Word Problems Complete with Solutions. The questions are categorised into different topic such as fractions, ratio & proportion, etc.
  19. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    thanks boko [​IMG]
  20. chee8218

    chee8218 New Member

  21. bokoao

    bokoao New Member

    Hi ACL,
    Our friend whose kid attended Adam Khoo's prog didn't like it cos'the coach ran her kids down on the 1st day. I have also met a young undergrad who has attended Superteens. She didn't find it useful but is still attending motivational seminars unlike most undergrads.

    We are, however, happy that my son can manage his temperament better after the prog (last Nov + module 2). He has set his own goals on which sec sch he wanted to go, aims to improve his speed reading and will check on his yearly calendar for the deadlines of his projects. These were taught in the prog. You can find an insight to the prog in the book "I am Gifted, So are you!" minus away the experiential part. This bk is free with the prog but available at NLB.
  22. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Mindchamps programmes are studying techniques. Not cheap. Need to put into practise constantly.
  23. chee8218

    chee8218 New Member

    TQ boko & Caroline.

    If the techniques are effective and the kids are applying it, it is still worth it instead of our useless nagging.
  24. ace_mom

    ace_mom New Member

    i agree. P5 is a turning point for the kids. My kid may score a Band 2 in Pr 4 but this year, i cant believed that he actually failed 2 subjects. Damn worry. And both are languages subjects.
  25. cheerful747

    cheerful747 Active Member


    You perfect the model concept?I think we have to go thr quite a number of books to consolidate the concepts...agree?I still yet to reach that stage, still struggling....

    I have just PM you
  26. zeemimi

    zeemimi Member


    Got your PM. replied you.

    no lah, haven't perfect the model concept. still learning and discovering along the way.

    did you all read the Straits Times forum about a mom complaining about the school maths paper being extra difficult?

    Another mom i talked to today said that if this happens, you should take your child's school's revision papers and compare with this difficult exam paper and see if the papers are about the same level. She did that before and realised that so many flunk the Maths exam paper because the teacher was setting questions of the next level, and these have not been taught to the kids yet. So if no parents complain, the teacher just keep quiet and hide behind.
  27. workingmom

    workingmom New Member

    Hi Caroline3g - in case you have not found your creative writing class, you may want to try Joanne Choo Language Centre at Clementi. It is very structured according to exam syallabus....So is good for those who are not strong writers because Joanne will teach and make you practice writing a piece of compo each week to get you used to school requirements.
  28. denbel

    denbel New Member

    Hi workingmum,

    Where is this Joanne Choo Language Centre in Clementi? Thanks
  29. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Thanks, I haven't found one yet. I am contemplating Pinnacle at CCK Sports Complex which is within walking distance to save time. Will call up Joanne to check.

    Can you shed more details like price, teacher profile?
  30. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    I just called up Joanne Lang Centre. The guy that picks up the call sucks.

    First I ask for schedule. Next I ask for class size. He refused to reveal. I told him I don't want too big a group. Then he said this centre is not suitable for me. The worst service I have encountered.

    the no. is 67734484.
  31. workingmom

    workingmom New Member

    Apparently Ms Joanne is an ex English teacher from Nanyang. Her classes are usually about 15 to 20 kids set in a classrm environment. The compo exercises are firstly discussed amongst the kids (phrases..story ideas) so it is not so boring and quite fun. They then write what they have discussed with storyline and input from the teacher (i believe it is projected on the board). Some good phrases are repeated in future lessons so that kids remember them. Kids normally enjoy her lessons which is important! It is at Blk 444 in Clementi Ave3 near Central (around hawker centre/ntuc) Tel 67734484. Once a week 1.5 hr lesson charge is $25 for lower primary. P5 and P6 pays $30 per lesson. Recommended by church friends whose kids and relatives are students there.
  32. daisyt

    daisyt New Member

    Hi, a bit out of topic ... I am quite bothered about my child's height and feet size. She is 12, she is 1.68m and feet size 9 (40). Not sure if this is normal nowadays. Anybody care to share with me ? Thanks
  33. workingmom

    workingmom New Member

    Caroline3sg - sorry you got a bad encounter with the reception. They are quite popular so "service" is often forgotten ! For compo class, it is Ok to be in a big group because it is through this way that a child gets to hear different ideas and words from others. Remember that the teacher is very focussed on exam syallabus and works well in teaching your kids to use good phrases and sequencing etc because of the practices given. If your child is already very good in writing and expressing, maybe British Council is a good option.
  34. workingmom

    workingmom New Member

    Daisy - your child is undergoing growth spurts! I do not think there is anything wrong but check with the doctor on your next visit. Maybe hereditary..Check your husband and your shoe size/height ? My daughter is 11 and is 1.30m weighs 23kg with tiny feet...so is completely opposite of yours...
  35. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Thank you for the details. Will consider since you have such good comments. I have further questions.

    1) payment by month?
    That is $120 (my girl in P5, she is not strong in English)

    2) how is the environment?

    3) results can be seen?

    4) all classes are taught by her and no one else?

    Thank you
  36. workingmom

    workingmom New Member

    Yes, payment is monthly either 4 or 5 times a month. If you miss a lesson for whatever reason, you can take a "replacement" in other time slots within a month's time or even take in advance near to exam period. It is in an old HDB kind of building block - not classy, worn out type. Perhaps you can try it out first. No trial allowed but just ask about the notice period if you want to quit. I think for compo, one needs to practice writing regularly and this class makes them write a compo each week. Parents find it hard to teach their own kid to write and they have no motivation to do so at home! My daughter's language skill is poor but she is able to hoover around the average score since attending this class which I am thankful. Yes, only Joanne teaches - no one else. I think the person at the reception is either the husband or her relative! Just ignore his social graces!
  37. daisyt

    daisyt New Member

    Thanks workingmom, my hubby is 1.8m, me is 1.68m and my shoe size is 7. Thought mine is a monster and would like to see if any others children are also this "big" to ease my mind. :)
  38. club

    club Member

    Hi there, anyone here has teenager or PSLE child living under same roof with you? I have both - lots of challenges. Would need advice and sharing from mothers with similar situation.
  39. zeemimi

    zeemimi Member


    my girl is 11, 1.58m and shoe size 9. Kind of like your kid too.

    i wear the shoes which she outgrows. hahaha.... [​IMG]
  40. daisyt

    daisyt New Member

    Hi ZMM, nice to hear that. At least I don't feel my baby is a monstress ... :)

    I only has a PSLE child and already stress enough with her school work, her friendship problem and recently, BG relationship ... sigh ...
  41. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    Hi mommies

    when would the child be required to take CCA?

    Is CCA compulsory or optional?

    if that CCA is not available in school (eg. gymnastics), can we take private lessons & still count towards one CCA?

    Thanks for your advice [​IMG]
  42. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    CCA is compulsory in P4.

    Private lessons are not counted.
  43. daisyt

    daisyt New Member

    From my experience, CCA is not compulsory. My daughter was in choir CCA since P1 to P4 (its her interest) but after that, she stopped because life in P5 & 6 are so tedious and busy, morever we are staying very far away from the school. So far, not a problem without CCA.
  44. zeemimi

    zeemimi Member

    think different schools different. my kids' school cca compulsory from p3 onwards. cca time is incorporated into curriculum time.

    some schools recognize your kid's extra involvement if he is in some national team.
  45. jillryansmum

    jillryansmum New Member

    better to check with the sch whether they recognise outside 'cca' involvement for gym. My child's sch does recognise those, but i do not know if gym is counted.
  46. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

  47. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Have you seen my reply to you regarding children encylopedia?
  48. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    hi caroline3sg

    Yes. Thanks!

    $3K beyond my budget though. hehe, no need so hi-tech with i-pen. Just a set of encyclopedia books for my girl to read will do
  49. jggg

    jggg Member

    Hi Raintree,

    I have 2 boys. One in sec 2, another in P6. wanna share yr problem?
  50. elly2010

    elly2010 New Member

    Hi, I would like to find out more from you parents out there with teenage kids. I have a sec 1 son, finding hard to control him at times. He's my only child. He used to have good grades in his studies while in primary school, but not anymore. I don't know how to motivate him to study hard. He spent most of his time in front of TV and his laptop, hardly see him study.

    I have heard alot about kids at this age becoming more rebellious and some having bad behavious. Are these all true? Will all kids go through this phrase? I am getting worried.....

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