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1 year old celebration

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by sweetieslover, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. sweetieslover

    sweetieslover New Member

    hi mommies.. Anyone knw where can i give my 1 year old boy a birthday party? Is there any west, north or city area that can held a celebration? Tot of chalet but most of it r at e east area. Thx

  2. jodie

    jodie New Member

  3. littlehugz

    littlehugz New Member

    Raffles Marina near Boon lay.
  4. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    I had my son's party in function rooms of sports hall.
  5. mummy_bel

    mummy_bel Member

    Anyone even held bday at Chervon Function room?
    Even held my boy's 1st bday at Chervon chalet 2yrs back, tog of doing something different for my 3rd child who is turing 1 in April.
  6. meepm

    meepm New Member

    me too! want to celebrate my daughter's first birthday!
    her birthday is next month. and i still haven't thought of a cheap and nice venue.. the last i check was with aranda.. cheapest is 30++ per pax.. beyond budget..
    got any suggestions?
  7. jownyn

    jownyn New Member

    Me too looking for 1... next month end... Any one have good ideas???
    Have trying asking Pariss international Buffet (Hi Tea- weekend only). Min 50paxs... But something good is they have function room...
  8. livie

    livie New Member

    Hi, I am looking for venue suggestions for my daughter's 1st birthday for about 100 pax. I don't have a condo, so can't book a condo function room. I also would like to bring in my own catering. Please let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks! Also, 100 pax, how many kg of cake will i need to order? Any good bakeries with nice cake designs and reasonable price? [​IMG]
  9. dety

    dety New Member

    my friend had her wedding at CC. i think you can try CC nearby your place. coz at CC you can bring your own catering =)
  10. diamonds_mum

    diamonds_mum Member

    Hi can try this from Ejelly which I have ordered for my son. Very good feedback from my guests.

    They have many other designs, its not too sweet and much tastier than the other Agar Agar makers. A lot of modern designs too. Price is from $50 with free delivery.

    Contact to Ejelly - Mrs Elizabeth Tan 98801106 or email: elizabethtan@ejelly.com.sg

  11. lindawong70

    lindawong70 New Member

    The Mrs Elizabeth Tan is a copy cat...coz my aunty in Malaysia bought a cake before under www.Qjelly.com and more beautiful then Mrs Elizabeth Ta...and i found that in ejelly website they steal Qjelly photo....I think you may do your own but not to use others ppl photo...so disappointed...
  12. diamonds_mum

    diamonds_mum Member

    Anyway, Sony started Plasma, then came Philips, Toshiba etc. They are also copy cats!

    As long as the consumer benefit, who cares. Elizabeth Tan jelly taste great. Thumbs up for her.
  13. wk78

    wk78 Member

    think its quite normal. cos after breadtalk then can many other cake shop. i think its good so tat comsummer can get better product n more choice. think even cake shop also follow one another's design too.
  14. wk78

    wk78 Member

    i wld be really happy to order from ejelly if they can make it same as q jelly. Qjelly's design are very nice.
  15. diamonds_mum

    diamonds_mum Member

    I agree with you wk.

    Like i say, we consumer benefit.
  16. diamonds_mum

    diamonds_mum Member

  17. cutiebb99

    cutiebb99 New Member

    Hi Zolldoll, hw u find the sports complex? care to share share?
  18. karths

    karths New Member

  19. izmum

    izmum New Member

    hi..i'm very curious about the jellycake, for mummies who have tried it before, is it all agar agar jelly and no sponge cake?? my son hates jelly and agar agar...i don't want to disappoint him with a cake he don't eat.
  20. cutiebb99

    cutiebb99 New Member

    iz mummy, the one i order is all agar agar jelly....
  21. yi_xuannie

    yi_xuannie Member

    just wondering if the full month celebration or the 1st year birthday is more important?
  22. kxie1985

    kxie1985 New Member

    i gift few toy to my son...
  23. gische86

    gische86 New Member

    toy is the better option..
  24. babylance

    babylance New Member

    the ejelly looks very nice, will try.
  25. baby_micky

    baby_micky New Member

    hi all for ur info i m doing henna n face painting for kids birthday parties..if any inquiry plz give me a call my no is 93362876 zulu
  26. dinas

    dinas New Member

    hi there is there anyone who will be doing bday party for ur lil one? cs i actually engaged a company to do full deco but i have to back out. u will get

    ::full deco::
    ::personalised invitation card::
    ::door gift (will be customised according to ur theme)::
    ::Instant photo guestbook (u will receive a guestbook, n the crew will come by to take pic of ur guest while they pen their well wishes down)

    i have already paid half of the deposit n i am NOT asking for it back. just finding for ppl who can take over. please email me dinasprecious@gmail.com
  27. chen_yingying

    chen_yingying New Member

    hi mac donald or kfc will be a good bargain.
  28. diamonds_mum

    diamonds_mum Member

  29. live_your_dream

    live_your_dream New Member

  30. hamteo

    hamteo Member

    just went to Aranda club (near NTUC resort) - very nice place and convenient - maybe u can consider
  31. therine

    therine Member


    Any mummies held their kid's 1 year birthday celebration at Goldkist chatlets OR Coasta Sand Pasir Ris?

    Kindly give me your feedback as I am deciding between these 2 locations. Thanks!
  32. faithgurl

    faithgurl Member


    Anybody ordered fm ejelly? Can't seems to log on their website. How to view the varieties of jellies they selling?
  33. hester

    hester New Member

    Hi mummies

    just to share some cakes that my hubby made for children's birthday.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  34. kylie_tan

    kylie_tan New Member

    I got from ejelly before, I think its very nice and my guests and kids were reluctant to cut the jelly. You can go to www.ejelly.com.sg
  35. elisechow

    elisechow Active Member

    any other more suggestions which is not so ex and good venue and great food?
  36. diamonds_mum

    diamonds_mum Member

    I found a good place at Marina Bay Sands, they have private rooms for events from 6 pax to 100 pax.

    Log on to www.todai.com.sg

    They also provide free small birthday cakes, do request during your reservation.
  37. hester

    hester New Member


    Just to share a birthday cake by ybake.blogspot.com
  38. outdoor_angie

    outdoor_angie New Member

    do any of you need baby/children photography service for your party? My friend just had a first yr bday party for his son and hired a great photographer at just $50/hr. He does casual home shoot for children too. if you are interested you can send a request for quotes to princess_dora2010@hotmail.com
  39. i also need 1 place not too big n not too expensive.not so far from sengkang.my baby turns 1 yo this sep.asking sengkang cc but its v expensive.hope u all can give suggestion.thx
  40. glad_gal

    glad_gal Member

    Had my gal's 1st Birthday recently at BBQ Chicken - the branch at Far East Square. Did alot of research as needed an affordable yet central location. Thumbs up for their great service [​IMG] food cost ard $18 per pax n had use of whole restaurant n they decor FOC for us. We had ard 50 guests.

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