1 year birthday Celebration

Hi I'm thinking of giving out some healthy snacks as goodie bags for the kids. Can anyone share some ideas and where to get them?

If you are looking for gummy bear sweets, can get
The Natural Confectionery Company brand,
they have mini packs for Dinosaurs. No milk base
and is product of Australia, more assurance for
parents with the recent melamine case.

Those Yuki brand are product of China and do
consist of milk.
Hi j popo,
the one who serve me is letty (due to some special reason) but normally will be serve by sihui
i had winnie the pooh theme
Hi Hippo, thanks for yr advise again! I'm also thinking of getting something they can all use as momento ^_^.

any more suggestions?
hi jenny,
may i know what is the size of the cake for your girls? 1.5kg? Also do you have the flavours of the cakes at SO?
hi corrine,

thanks. do u have a pic of ur cake? can share. coz me too intend to get pooh theme cake. U buy ur own figurines? what flavour u chose?
sorry, which cake are you referring to?
SO strawberry shortcake is 1.5kg. SO pooh is 1kg.

Flavours: blueberry, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, orange (think is this name).
Hi eRnMum, replied you. hopefully it's helpful ^_^. anyway, i'm also new to that place so also need other mommies to help me too ^_^.

hi mommies who have booked the children's playroom, how many latex balloon do you recommend or order from grefio?
I can't remember leh... I think I added chocolate
chips for the strawberry shortcake design, but not
for pooh design. Last year cakes, can't remember =P

This year, I had a photocake for my gal. I
searched for a nice pic.
Hi Ernmum

I have replied you
I have actually attached some pics from my ger's 1st birthday in the previous pages.
For grassroots club, you can refer to this link
Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see this page.


For me, I look for Mdm Kay Rangon and she is my co ordinator, a very kind and nice lady.

You might want to use their approved caterer and I use Elsie Kitchen, good reviews and also they provide plenty of tables and chairs for my guests as they come and go, overall I invited 100+ guests.
Hi sane,
Yeap, long time no chat! Seldom come in this thread hee hee..
From sweet secrets, their mango mirror, I like lor, not sweet, a bit sour. We all sick with chocolate cakes... old age lah, go for fruit cake better hahaha...
Hey, how much to book the children playroom? Look nice and big wor.
ser, yes yes i just booked it on 25 dec....evening

now waiting for their quotation. Ya, most prob i will be getting elsie kitchen. Hopefully it will not burn a hole in my pocket.

wa say you invited 100+ guests...that a lot.

mine is christmas day...so wonder how much more ex it is going to be.

i very excited leh

my coordinator should be mr najib...her girl is born on christmas day last year.

really thankful for everyone here...for all the contribution
Hi SeR, can let me know what's good in Elsie that yr guests enjoy? can't decide between Elsie and the Imperial Court ^_^
hi corrine,

wow.. how many kg is ur cake? its nice. where do u buy ur figurines? all flavours taste good?

yup.. interested to know where u order ur cupcakes too..
hi yumyum, j popo,
yes the cupcakes are from pine garden too.Mine is a 6kg cake and i like all the three flavours
paiseh i dun have a close picture of the cake
oh no.. heard quite a number of mummies ordered from PG, not happy with their service n cakes. tot of ordering from them. now must think twice.
Hi Jenny

I like sweet secrets! their mango is yummy yummy!

That children playroom is $50 per hr exclude GST. It's v spacious and the kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly, they were so cute
carried all the balloons up to the playground!

Actually I attended the O'kidspot in Orchid Country Club, it's quite similar to Grassroots Club too but of coz, the location for Grassroots is too good, just next to the MRT.


For the Kids

Operation Hours Location Charges
O'Kidspot Mon to Fri
Sat to Sun,
PH &
School Holiday 3.00pm to 10.00pm
10.00am to 10.00pm Social
Clubhouse $3 /hr /child

Hi ernmum & yum yum
My guests raved about their otah and dessert, the fried items are nice too! I like their food, yum yum
have this tray of snacks too. It's not ex too, around $10 per pax only. Maybe you would like Mr Najib to fax the menu to you?

25Dec sounds fun! Can celebrate X'mas as well

Hi hippo & corrine

Your cakes are so nice!!
Hi Hippo, thanks for the URL, will check it out ^_^.

Hi SeR, gotten the menu from Najib but not sure what to order from Elsie cos never order before. Can PM me what you ordered? btw, how many balloons you gotten for the playroom? is it from grefio also?
i scared not many ppl will turn up on 25....hopefully they will give my darling son face. Since it is exclusive catering to the club, dunno whether they will charge more expensive or not. furthermore, christmas menu...but i prefer normal menu.

how long do they usually take to get back to you all? Mr najib yet to send me quotation...but of cos i only call them yesterday la. Just hope that they dun give up my slot....

yesterday i was super happy abt booking the place...cos at first tot use my cousin's condo function room...but actually my hubby not too keen...so when i found this and even have a playground, i super delighted
the chicken wings from elsie is nice

someone mentioned that the cake cutting area is pretty small right?

Ser, you have any pictures of your party to share with us?
for cakes, mine is mickey theme...so i will order from benagwan solo...actually their cake very yummy...tho design not as fantastic as pine garden that can bring a wow from guests
Hi yumyum

I forgotten what I ordered but for catering usually I will order on wat I like to eat instead :p

I nvr brought any helium balloons coz the ceiling is too high! I don't think the helium balloons can be seen at all
unless u wan to buy a few to decorate the cake cutting table.

I brought a pack from those party shop and place them on the floor instead and so the kids carried those up to the playground.

Hi ernmum
I posted some pics in the previous pages, i think u gotta scroll down.
Hi ernmum

I think quite alot of kids and they were busy jumping and running all around hahhahaha..good place to entertain kids!
I think it takes 1-2 working days for them to confirm.
j_popo, i got my cupcakes from cupcakedivinity.. very tasty cupcakes though the icing was a tad too sweet... =) i was very surprised actuali cos i didnt expect the cupcakes to be nice.. i ordered cos i like their designs.. haha! it costs me $200+ with delivery...

SeR, thanks! =P

yumyum, oops! i saw u asking SeR abt balloons then i realised.. she's right! dun bother ordering balloons for the grassroots club playroom cos ceiling is too high! u can get the balloon sculptures and decor instead.. the balloons were all over the place at the bash i went to. and it was so difficult to bring them down... u need either a ladder or a pole & sticky tape! =)
Hi hippo, thanks for the advise! i'll have children who are in upper primaries, will they get bored in the playroom? haven't seen it myself, was wondering if should plan something for them.
i have just received the menu from grassroot club....should i order from elsie or ISS-CDCS

CDCS cheaper leh...as in more variety with same price.

anyone tried?
I'm planning to book the children room at grassroot club too... may I know do you display the cake on the table throughout the event? will it melt? How do you guys schedule the timing for the event? Thanks!
Hi Mummies

Other than catering and cutting cake, what do ppl usually do at First Birthday parties? Is there a program? I know some have games at such parties, but I dun really have many kids in my guestlist...and they kids are all so young too.
ernmum, eh... i can't remember which caterer the party used.. but itz no longer on the approved list of caterer so can't comment leh.. paiseh! =P

yumyum, have a great party! =D

sweetpea, my party was at home and there was a play corner for the kids with some toys and also many balloons... no activities for them or the adults.. but it went on very well cos every1 is more excited to mingle ard and catch up with one another.. as for kids, like i mentioned before, they are kids and will be contented with some toys and the company of other kids! dun worie, they can engage in free-play... =)

j-popo sorry haven't check this thread for a while. No, I haven't tried Pine Garden. No one I know has ordered from them. I know it's supposed to have fancier taste than SO.

For me, I didn't bother to order from PG for my son's first birthday because I would have to go all the way to Ang Mo Kio and need to source for the decoration on the cake, give very clear instructions and pray it would be carried out as per your instructions. It's just too much hassle. And the decoration for a kid's birthday cake is much more important than the taste so I didn't want to risk it.

I think PG can be a real alternative to SO only if they can handle all the design and decoration competently without having to trouble the mummies to source for this or that. Actually their design is pretty standard - 2 tier usually with the usual alphabets spelling out the Happy Birthday and kid's name. They should consider streamlining the order process by coming up with an online form.