1 year birthday Celebration


I just did a strawberry shortcake theme for my gal's birthday last week. For cake i got one from similing orchid and one big one from prima deli. What are you looking for and maybe i will be able to help.Pm me for details.

it's the yishun south cc.
Hi mimi

Any public person can book the rooms at grassroots club. For the children's playrm the rate is $214 (incl gst) for 4 hrs
Crystal.. u writing to me? hehe.. its Cyn not Cny..

anyway, my cupcakes are regular size.. petite size are abt 4cm in diameter, i tot that's kinda of small and also will ve limitation on design.

I rented some toys for my daughters full mth celebration and paid for them to transport the equipment, set up and assemble. The only persons who went near the toys are 2-5 year old kids. They wrote to me to tell me one of the slides had a large crack and must have been caused during transportation, assembly or disassembly and wanted me to pay $114!!

How unethical is that? Considering they are responsible for setting up the equipment and dis-assembling it plus they took care of transportation for additional $50. So if their staff broke it during asseembly, its my fault??
I just saw Strawberry Shortcake figurines playdough selling at Marina Square John little last sunday. Hope it will help those looking for it.
Hi, i am new here. Anyone has any good reviews on birthday cake and cupcakes for Pooh and friends theme? My son 1 year old bdae is comin soon.....
Depends on the design u want, below is the pricelist.
* Standard (standard size) - $2.00
* Premium (standard size) - $2.50 to $4.00
* Premium (minis) - $1.50
* 7" Cake - S$25 onwards
* ** STANDARD designs only include basic swirls, "star" piping and sprinkles. Additional toppings e.g. flowers, strawberries, hearts, butterflies..etc comes under the PREMIUM category

haha my party this sunday... haven tried them...
but heard their cupcakes moist and nice...
You can request not too sweet for ur cupcakes sugaring...
For mummies who have ordered Lychee Martini flavour from PG, it is safe for the children to consume? Is the alcohol very strong?

I am interested to order this flavour but my husband is not for the idea as it contains liquor.

Thanks to share your comments.
not exactly, last year i ordered that for my son party too, the children ate keke not "drunk" as for liquior side dun think its that strong as compare to black forest rum..
hi j_popo,
Fun !! but very tiring... haha...
When I brought out the cakes and cupcakes, all the kids very excited about the cupcakes with their names... and the adults keep taking pictures....
as for the taste, the frosting too sweet.... though I did request not too sweet.... see some pics below..

hihi ahLin,

ur cake n cupcakes are very nice... the stand they provide for u? can share how many kg is ur cake and price? and what cake flavour u choose.. hee.. so sorry.. so many questions ask...

but ur cakes are really pretty,,.. cupcakes very cute n nice leh...
Hi all, the candles start bid from $6...
highest bid will win... Please kindly PM me your bid.. can collect at east mrt line or NEL....
hi j_popo,
thanks... no problem...
they got rent cupcake stand... but i DIY the cupcake stand... cut cost... haha..
the top cake is 7 inch only..., i got mine figurines from Florence, i ordered 50 cupcakes.... some of them are using the cupcake picks, some i request putting kids names on top... they got 3 flavours... chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.... i chose chocolate and strawberry....

I have barnyard table cloth and some 1st birthday boy deco to let go. All used once only.

Interested can pm me for the pictures. Thanks.
hi mummies,
stumbled upon this thread by accident!
wow, so many pooh themes/ Looks really popular. So thot I'd share the piglet cake I did for my gal's 2nd b'dae!


Also, wanna say cakes from Smiling Orchid don;t taste nice and design only so so. had it for my gal's first b'ade. Ws a disapointment...

And cupcakes from cupcake momma r not bad. They r halal too. Ordered for my baby's first mth last week. Very pretty designs. I think I'll order for my #2's b'dae next yr!
hi isabelle,

ur cake is nice. whom did u order from?
heard smiling orchid design is good and cake taste nice too leh.. tot of ordering from them but saw ur review. now duno still want order anot. is it really that bad?
j_popo All the Smiling Orchid cakes I have seen (at least 5 based on 2 friends' kids parties) have been nice in design. Tastewise, they are fine too -just not super fancy as they are basically sponge cake based. Quite soft and not too sweet unlike Bakerzinn's. They are reliable for mummies who do not have the time to make elaborate designs.
i baked my own cake

i thot SO was good too cos i tried my fren's wedding anniversary cake a couple of years back and it was so delicious(vanilla sponge i think with blueberry filling) that i had 5 big slices despite a heavy dinner! But when i ordered my choc sponge with blueberry, the cake was so dry and when i asked my guests, they all agreed it wasn't nice. Threfore was disappointed cos i was expecting to eat slice after slice just like i did for my fren's cake!

Design was so-so cos most of it was just sticking sweets around the cake. Nothing great.
And i find their designs can sometimes be a bit too garish, messy and sometimes kinda 80s-like though this can be quite nostalgic.

But I must agree that they r capable of nice designs too, saw this strawberry farm cake posted by one of the mummies earlier, that was nice.

Mebbe the baker screwed up my cake for that day??? I dunno...
All the 5 I have eaten all taste about the same. I wouldn't eat slice after slice since they are just normal sponge cake with some filling. Most people will not be offended by the taste or be very impressed either.

Design wise, it is up to you to choose. My friends have chosen the 3D elmo design or the flat type of Winnie the Pooh designs - all quite professionally done.

I don't think people choose SO for the exceptional tastes unless sponge cake is your absolute favourite. It is just one of the more reliable bakers around who do very elaborate kids' cakes. I suspect lots of mothers who do not frequent Singaporemotherhood and therefore do not bother to post pictures have ordered from SO. Both friends who did don't frequent this board and they are not the sort who would fuss too much about their kids' cakes as long as they are nice, sufficiently impressive and fuss free.
I am the very fussy sort! Hee hee. But the two cakes from SO I tried were really very different in taste! The first time, my frens all said it was delicious. Second time... =( Though I do think that I might give them another chance for simple home birthdays later on cos they have been ard a long time and I suspect they screwed up the sponge. But i wldn't dare to try them again for for bigger parties.
And hey, fIrst time I got fr SO I wasn't on sg motherhood too! Only discoverd it early this yr! Hee
hi isabelle, belle,

have both of you tried pine garden? is it really good? now in the midst for finding birthday cake for my baby turning 1. want pooh theme but PG doesnt provide figurines, while smiling orchid provides all.
hi j popo,
i've ordered from pine garden for my girl's 1st birthday party last mth. The service is good, cake is delicious and delivery on time. i'm really very happy with them. I think they have learn from their previous mistake and now they will leave the candle for you to place it yourself so it won't go wrong
hi corrine,

i heard their cakes really delicious too. so tempted to try but worried about the design n service. which staff is serving u? what theme u having for the cake?
Hi Mommies who hv booked the Grassroot club in YCK, need your advice. do you think i should engage a magician and balloon sculptor? i've gotten advice that the playground is big enough to entertain all the kids.
yumyum, have attended a party at grassroots club before.. the play area is reali enuf to entertain the kids.. dun need to spend the extra $. moreover, some space constraint as the area for cake-cutting ain't very big.. =)
Hi isabelle

Do you have the link for cupcake mamma?

Hi Yumyum
The playground in the club is big! and I don't think the children will pay attention to the magician seeing the big playground!
U can save much on party decor too as the wall is v colourful painted and it's very nice already.
Great! thanks alot for yr advice hippo ^_^! tis will save alot! can chaanel more into goodies bags.

btw, any one has any suggestion on where n wat kind of goodies bags to pack? i've kids range from babies to P4

yumyum, dun worie too much abt the contents cos the kids will generally be too excited about the party in the 1st place! for my girl's 1st bday, i gave out party hats + goodie bags with a blowout, stickers, squirter toy and the kids (from babies to P3) were all very happy! cos they are in the mood for the party and they have frens to play with so they dun reali bother with the contents.. my cousins (18 - 21yrs) also wanted a share of the pack! hahaha.. have a great party!