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1 bedded @MAH -How much in total?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by bebe, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. bebe

    bebe Member

    I will be delivering in Jan 2006! Have opt for MAH. Anyone who hav any advices on how much it cost for the total hospital bill for 1 bedded cos I am a first time mom.
    Any comments on the hospital to add on too?

  2. tiffany42

    tiffany42 New Member

    I delivered there in june last year and stay in one bedder room, the bill came up to about $3800, i paid $2000 plus after deducting from CPF. Mine was normal delivery plus epidural.
  3. vittion

    vittion New Member

    I gave birth my 1st one on 3yrs old ago n the coming one will be due in Jan 06, same as u. Will be choosing MAH hospital agaon. U may view their web site n chk on their package. Per day to claim on medisave is $300(ward cum gynae)Additional $450 to claim on medisave but must keep your recepit which accumlate to $1000(if i not wrong on the amount)

    Service is gd, need not to worry

    So when is your due date?
  4. bliss

    bliss New Member

    Hi Bebe,

    actualli not necessary to get a one bedded lo. waste of $$. just for that few days of comfort, not very worth it. its more practical to save up the $$ for ur bb. 4 bedded will do. MAH has got good service and the nurses there are very friendly and helpful too.

    i went for 4 bedded when i gave birth in jan this year. i still take back my $300 cash deposit. my bill of $2.1K for myself n my bb fully deducted from medisave. dun have to pay out any cash during the hospitalisation. =) anyway, mine was normal delivery without epidural.

    i will still be going back to MAH for my 2nd bb due next may. Do think abt it.
  5. bebe

    bebe Member

    Hi! LV

    My edd is on 25 Jan 06.wat abt u?
  6. vittion

    vittion New Member

    Hi Bebe,

    Mine edd is on 12 Jan but hv choose the date on 1 Jan
  7. etelle

    etelle Active Member

    Hi Jo
    But hubby cannot stay overnight other than the single bedded leh. I am afraid i may not be able to sleep at night so have to ask for hubby's companion....
  8. vuyst

    vuyst New Member

    Dear Ladies, for those who had their baby delivered in MAH.

    Pls adv me which gynea you went to that gave u the referrals to MAH for delivery?

    I've looked up the website of MAH to find there are a few privately owned gynea, any idea which Doctor is good?

    Thank you
  9. puea

    puea Active Member

    Hi vuyst

    I delivered my boy in Oct'05 in MAH, by Dr Adrian Woodworth. Quite a nice & patient gynae.
    He has 2 clinics - CCK & SengKang.
    Where do you stay?
    In Ang Mo Kio central, also got a gynae, quite famous one I heard. He can deliver in MAH too.
  10. hui32

    hui32 Active Member

    Hi vuyst
    i delivered my girls in july04 & dec05.

    both under the same gynae.
    dr h k ho.
    his clinic located @ mt a.

    both deliveries, i stayed in one bedded room, can say that their service is v good...

    *want to know the price, i had post last yr in one of the thread...*

    dr ho last time he from KK.
    quite experienced.

    no need to take painkiller after birth...his stitches won hurt...

  11. vuyst

    vuyst New Member

    Dear Puea and Jeslyn

    thank you for the replies.

    I just moved to Ang Mo Kio and not know anything abt the famous gynae. If I do find out I will share with everyone; thanks for the info.

    ah huh, okie thanks Jeslyn, will bear Dr Ho in mind, am a first time Mommy and intolerance to pain....
  12. etelle

    etelle Active Member

    Hi JJ
    I am seeing Dr Ho now as my gynae and so far he has been very good and friendly and his service is highly recommended. His nurses are also very nice people hee hee [​IMG] But most important of all his recommended for his painless stitch. I have yet to give birth but have heard countless compliments about it. May want to try him out.
  13. crystalmum

    crystalmum Active Member

    Hi JJ - my gal delivered by Dr Ho too. Very good and experience gynae. His stitch is good and my scar not ugly..not painful oso..hehe..i went thru c-section..oh yes..his nurses oso very nice pp..
  14. hui32

    hui32 Active Member

    vuyst, im also staying @ amk...
    gg to MAH is very near...keke...

    trust me..dr ho is very good, i will go back to him again if i have my 3rd bb...
  15. hui32

    hui32 Active Member

    hi all
    -gave birth @ mt alvernia in july04.
    this's the breakdown for my bill

    hospital charges
    normal delivery single bed (mother) - $740
    bed charges @ $290 for 2day - $580
    companion $65 per day - $130
    nursing services charges - $110
    pharmacy - $5

    total hospital charges - $1,643.25

    doctor's charges
    attendance fee - $300
    operation fee - $1,000
    other fee - $65
    total chargeable by doctor - $1,365

    total charges - $3,008.25

    less payment
    deposit made to hospital - $1,000
    Total payment to hospital - $1,000

    estimated medisave claim for hospital - $736.02
    estimated medisave claim for dr ho - $563.98

    amt payable to doctor - $801.02

    total payment - $3,101.02

    still need to pay additional payment - $92.77

    hospital charges for baby package - maternity
    bed charges $45 for 2 days - $90
    clinical consumable & supply - $17.10

    total hospital charges - $280.46

    doctor charges
    attendance fee - $225

    total charges - $505.46

    estimated medisave claim for hospital - $280.46
    estimated medisave claim for doctor - $100

    total estimated medisave claim - $380.46

    still need to pay balance of $125

    total i tink is 4k-5k
  16. joyfulstar

    joyfulstar New Member

    hi vuyst,

    yes... i totally agreed wif the rest. Dr HK HO is very experienced. His svs is excellent and his stitching skill is superd. No pain at all. some said after giving birth (natural) they can't pee or poo coz pain. but i gave birth last July (2005) and within the next morning I'm able to walk ard and felt no pain at all.
  17. etelle

    etelle Active Member

    so much to cover ah. I think i overlooked the baby's portion leh. Baby also have to pay for hospital stay ah.....ooooh must re calculate again.

    Hi joyfulstar
    My edd is 11 feb and my gynae is also Dr Ho. Your compliments of me made me feel even more safe in his hands hee hee :p Phew.
  18. hui32

    hui32 Active Member

    joyfulstar, ya, good, no pain...the next day after i give birth, i can poo already..hehe....no pain @ all...
  19. shiaolea

    shiaolea New Member

    Just delivered at MAH in Feb 2006. Stayed in one-bedder, had a c-section under GA, bill came up to $5k plus. Nurses are GREAT GREAT GREAT. If u have a c-section, better for one-bedder. Need the privacy when u get out of bed the first time after op. NOT FUNNY and is a memorable experience but not a pleasant one.
    My Gynea is Douglas Ong (Clinic at Bt Panjang n Mt Elisabeth Medical Centre). Really sweet guy and genuinely concern about his patients. My c-section wound is much shorter than my first one done at KKH. Could be becoz the first bb was huge...would recommend him to any mums-to-be.

  20. littleger

    littleger New Member

    Hi YSL,

    Just wanna chk it out w you, your total bill of 5k plus is after or before the medisave claimable? I thought C-section's package is around 3k+ and the medisave claimable is ardz 2k+... so how come ur total bill will add up to 5k+???
    My Gynae is Dr Ong too! Hee.. i agreed that he is a very nice guy!

    I'm going for normal delivery (single bedded).. but unsure how much will be the total cost..
  21. lennrayn

    lennrayn Member


    i'm goin for norm delivery (single bedded) also.. wondering how much mine gonna be..!

    how much cash normally do we need to prepare ya?

    btw littleger, wen r u due? me in early May.. ;)
  22. littleger

    littleger New Member

    hi simplyme,

    The deposit for single bedded is 1K.. but the total bill sure will exceed this amt. I'm not too sure but i guess be prepare to fork out ard 2k for normal delivery (single bedded).

    My edd is mid apr. Maybe i can let you know the breakdown of the bill after i deliver!! So your hubby going to stay overnight w u?
  23. shiaolea

    shiaolea New Member

    Hi littleger,

    5K before medisave! y so ex? The package does not include doctor's fees when he visits u, anaesthetics fees, consumables like maternity towels. c-section usually more ex.

    I am a US 14 - 16. Would u like to buy some of my maternity clothes? Or I too big 4 u [​IMG]

    I really like our gynae. He is always handling tissue paper to me when I was in tears... [​IMG]

    Ha ha miss him, now that I don't see him so often...

  24. littleger

    littleger New Member


    Hee.. i'm going to deliver soon so no need to get additional maternity clothes!

    Huh? U feeling stressed during your pregnancy period?
  25. shiaolea

    shiaolea New Member

    Hi littleger,

    Yah, had some problems...Gestational diabetes, work problems, hubby problems..MIL problems...my toddler was hospitalised...quite an eventful pregnancy I would say. But memorable and worth every 'pain'!

  26. lennrayn

    lennrayn Member

    hi littleger..

    sorry for the super late reply..! heehee.. have u delivered..? mine is abt 2wks from now.. gosh! how time flies..!
  27. greenpoison

    greenpoison New Member

    hi all,

    i gave birth to my 1st baby in MAH last March 1, 2006 under CS,staying in single bedded room. total bill for mom & baby came up to 5k++, less than 6k including medisave..

    good day
  28. littleger

    littleger New Member


    yaya.. delivered my girl 2 weeks back! My total bill is ard 2k+ (normal delivery) for 2 days stay.
  29. lennrayn

    lennrayn Member


    wow! congrats on the arrival of ur much awaited baby child!

    am still waiting and waiting to 'pop'.. [​IMG]

    sorry to ask but how much cash did u pay..? deposit is 1k upon admission rite..? upon discharge hw much do u need to top up..?

    urs is a normal delivery? no epi..?
  30. lennrayn

    lennrayn Member

    hi ivy..

    urs is a caesarian delivery? hhmmm.. 5k+?

    wow! so how much total cash did u pay upon discharge..?
  31. littleger

    littleger New Member


    thanks!! hee... i bet you must be very nervous and excited now!! Hope u have a smooth delivery!!

    yup.. u have to pay 1k deposit upon admission. In the end, we were refunded 800+ after all the claims. So the actual cash we actually fork out is 100+ close to 200.

    Mine is normal delivery w/o epi.
  32. bookworm

    bookworm New Member

    hi littleger,

    u stay in one bedder?
    i am intending to stay for 3 days. 1 room
  33. lennrayn

    lennrayn Member


    wow! congrats! u manage to go thru it drug-free! i hope i cud do like urs..

    yes, i am very excited & nervous as e day passes.. i can't wait to gaze & hold e baby in my hands.. ;)

    wahh! not bad ya.. u were refunded quite alot! how was e service..?

    how was ur labour..? any labour tips to share..?
  34. sponge

    sponge New Member


    We juz got back from MT A few days back. Stayed in a 1-bedded there with my hubby as companion and after deduction from medisave, we had to fork out about 2k of cash in total. When ya juz admitted, you have to pay $1k up front as deposit.
  35. newbbi79

    newbbi79 Active Member

    hi sponge,

    Yours is natural birth?
  36. lennrayn

    lennrayn Member

    hi sponge..! yeah.. was urs a natural birth?

    i dun really quite understand on the different cash amt some has to pay.. while littleger was refunded 800+, how come sponge has to fork out bt 2K in cash..? [​IMG]

    *blur me*
  37. spring_arrives

    spring_arrives New Member

    hi mommies,
    now that i read tis email I recall I hv not received the cash 'refund from medisave' for prenatal charges. the meh cashier asked me to give her receipts of my prenatal consultations up to a particular amount and said CPF will send a cheque - is this true? did any of you get the cheque?
  38. sponge

    sponge New Member

    Hi Nicole and simplyme,

    Yes indeed, I went through natural birth.
  39. maltese

    maltese Member

    Hi simplyme,

    cos littleger did not have epi so it was cheaper for her. Mine was assisted delivery with epi and i paid slightly over 1k. There was not enuff 1 bedder room for my first day so i stayed in 2 bedder for 1 day and move to 1 bedder on the 2nd day.
  40. littleger

    littleger New Member

    Haha.. same here! i opted for single bedded but all occupied.. so i was given the 2 bedded room.. but i never bother to move to the single bedded the next day.
  41. kim22

    kim22 New Member

    hi Amz, I've received a cheque from my gynae of about $600+ after 1.5-2mths after delivering my boy at MAH which is the so called refund from medisave thingy.
    It was supposed to be more but since mine was C-section, my gynae deducted another $400 from the cheque as the package I paid him initially was for natural birth.
  42. vinnrac

    vinnrac Member


    My edd is on 1st sept but im going for c-section..Jus wanna to check those having c-section, is the the wound very pain...
    Im still pending whether to go for natural or c-section....can any1 advise me on tat?
    Thanx ^^
  43. kim22

    kim22 New Member

    hi Racheal,

    Mine was c-section. Had opt for natural in the beginning but after hearing that bb's cord was round his neck two rounds, got so worry and gynae advise strongly for c-section.

    Didn't go through the labour pain that can last till up to 1 day and labour was fast as bb was borned after 13mins after I was wheeled into the ops room but the healing time was longer for c-section.
  44. msnanas

    msnanas New Member

    Hi Racheal,
    Y do u wana go for c-section?
  45. gerlynnlim

    gerlynnlim Member

    Hi anymore updated pricing for MAH for 1 & 2 bedded? No questions about the service of the nurses there cos my 1st was born there too. Can't remember how much i paid. But want to get an updated pricing from those who recently stayed in 1 or 2 bedded. Am comparing cost. Thanks!!!
  46. happy_71

    happy_71 New Member


    Can anyone provide me Dr HK Ho contact?
  47. piggymummy

    piggymummy New Member

    Hi Crazy, if I am not wrong the contact is 63538833. got this from fren though....
  48. happy_71

    happy_71 New Member


    ok. Thanks for your info. Will call and fix a appt.

    So Dr ho is yr friend's gynea.. Is he really good?
  49. fen9983

    fen9983 Active Member

    hi crazy,
    ws told also that his skill was super... stiches not pain at all... will be delivering my first baby by him too...
  50. happy_71

    happy_71 New Member

    Hi fen,

    Heard alot of good comments abt him.. so when is yr baby due? by normal or c-section?

    hehe..this is my 1st baby, not so sure abt the charges.. can the regarding chk up deduct thru medisave or how many % we can claim fm medisave..

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