1.5yrs old son suddenly refuse to drink milk!


Luthadel: is ur son refusing milk or refusing the bottle? U can try feeding him milk from a mug. Although I may agree w ms chan, but milk is recommended till at least 2 yrs old.

Melissa: yogurt n cheese may not replace milk totally. Your bb is refusing milk?


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Jiayi: my bb is not refusing milk. am juz curious if i can give her yogurt n cheese as snacks?


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Hi Ladies,
Thanks for the advise. My son requested for milk the other day by saying "murk murk" and drink it from cup with straw. He totally rejects the bottle.


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Hi Pia,

Maybe you can try PrediaSure formula milk cos it comes in 2 flavour. Vanilla and chocolate.
One of my girlfriend's gal had the exact problem too and when she tried PrediaSure, the gal likes it and the intake of milk is back to normal.


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My son also took PediaSure Premium Chocolate (he hates the rest) for 3 days, after that he ate more and drink more too. Now I've a small tin of PediaSure on standby in my cabinet for those just in case "milk strike"!


Hi mummies ,

Can I know what brands of fresh milk and yogurt are suitable for Age 1-2yo??

My gal is currently 23months .. Coming to 2yo.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi sherlyn06,

Got 1 brand can be found at all leading supermarket like NTUC, Shop&Save, I forgot the brand, but only 1 kind, 6 super small tub in a pack. Got Tropical, banana, etc..My gal is 20mths old, she super like it very much. Intially, i bought meiji brand, and she spit it out, then my sis introduce me to this as its stated its for kids 1yr and above.. Then she super like it..Try it!!

That 6 super small tub in pack should none other be Yoplait!

If you can make your own or buy the plain sour ones which is best (eg brands like Farmers Union or the locally made ones found in Tekka market, ShengSiong), then you improvise by adding in your dotter's favourite fruits and or cereals. You can also make a smoothie from these..

To adjust the taste of the sourness, you can sweetened the yogurt with honey, natural fruit sugars or just the fruits.

hope this has helped



Tanjoelle & Miiracle_bebe,

Thanks for the info and sharing the yogurts brands!

Had just went to JP NTUC y'dae and ask the staff ard and bingo yes she had intro me is the brand that both of you mention..

So happy that can find yogurt that is suitable for BB..

Had also heard from the staff there that, there's one more brand that suitable for BB too. But slighly expensive and come in only 5 small tub in a pkt.. think abt 6 bucks plus...

Also she did mention that is a new brand that is for BB.. Didnt brought tat new one as its OOS..

So I brought the Yoplait brands instead!
Hopefully my gal will loves it!

Thanks Tanjoelle & Miracle_bebe again...



Hi Miracle_bebe,

I didnt do those plain yogurt... as no time to source out.. LOL

But my sis in law did went to those RED MAN shop cant remember wat the shop name called..

The shop its selling all those bakery stuff etc..
So she find those self make yogurt there and the materials like container for storage for the yogurts itself...

And its taste great too!


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My baby started rejecting milk when he was getting to 3mths old. Try all ways coaxing him to sleep then feeding, change formula (cos can't provide enough BM), mixed with BM etc. but he just don't want to drink. By far, only the sleep drinking works the best. Hang in there until he was 4mths then started a bit of baby cereal but still to no avail. Still struggling with bb now but he seems ok since he's still laughing, playing, growing and esp the weight is not getting any lesser. Just that we have to give him more feeds but less qty at each feeding. Also he got reflux so sometimes he eat and vomitted everything. Haiz just have to hang in there lo.


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hi pm (akaharra)
the amt of milk a baby drinks depends on his age n weight.
i think so long baby is growing well, u shldnt worry too much. Babies r very smart. They'd cry n make noise if they r hungry. U sh b happy tt yr baby gives u more time to sleep n rest. I dun hv that kinda luxury. This is what i learnt fr my PD so if u still worry, can always chk with yr PD.


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My bb suffered from UTI when he was 3rd mth jux went for review today. One of his kidneys a bit bloated so hv to check for whether the urine back flow when he urinate. But that the test can only be taken 3 weeks later. He's now on anti-biotics again. Been on anti-bio since he was 3mths old. So worried. My first child and so many problems esp when I have no experience. Haiz...

The refusal of milk I asked the PD when he was in hospital, they told me that as long as the amt of milk is not less than half of wat's he's taking usually and he's not losing weight than it should be ok. Somemore he's playing and seems normal should be no problem de.


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hi quezvene
be strong, things will get better as yr baby grows older. i'd a difficult baby too n i was encouraged by my friends n they r right. Things do get better as they gets older by the day. Just hang in there.
it seems like you may be the BP Organiser "XuanBaby" for this product http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/581296/4047033.html?1275382542
I do hope I am wrong!

Anyway, incase you are not aware, making such a post in a non-related thread is not permitted in the SMH rules and regulations.

The last post was April 21.. Strange that there is such a post suddenly when there is no member who brought up the issue of having a tool to encourage a toddler or bb to drink milk.

Such a product has been around for ages and there are so so many brands out in the market. These are most useful for little babies. The tool is actuallly meant to help the mummy
Hi Mummies

i'm not sure if this thread is still active.
i'm one of those mummies here... my 17mths princess have been rejecting milk for the past 2 weeks.. right after her fever due to MMR subside... (even if she had fever during the 3 days, she will drink as per normal)..but since her fever gone, she totally reject milk.
we didnt even manage to coax her by sipping from straw or even changed the colour of her milk by mixing abit of strawberry milk into her FM and told her its strawberry. (cos she loves strawberry).. it seems that she kinda "knew" that was milk!!

it was really a heartache experience for the past two week as i really missed feeding her in my arms and talking to her as i feed her. the closeness that i have, the physical contact of me holdin her in my arms suddenly taken away from me.

right now what i can do is to mix cereal and FM together and spoon feed her. in this way i can measure her intake of FM. but my worry is she is already a very small petite frame baby.. all along within the 25% range but she's relatively tall so she appear skinny. and during the 5 days that she refuse milk, she lost 0.3kg which the PD says its not a good sign.

My girl did eat her solids well and she loves cheese..but no matter how much cheese she eats..it cant replace the milk intake and what i can do now is to mix into cereal.

any mummies currently experiencing this problem now? can share the pain together here .. i really hope that my girl can take milk again as before..


try different feeding methods. my dd refuse nipper from 3 months old. after I stopped breast feeding when she turned one year old. I try different methods and finally she accept yakult straw. Althought still very slow but aleast can let her drink the milk.


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Hi motherbear
I'd some experience with my daughter refusing to drink milk b4 she goes to bed when she's abt 19-20 mths. All along she'd drink milk b4 sleep but out of the blue, she Juz refuse to drink. In the middle of the nite ard 1-3am (depends on her mood), she'd cry for milk. This behaviour persists for abt 2 wks. Every nite, I'd ask if she wants milk n I went ahead preparing the FM even when she says no. I ended up throwing away bcos she Juz refuse to drink (my heart aches whenever we throw away FM). I Juz let her be and eventually after 2 wks she's ok with milk b4 bed. So I think u don't hv to worry too much bcos PD fr KKH told me there's no need to worry n force her to drink. She said babies are very smart, if they are hungry, they'd naturally ask for it.
thanks for yr notes for me, Wei and Melissa

sad to say, last friday, i make some FM for my girl again (2 wks after her milk strike in bottle) and thinking that probably she might forgot whatever experiences she might have.

the moment i want to position her in the feeding position, she tear, scream with anger and simply rejected so strongly that my husband and i gave up. that left me tearing for a good 1 min infront of both of them.

now i'm still resorting to feeding her together with cereal and spoon feed the mix to her and she takes.


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Don't be alarm. At some point, some toddlers experience this phase. Dont stop trying, but for the meantime, try giving your child other source of nutrients.