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1.5yrs old son suddenly refuse to drink milk!

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by teayoyo, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. teayoyo

    teayoyo New Member

    My 1.5yrs old son suddenly refuse to drink milk. Any idea? Tried other brand and fresh milk, but he still refuse to drink. Anyone can advise?

  2. letshop

    letshop New Member

    Hi, my son is three now. When he turned one, he suddenly refused to eat/drink almost everything for 3 months ! Trips to the PD proved useless too, he said that as long as my son was not loosing weight, there's nothing to worry about. But i was worried sick, so i can understand how you are feeling now, but as long as your son is healthy i thnk you shouldn't worry too much. Have you tried yoghurt? During that three months, my son practically survived on that alone. Good Luck!
  3. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

    1.5yrs old shd also be taking more than milk, isn't he?

    How is he doing on solid food? Heard that fresh milk is fine. Got mommy told me that meiji fresh milk is very nice for baby. You can try that?
  4. p_p02

    p_p02 New Member

    hi teayoyo,

    read from SWW july issue that babes above 1yr need 570-720ml per day so guess that could be your gauge. as what letshop said, long as babe is growing well and seems happy, should be ok. could just be a passing phase, maybe teething or just want to play hard to get...at our expense [​IMG]
  5. lanichua

    lanichua New Member

    at 1.5yo it's not so crucial for your son to be drinking milk anymore. he can still get the calcium from other sources, so if he refuses to drink milk, just substitute with yoghurt or cheese.

    also at this age it's his solid intake that's more important, so as long as he is eating fine, you don't need to worry so much. [​IMG]
  6. nyc

    nyc Active Member

    Hi mummies,

    My ger just turn 1 n i m trying to wean her off BM but she is refusing FM big time. Everytime she sees the bottle she seems to know whats inside and refused to drink from it. I mix it with BM also no use she only wants from the source. I tried to add the FM in her solids and she is taking it well but then how m i going to get her to drink FM?? Pls help!!!
  7. hewchen

    hewchen Member

    hi ylc,

    keep doing the same pattern/behaviour and I hope your patience will reap wat u wanted at the end...
  8. lhh

    lhh New Member

    My Son is 10mths now, he seem to have poor appetite this 2 days. He even vomit the milk he drank yesterday afternoon and cerals he ate during noon for lunch.

    He only eat about 1/2 or 2/3 of what he use to eat today for everything like milk, porridge or cearals.

    However, he still play and make noise like he use to be. His two 1st bottom teeth is popping out right now. could it be due to teething

    what is happening? Am really worrying.
  9. lvivian

    lvivian New Member

    I think it is common for toddlers to refuse eating certain food or milk for a period. Do not alarm. If they refuse then try to replace with other type of food that will also give them similiar nutrients. Usually, we as parents are the one who will become overly stressed and panicky.

    My son does not like formula milk at all since he is around 1. He loves breastfeeding but I did not have much milk anymore so I replace it with cheese during the day time and when he is tired and hardly have the energy to refuse milk, I will feed him before he is fully asleep.

    Till today he is growing extremely well and his weigh is ok, seldom fall ill. Extremely strong too. So don't be overly stressed. If we try too hard to force our child they will refuse even more and in the end both parent and child get stressed.
  10. wheee

    wheee New Member

    prolly they know it's from china..haha!
  11. treestar

    treestar Member

    my boy refuse milk since he's 8mth old..now he's almost 3yr old n growing well...i usually substitute his food wif other calcium rich products
  12. eee

    eee New Member

    My ds1 also stopped drinking milk when he was abt 10 mths. Hv been giving him multi vits but then still skinny compared to his peers [​IMG]
  13. valsboys

    valsboys Member

    my ds also...only want to drink milk at night, so now still wake hime up for 2 feeds(150ml each feed) at night. refuse to drink in the day most of the time, but sometimes he in the mood will drink. Takes him 30 mins to finish a bottle of 120ml, sometime drink only 100ml. sigh.....wasted so much milk.

    He is 1.5yr now and I give him more baby yoghurt, cottage cheese n fish to supplement his calcium. I will also put a bit of ikan bilis powder into his food twice a day.
  14. elfy

    elfy New Member

    My girl is also skinny (25% percentile) cos she hates milk since birth.

    She loves yogurt. Now I'll sneaked milk and healthy times brown rice cereal into her yogurt twice a day (morning and nite). I find it too sweat if I buy those sweetened yogurt, so I'll mix plain yogurt into FM and cereal. The end result still taste like creamy yogurt cos healthy times cereal are very fine.
  15. xxqkcl

    xxqkcl New Member

    My son refused FM when i jus weaned him off BM when he was 17 mths old.
    I have also tried all brands of FM n all kind of fresh milk. He simply refused to take any.
    I did try to mix the FM into his porridge n he took.
    Then I realised he likes soya bean milk...Not soy based milk powder but those Mr Bean kind of soya bean milk. so i gave him those Hi-calcium soya bean milk that we can buy fm supermarts to replace FM. Then slowly I add FM into the soya bean milk... This lasts for abt 4-5 mths till I fully replaced the soya bean milk w FM...
    One more problem w my son is that he refused to drink fm bottle... so i have to cup feed him w the milk now...
    Well, it def more tedious but as long he drinks his milk...
    So all the mamas out there, dun give up... Keep trying n one day yr children will drink their milk...
  16. astuteman

    astuteman New Member

    maybe you can try soya bean milk instead. maybe you kid will like it better. give it a shot.
  17. jennessa

    jennessa New Member

    In this time period, Normally child does not like Drink Milk.
    If You are not again pregnant then You should do Breastfeeding when child does not Dennie.
  18. kerand

    kerand Member


    Maybe you can try to give him flavour milk. I give my little gal honey flavour milk when she is sick... it seem that whenever she sick, she refuse to drink milk.. But she will drink Pedisure flavour milk during the period... after she is well, I switch back to similac.
  19. mummyong

    mummyong New Member

    at least this age can give him solid food & others.....my daughter after full mths dun drink milk more worst rite , can only feed her when she asleep but take only 1-2oz and so suay my second son also the same when he was 6mths old.....so ur son can take solid food still ok !
  20. littlekids

    littlekids New Member

    If she havin solid foods then sure be ok,coz my girl oso refused to drink milk when she was 1 yr old. And now she already 10. Of course try to let her hav milk 1 aday for calcium need.
  21. sueann

    sueann New Member

    Hi Mummies

    What yogurt brand can a 1yr old child take?

    My gal now 14 mth she doesnt like milk at all... Just like mummyong i Gotta feed her only when she sleep.At this time i still Got to rock her to sleep by carrying her then can feed her drink. Headache
  22. valsboys

    valsboys Member

    must be quite tiring for you as 14 month not light anymore. My boy also initially must rock to sleep, then we progressed gradually to lying down and patting and then do away with the patting, just sit with him and he drift off. Can try to initiate your gal with some soft soothing music (classical).

    My boy takes yoplait baby, it can be found in all major grocery stores and comes 4 a pack witha baby's cute face on the packaging. I prefer this as its not so sweet. Can also give full fat cottage cheese, I use Dairy Farmers.
  23. sueann

    sueann New Member

    Thx valsboys, yup my gal weighting 10kg now.. she's like worms she'll move here & there.. maybe i'll give a try at night till she very tired if not my arms and legs Gonna be very ache.NTUC selling?
  24. valsboys

    valsboys Member

    your girl not bad already, 14 months and 10kg, my bb was 10kg at about 18mos, now 19mos and slightly more than 10 only. only saw at ntuc finest, not those normal ntuc.
  25. sunshinekids

    sunshinekids Member

    My 17mth old also does not like to drink formula or fresh milk. Thus very difficult for me to wean him off breastmilk.

    I am also afraid his calcium intake is not enough thus supplement with Yoplait baby yoghurt. His weight is only 10kg and I wish he can put on more!
  26. sueann

    sueann New Member

    Yesh i Found the yoplait yogurt @ NTUC extra i'll start let her try tomorrow, my gal only intake 3x 6oz of milk daily dun know if calcium i's enough? [​IMG]

    All mummies included me are the same would want their child to have the best of all.. [​IMG]
  27. hammies03

    hammies03 Member

    Any other mummies got same experience recently where your kid suddenly reject milk?? My son now 15 months, has been drinking milk 3 times a day on top of his solid food intake. But suddenly over the weekend he rejected milk! He only was willing to drink once in the morning. Afternoon and night time refused to take...I really wonder how it can happen over night...

    I also wonder if it's anything to do with his MMR jab..post effects? Lost of appetite??
  28. valsboys

    valsboys Member

    Mine also happeded suddenly at baout 9 months old. I switched so many formula for him and finally settled on Friso. The intake is very much reduced (about half the normal intake). He is not 21 months and drink milk twice a day at 125ml each feed only. Even the 2 feeds at night he doesn;y want already...

    He prefers solid food probably due to the texture and variety in taste. My PD advise that it is more important now that they eat well rather than drink lots of milk.
  29. Audrey6

    Audrey6 Member

    My boy oso just had the MMR 2 weeks ago. I think MMR could have made them lose appetite. I oso noticed that he doesn consume that much. Cham! And I stock up quite a lot of cans of milk powder....

    Hammies, Maybe try a few more times...if not maybe try other brands. Can ask for samples onlin website before getting a can.
  30. hammies03

    hammies03 Member

    tulippe - I'm hoping this is temporary too...not sure wanna wait 1 week and see if want to see PD or not leh...

    I do agree that solid food intake is impt and milk less impt..but tot should still drink milk min twice a day bah!! They still young..drink more milk also good right?

    So what you trying..switching brands? At least your boy just drink less..my son is totally reject afternoon and nite feed. Only drank in the morning cos I think he's hungry after not drinking at nite...
  31. Audrey6

    Audrey6 Member

    Hammies, I did try a few brands in the past cos he had constipation. I understand that you feel upset when he is not drinking milk. The jab before MMR, my boy oso dun drink much bo bian I switch to the one he likes.
    Probably can also try yoghurt if you are concern with calcium.

    Or try to drag the timing, since you mention he is hungry, he might take.
    Not sure if seeing PD would help.
  32. Audrey6

    Audrey6 Member

    By the way, my boy is on 2 brands fm now.
  33. hammies03

    hammies03 Member

    tulippe - ok, thanks for the info..I guess you are right, will have to continue to observe and monitor situation...perhaps like u mentioned..drag the time in between longer to see if he wants milk...
  34. Audrey6

    Audrey6 Member

    Good luck to both of us...Jia you!
  35. rites

    rites Member

    My gal oso suddenly reject milk and we got to feed her milk in her sleep.
    It works.
    Recently i changed her teats to 4holes 1 and she suddenly ok w milk [​IMG]
  36. jacindadeb

    jacindadeb New Member

    same same.. my gal also refused to drink milk last time.. so i gave her solid food only.. two days later, i re inturduce milk to her, and she love it... i think babies are same as adlut... they do get tired with the same thing every day
  37. phoebe_lim

    phoebe_lim Member

    For yogurt, can my 14mths old gal eat?
    Eat it chilled ah? cos yogurt need to put in the fridge wan rite? Any brands of yogurt which is suitable for her age to recommend me? and where can i get them? Thanks!
  38. hweehuan

    hweehuan Member


    My boy went thru the stages of rejecting milk too. But it so happened whenever he had new tooth coming out =)
    I gives him yogurt once a while...but he only takes Fernleaf brand cos he finds other brands too sour. Usually i will leave the yogurt outside 15mins before he eats it so tat its not so cold.
    Can oso give Cheese cubes...my boy loves the Laughing Cow cheese cubes.
  39. phoebe_lim

    phoebe_lim Member

    My gal cant take cheese cos she seem to be allergic to cheese.

    She had rashes after i given her cheese once. after tat i nvr let her try again liao...

    where i can get the yougurt from? my gal 14mths only can take it? thanks for sharing...
  40. kxie1985

    kxie1985 New Member

    just substitute his food ... and try verious
    flavor ...
  41. xuanting

    xuanting Active Member

    hi phoebe, u can try baby yoplait. my bb's (13 mths) been eating it for a few mths already. it's available at cold storage.
  42. elerty

    elerty New Member

    hihi, anyone heard of fernleaf milk?
    my childcare centre refuse to make milk powder for my bb and insist that the bb there drink fernleaf milk provided by the centre. my bb is 18mths old.
    wonder if it is ok for a bb to drink fernleaf?
  43. mumusings

    mumusings Active Member

    Fernleaf is ok. My toddler drinks it when we go out. Lower in fat and just as nutritious. Is it the family milk or the 1+. Both are ok. In fact, my bb started drinking this since 14 months.
  44. elerty

    elerty New Member

    on top of the fernleaf, your bb still drinks formula milk?
  45. mumusings

    mumusings Active Member

    No more formula milk. He did drink some Dumex All-in-One and Mamil Gold while we were weaning him off formula milk.

    Has been totally on fernleaf, dugro (the boxed one) and/or nestle everyday milk for 6 months. He was quite constipated when drinking formula milk somehow.

    Tried a few brands and he didn't like them at all. Well it does save alot of money. We'd rather get him toys and books. He's interested in eating rice, fruits, veg and sometimes meats so there's no fear of an unbalanced diet.
  46. ffl

    ffl New Member

    Kids sometimes refuse to drink milk by milk bottle doesn't mean they don't want milk, they might only refuse to use the milk bottle. I recalled my girl refuse to drink milk about 1.5 years old as well, at the end I found out she only tired to drink it with milk bottle. In stead, I spoon feed her since then, she was okay with that. But of course, it is very tedious to do that...but my doctor told me it is common for some babies. I thus explained to the school and it was okay.
    Hope it helps.
  47. loomi

    loomi Member

    If your kid is eating solid well, not drinking milk is fine. My son totally stop all form of milk since 1 year old, he is now 18 mths.

    PD said is fine if he is taking his solid well, they will get the nutrient from solid. My son take yogurt daily and eat his solid well. His height and weight are both above 90% percentile.
  48. luthadel

    luthadel New Member

    Hi All,
    My son, just turned 14 mths, suddenly just rejects the bottle and milk since Friday and will only drinks when he is asleep.

    Today I asked the IFC to feed him when he sleeps and the teacher called to say that he refused to open his mouth even while sleeping :S I wonder if this is due to teething or just a growing phase.

    He is taking a lot of solids now and seems to enjoy his food but once he sees the milk bottle, he will starts to make noise.
  49. mschan

    mschan New Member

    Hi LuthAdel,
    Your son probably does not milk to drink too much milk anymore. You don't have to worry if he doesn't drink milk anymore since he is already eating solids. That should take care of his nutritional needs. Just make sure you provide him with a balanced diet.
  50. p1yo

    p1yo Active Member

    my girl juz turn 1 yr old. Ok to give yogurt n cheese?

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