0-12 month baby swimming

Hi cactus,
u mention to prepare ur son for his swim is to let him bath daily at room temp for his baths...
Ur room temp means not warm water issit??
Even normal room temp water also not as cold as swimming pool water...ur son okie to go into the cold swimming pool??

Also mummies? at hw many mths then it's consider alright to bring bb to swimming pool? 4mths? 6mths?
My son is 2mths now. We started letting him "swim" in our bathtub abt once a wk, he enjoys it alot! But the water has to be warm , cos he dont like cold water...so when the water starts to turn cold (i.e room temp), he will start fussing n cry...
I'm looking foward to bringin my son to swimming pool (using the bathtub really waste too much water;p)..but i scared he will not like the cold swimming pool water..

hi pastillies,

yes! When my boy was just born, he would bathe in warm water (body temp water). then at about 5 months, I increased the cold water proportion until it became room temp water (not tap water temp).

My boy was okay with cold swimming pool water. I'm not sure if it's because I bought him a full body suit (only ankles/feets/ hands are exposed), and I bring him to the pool in the late afternoon (after the pool water has absorbed the heat from the hot afternoon sun).

There's no right or wrong to start a bb in a pool. important is your bb must be ready if not may have phobia or reluctance to swim when older. I read an article saying that bbs tend to develop fear of water from 6 to 12 months. that's the reason why I let my boy go into a pool from about 6.5 months old cos I was worried about the fear developing. bbs under 6 months have no fear, apparently. the younger you start, the less chance fear will develop. the critical age is 6 to 12 months, where fear may develop. bbs tend to put on the most baby fat at about 5 months to 6 months (just before they learn to crawl and be more active). that's a good time (I feel) for them to go to swimming pool cos they are best insulated then.
thanks cactus for the tip!
okie, will slowly start to "increase" the cold water portion to "prepare" him for his official 1st swimming pool swim ...
thanks for sharing the article that u read..so i guess i will start lettin him go for swim ard 5mth..before he hits the 6mth mark;p;p
cactus: thanks for the advice, cholrine water ok for baby? my MIL keep nagging at me say 6 mths too young..water dirty...sigh
hi blessed, so far my boy has been okay. he's not fallen ill since he was born. I feel if your MIL nag at you, better not start swimming so soon, cos later if your bb fall ill (touch wood), she will nag more and say definately cos of the pool water..... I believe that chlorine kills germs in any event. Oh, ifyou want to bring your bb swimming, do it without your MIL knowing? (bad me!)
Hi Oink,

I've tried both. My girl started learning when she was about 5 1/2mths old, she is now about 13mths+. I first enrolled her with the happy fish but I think they had some issues with their coach so they transferred my girl to another school(I think they are affiliated or so). She had her swimming lesson with this school until when she was about 10mths+.

I wasn't very pleased with this school as they keep having new joiners almost every week and the class size can be quite big sometimes. So I felt that the progression was slow because we had to accommodate those new joiners and also they don't really have a consistent coach (one week can be this coach then the next week can be another coach, and the following can be back to the first coach)

Then I decided to go for the Aqua ducks trial lesson. I first went to one of their swimming lesson at St James kindergarten just to observe how the coaches teach their lesson. Hmm, basically the things that they do during lesson are pretty much the same except that the Aqua ducks' coaches will tend to interact with the babies more maybe because the class size are smaller so they are more attentive.

So in the end after going through the trial lesson we decided to go for aqua ducks because we prefer their way of coaching.

I suggest that you can go for the trial lesson if not just ask if you can pop by when they are having the lesson and you just sit and observe how they teach before you decide which school to go for. HTH
Hi Alice

Thanks for your feedback.
Will drop Aqua Ducks an email then to see if they have any trial lesson.
We are keen to let our 5 mths old baby go on swimming program and we are informed by WaterFun Aquatic Center that they have no infant class now. We are looking for at least another 3 babies to form a class. Any mummies keen?
Hi Aris,
From their website, duration is 30 mins, age range is 5-36 mths. One of the parents must be with the baby. I was told that they can start a class if we can form a group of 4 babies. (abt the same age)
Hi klite,
Plus u and me, we need to find another 2 more babies. I'm put on waiting list too.

I'm interested to join but it will have to be on Sat? Do you know if they have slot available and what time?
JTS Babies Swimming lessons by swimming instructor:
Babies only learn how to blow bubbles in water and splash water.

Blow bubbles is just to put their mouth in water and blow out.
I heard that aquaducks have heated pool.
Can try. the water temp apparently 30-32 so nice for little baby...
not true.

both my kids are swimming, my son since 8mths, and my daughter 6.5mths.

they learn more htan blow bubbles. they learn about water safety, how to go into water safely and how to turn around in water with kicking and paddle to the nearest platform.

things like water confidence with games like retrieving objects in pool etc.

for infants they dun learn strokes, that cancome later. what's important is for them to learn to swim naturally in a fun way
Hi klite,

Me also waiting list for their trial class at Bonua Vista.Suntec one too many pple liao.They told me bona vista got heated pool and newly opening only end may.
So i already register and wait for them revert the actual date lor.
Hi Mummies,
My boy is now 17 mths old..he is with Marsden Swim School at Turf Club City since 7mths old. Lesson carried out in a heated pool and one class is restricted to 6 babies with one parent each for half an hr. Babies learn to familarise with water and safety. And it is a fun and good way for parents to interact with their baby. I enjoy myself when I was in the pool with him. They dun change teachers and babies get a cert after completion of the course. I waited a few mths to get a place. So mummies with babies at 4 mths, action now.

You can check out the website below.
hi mummies,
my babies are now 7 months, and I'm wondering whether to buy them neck floats or arm band types for them to start learning to swim.. any advice? thanks!
Hi twindicted,

My boy just turned 8 months, and we took him swimming for the 1st time on Sat
We used a neck float ( even if your babies necks are steady, they will still need the support of a neck float). Arm floats are not necessary, as they won't actually be swimming.

We didn't do anything fancy. My hubby got in first and splashed around looking like he was having fun to encourage our boy ( he looked mad to everyone else though*lol*). I then lowered the baby gently into the water, and let him just float - he loved it! We started at the kiddy pool which was v.shallow, then migrated him to the adult pool after 10min. he was kicking about and having fun! But he got tired after about 20min in total, and we pulled him out. Be sure to have robes and big warm towels to wrap the kiddies in as soon as they get out
Have fun!
Hi Ladies,

I heard there is a nice warm water pool swimming with Speech & Drama classes at Central for babies 6 months+.I went for trial for Speech & Drama (only $10) and the pool looked great. www.stageandsuch.com
I think trial ending soon
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