0-12 month baby swimming

wow...that interesting...i though of sending my baby to the swimming class at plaza singapura level 3.they even have massage for baby too.

Halo mummies,

I have a very new just use once the portable tub similar to the one the sg mambo is selling but mine bought from hwa xia comes with the thermometer to let go. Dunno what happen my ger try the trial loves it but when we try to let her use the tub she refuse & kept crying ! The float given to my fren's kid liao. Pm me or email me at [email protected] if keen !
interesting ..... Do mommies here also put the swimming nappies for the bbs ? What kind of swimming nappies available out there for 11 wks bb ? Pls advise... THanks
Ling Ling

not sure if need anything on or nt. how old is ur baby? if too young, then try to go on sunny day so tat water not so cold.

me kia si. dare not bring my gal to pool when she is less than 6mths cos worry got virus or bacterial n chemical in water too. now she is going to be 7mths liao also havent bring her go public pool.
hehehe..... Yvonne , now that you mentioned it... Is public pool very risky mah ?? Well, I plan to use condo baby pool only hehee.. Planning to visit hb's fren whose condo has that pool :p ( will it b too obvious :p ? )
My son went to huaxia when he was about 4 months, he went for 3 times, and now we upgraded him to the public pool. I got him a nice car wave shuttle that he can sit in and still be in the pool safetly. My son loves it alot. Now i plan every bout 2 weeks to bring him to swim.
Ling Ling

not say risky. but got more bigger children which may have risk of many other virus ba and worry abt the chemical n urine in the pool. cos babies has less immunity. tat is my personnal thinking.
bb needs diaper when they are swimming? anyone can advise? i bought a neck float and swimsuit for my boy...intend to bring him swimming (2.5 mths old) is it too early?

i had reply your pm.


think u can get those diapers specially for swimming if u worry that ur bb will pee when swimming. Try to bring ur boy to swimming pool when its not so cold cos they will be cold.

yes about the session, can we use it at other branch oso ?

Joyous, ur bb doent wear neck float then ? how ? can swim by himself oredi ?
ling ling

it can be used at other branch.


how old is bb? if start the baby earlier then will not have this problem or maybe depend on baby ba.
ling ling, i hold my bb then she was playing with the toys in the water... but when she sees the neck float to be on her, she screams... so I cannot sign the package for her... I tink I will bring her to a public pool later on...

Yvonne, my bb is 7 mths..tinks I start her too late coz she now knows how to reject things....
hi joyous

yours also apr 08 bb? mine also 7 mths now. getting naughty liao. sometimes got to see her mood one. sometimes ok for something sometimes not ok.
hi, my bb is 9months le, intending for bring her swim. anyone know which swimming pool not so crowded and quite clean one? me staying at redhill.

I am wondering do we need to send the baby for swimming class OR they will learn by themself. My baby is now 4 mth old, so intends to bring him to the pool.

What is your advise?

You may email me [email protected]
Last week just brought my 7mth plus gal (coming to 8mths this wk) to the public swimming pool.She cried when i put her into the pool.Seems like she's not used to cold water.

How do u manage to bring your babies into the pool w/o them crying?Kindly advise
i've brought my 10mth old baby to delta swimming complex last sat at 5pm. she dun like to use neck float, will cry.
but she enjoyed playing in the water with her toys. we carry her near us, so maybe she felt more secure. also dunno how to let her peddle water by using the neck float.

i've tried emailing aquaducks, but their response damn slow, need to chase for reply one. call them but no one answer.
anyone had encounters with them before?
hi deby82,

just tried letting my ard 9 mths bb into the pool, he cried too.. the water is too cold for him i guess.

tried for 5mins, we gave up..
Also wondering how to let him try to dip into the pool??
Hi Gemini05,

The first experience was a tough one.Somehow,my gal cried when i first put her in the pool.After abt 5-10 mins,she simmered down.I then put her into the float..She doesn't really seem to like it..Not smiling,nothing..Guess she must be feeling insecure & cold on the inside & outside..
Hi mummies,
wanna ask after you all bring bb to swimming,how do you all bath the bb at the public swim pool there? Do we just use a cloth to wipe the body? need your advise. I going to bring my 1 year old go swimming this sat.
HI gemini05 n Deby82
I tried to put bb swim in the pool. It's a hotel pool thoug. Usually I tried to let sun shine on the water long enough to hope that the water will get warmer for bb. Then I put her on the float n get her down with the daddy. after that we can slowly let her go by keeping playing on her side ( my hb was oso swim with her ). She is ok ...
She was ard 4 mo that time
after swimming, i wiped baby dry, changed into clothes and bring him home. bathed at home. he still bathes in his bathtub. if u can bathe baby using shower, u can do so in public shower, provided there is warm water!
cc - well depends how old is your bb & his skin condition. if too young, or eczema case, maybe should wait till more mature. my boy at 8 months no problem with pool chlorine water.
I just brought my 6.5mth old son to the pool. He loved it. Was comfortable in it. We brought him to the baby pool, withotu float. just carried and supported by his daddy. He would kick his feet, splash with his hands, and walk/jump on the bottom of the pool. We didn't let his face be submerged though. he had mild ecezma but it didn't seem to be affected by the water.

What we did to prepare him for his swim was to let him bathe in room temp water for his daily baths.
Hi <font color="0000ff">mummies</font>,
any1 tried aqua ducks? my girl is already 15mths &amp; i think aqua ducks teaches swimming right? whats the fees like?

Hi <font color="0000ff">biscotti</font>,
i actually open BP very often here selling Baby swimming tub + neck float/ children float.
Do check out my web:
BP 4 opening soon aft CNY. =)

I have a tub with neck float to let go to anyone interested. Have only been used once. Brought my baby to hwaxia when she was 6 months (she now 10 months already) and did a trial lesson and hubby bought the tub and float. Since then only used once cuz then we bring her go pool and she doesnt like the tub anymore.

Pls PM me if interested.
[email protected]

just an update - I brought my son for a second dip in the pool. this time I put him in the deep end (adult pool) but with a neck float. He enjoyed it so much he spent 30 minutes in it. He was kicking and moving his arms and legs all around!