0-12 month baby swimming

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My daughter's first swim was at 6 mths old but only for 20 mins. And she really enjoy swimming. How many months is your baby now?
my boy is 4 months old now. his first swimming was falling on his full month when i took him 1st haircut.Since the 1st swimming session, i take him to visit the swimming centre to swim every sunday.The boy looks strong and his brain develops better.
Hi Mandai,

My boy is 9month. I take him to swim occasionally. Put him in a float to kick water. He doesn't really like to kick water. Seems like enjoying suntanning more. Do you have any idea to make baby want to swim more?
see the boy is swimming happily.
I tried bringing my baby to the swimming pool because he loves his bath but he was terrified. Think he found it too cold. What to do?
I brought my boy for swimming downstairs when he's 12 weeks old
I follow the instructions in a book titled "Water babies". He loves swimming till now. He's coming to 2 years old now.
Gotta look out for signs of feeling cold in very young babies.
Has anyone tried submerging their bb into the water totally and they can actually survived underwater ? I've seen documentary where those ang moh have their bb thrown into the water and immediately they can swim and they can hold their breath too ! Amazing !

What time of the day do you normally bring your baby (mine is 8 months old) to the pool?

I am tempted to bring in early in the morning @ 8am when there is no sun. But also worried that it will be too cold for him.

If I bring him in the afternoon, he will be exposed to the sun.

Any ideas?
Hi... just want to share some of my experience. I have a 11month old baby.

bluemarine - i think you shld let your baby try it in the tub first. I bought a big plastic tub like the ones sold in taka and let my baby try for his first few months and he loved it so when i transferred him to the pool, he just kept on kicking while floating as well

mambopolice - too cold! my baby tried it and he was shivering haha ;) i hurriedly pulled him out after 5 min. I bought him around 11ish and 4ish instead. We have shaded area so I just stay in that area with him.

hope it helps.
With regards to the neck float, I saw it at Punggol plaza. It comes in different sizes and cost $18 each. You may visit the website http://www.babyswimming.com.sg/ Hi,my girl will be 6 months old end of May and I am trying to form a group of 6 infants (6 months &amp; above) to start a swimming lesson in June. If you are interested please drop me an email at [email protected]. For more information regarding the swimming lesson, you may visit http://www.swimminglessons.com.sg/infantaquatics.htm
Hi Esther,
I also wanted to form a group for infant swimming, so glad to know that you are organising. May I know which swimming complex are you intending to go? (think can choose location). I am interested, but do you know if they are strict on baby's age? because my girl is only 5mths old in June.
Hi Alice,
Currently I have 2 responses &amp; is still waiting for another 3. I have not decide on the swimming complex yet as it will depend where the rest are staying. Will try to find one which is convenient to everyone. The swimming course will be conducted during weekend. Hopefully they have available slot. Maybe you drop them an email to check if they are willing to accept 5mths old infant.
hi esther,

i m interested in the swimming lesson. been bringing my boy to swim. he's 7.5 mths now. let me know if u are looking for extra pple to form a group. i stay in the east. =)
hi, esther
i'm interested. my daughter is 10mths now and we stay nr kovan/upp serangoon. pls let me know if can accommodate us in the group and likely location. thanks
Hi, my son is 8mths old now. We are staying in Tampines. Pls contact me if you are still looking for ppl to form a group.
When my son was around 4mths, I took him to the pool... as long as the BB is healthy... I think shld be alright. Try not to use a float if you are 1st time introducing BB to the pool, hug BB close to you and give assurance tat you will always there. BB will gradually relax and enjoy the water.

thanks will try out at 4 mths i tink wld be nice..cos i really lov swimming wld b nice to have bb together.
Hi littlegrape, sorry for late reply as I don't go to forum often. If you are still interested, could you please PM me as you don't accept PM.
Where can I buy baby swim suit? My baby boy is now coming to 4months old. So I can just bring him to baby pool and put on the neck float for him? Normally how long does your baby swims?
I just bought the package (consists of tub, thermometer, neck float and 1 trail at shop - harbourfront) Looking for interested buyer as its too water consuming. Bought it on 1st July. Anybody intersted?
the baby in the above picture is so cute, looks fun. i can't wait to bring my baby for a swim soon. just worried that the water at the public pool might be dirty.
swimsuit for baby is available at Mothercare, Tom &amp; Stephfanie, Takashimaya, PAragon - Ocean Paradise.

I brought my bb for swim since she's 6 months old. I tried the neckfloat i bought from a mummy but she didnt like it, she prefer me carrying her to swim. She enjoyed it alot!
it is advisable to let them wear proper swimming costumes. Personally, I bought wet suit for both my kids - 2 yrs &amp; 8 mths so that they will not catch a cold once out of the pool.

Hi Esther,
How is the swimming lessons going on? We taught our kids when they were between 2 mths and 8 mths. They were able to swim underwater by themselves after a couple of months. Indedendant swimming about 2 years after they develope their neck muscles. Ask them now whether they learn to walk or swim first... they cannot remember. Let me know if you need advice. GB
I bought my son to this huaxia babies swimming place in harbour front shopping centre. I took their swimming and massage package for my son. Last time when he as younger, he likes it. Knows how to kick and turn himself around.

Recently i brought him there again to try to complete his last two sessions, he cried the minute i put him in. Guess he is now bigger at 10 months old, and not used to seeing strangers already. Now, i may pass the last two sessions to my friend's daughter instead. But i am wondering also if i should start him in public pools, and what will i need?

I brought my son (3.5mths) for a swim at a condo baby pool.He liked it so much n we jt carried him w/o any float.We'll prefer 2 go in e evening if it is a hot sun in the afternoon as the water will be warm instead of cold.Moreover the water in the condo baby pool will be cleaner than the public pool.Recently I just bought a ring n arm float 4 him which is suitable fr 3mth-24mth.
<font color="aa00aa">i also bring my little ger to swim when she is 3 mth she also enjoy it so much but i using a neck float which i thk is safer...</font>
My son loves it too on his first attempt. His is a car float whenby he sits in it and kick and move around like he is in a walker.

Hello all,
can I ask where to buy swimsuits for baby 5mth old?
Must they wear the swimwear Huggies diaper?

Thank you in advance