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    ! advice needed!!! after c-sect how long den can be intimate???

    As I was bfing and sleeping with baby, my DH had to wait for 6 months and I was really tired and no mood......
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    !!! Anyone face saggy breast after birth/breast feeding??

    my breasts are smaller than pre-preggy times after breastfeeding 2 kids for 15 months each. Always kena teased by DH, where is the C cup??????
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    23mth Baby playing with iphone

    when i allow my kids to play with games on the phone, I will switch off the wifi and network or even on the airplane mode.
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    Any good confinement lady to recommend?

    I think it is important to express your needs and expectations to the CL to avoid misunderstanding. Certain things you may want the CL to do it your way 'cos after the 28 days, it is you who is taking care of the baby and not the CL. If you are engaging from an agency, express it out to your...
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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!******Can anyone advise for the children Penis******!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I circumcised my boy when he was 2 days old and glad I did that!
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    Anyone install invisible grilles in their house?

    invisible grille is nice where you do not want to block nice view........
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    advice hotel at Hong Kong?

    I stayed at Langham Place Mongkok. Convenient and the hotel is new & cosy. Shopping and food in very convenient!
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    1 month baby celebration/catering

    I always use CJS Catering for my parties! HTH Have been using them for a few parties as receive good feedback from friends and relatives Not promoting for CJS.
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    !Advice for Buffet Catering

    There is alot of neo garden fans, for my caterer, I always use CJS catering and always receive complements from my guests. For both one month celebrations and birthday celebrations! HTH
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    @!! in laws problems!!

    I agree with beatrice, grandparents tend to be more kan cheong with their grandchildren. Tolerate a little, seeing their grandchildren is something they look forward to do. My MIL can sometimes be insensitive towards things, especially interms of handling kids. BUT once in a while, I...
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    Premature babies support group

    to all mommies and daddies of premees, Jia You!
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    ! ** Giving birth at Mount Elizabeth Hospital** !

    I delivered my first child in Mt A and second child in Mt E. Love the lactation consultant at Mt E, and I was more successful in breastfeeding. for mothers who wants to TBF, join the lactation class! ;)