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    Abusive, unreasonable and calculative spouse

    Hi! After reading ur problems, I keep on having this though coming my mind. Why do u married him in the first place? Does he behave the same as before? Have u ever sit down talk to him the issue? Otherwise u can try msg via phone Mayb willb better. If u have really decided to file a divorce. U...
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    Shinglee Topical Biology O level TYS

    May I know whr to collect?
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    Looking for babysitter @yishun

    Sorry, I’m looking for Yishun area only. Thnks
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    Looking for babysitter @yishun

    Hi! I’m staying at Blk 165 Yishun. looking for babysitter who stay near my Blk. to look after my 6months baby boy.
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    Looking for nanny

    Hi! I’m staying at Blk 165 Yishun. looking for nanny who stay near there to take care my 6 month old son. Anyone can recommend?
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    Recommended confinement lady

    Can try Star confinement nanny agency?
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    Babysitting service at Yishun

    Hi! May I know is this still available?
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    Anyone having or had your baby at KKH?

    Hi!! I was in sub for the beginning. And changed to Private whn I was 25weeks. If u want to change, u can’t change it whn is so close to ur deliver. Coz no dr will accept. Currently I’m see Dr June Tan. Well.,I’m jus having 2 times consult with her. I think she is ok. But jus that the waiting...
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    Sept 2020 mummies

    Hi hi!! Im new here. My Edd is on 14 sep. This is my first pregnancy. May I join the group also?
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    Recommended confinement lady

    Hi! Anyone here had tried star confinement nanny agency? How is the experience?