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    Which brand of stroller you think is best?

    My vote is Maclaren. Lightweight and not bulky, yet baby can lie down flat and got extendable leg rest
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    Which brand of pullup pants is good?

    Drypantz from Dryers. Good and cheap
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    Looking for a good maid for transfer

    Hi everyone, I'm also looking for a transfer maid. Please PM me if you've got one avail. Tx
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    Any Ghost Buster to recommend? I suspect my House got 'Dirty Things'

    Hi, how old is your baby? Could he/she be hungry or anything?
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    <b>Irresponsible OVERSEAS Spree Organiser!</b>

    Me too. I also want to place some orders on the sprees but don't want to place with her. Can share her nick? Thanks!
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    (2009) Twins/ Triplets/ Multiples mummies to be

    Hi, my Sis-IL has twins, not me. One of her twins also very small. Now 5 years old but still abt 10th centile. Her PD says don't worry as long as they are developing well. Apparently over-feeding may cause diabetes or high blood pressure later
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    0-18 months Toddlers Gym Class to recommend. Thanks!

    Can try Little Gym at Forum or Marina Sq
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    Any gynae to recommend from Gleneagles?

    Mine was Dr Chris Chong. You often see him in the newspapers or on tv / radio. My caeser stitches were v good. Can barely see. And not painful also. I remember being able to walk around the next day (though my MIL kept grumbling)
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    10 weeks old Baby dun wanna drink milk!!! help!!!!

    Poor girl. My baby was like that too. I changed bottle, changed teat, changed milk powder, etc etc and nothing worked. Then we realised that he would only drink milk when he's asleep. So we used to feed him when he's asleep, then drink very fast. Awake, fight and scream like crazy. And...
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    !!!!!!!!!!!***Suntec Chinese Restaurant at 3rd storey***!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aiyoh! Are you talking about the Chinese restaurant on the 3rd floor? I always go there one! But luckily never eat buffet cos always rushing to go off. Didn't know they so terrible. Will stop going there in future!