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    Is it safe to breastfeed after abortion?

    Hi carababy, Please consider before you terminate your take care..
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    Baby lip balm

    Hi, the only brand I tried is Seba med. this brand is good one.
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    Heartbroken- Lost my few days old baby

    I'm sorry to hear that.. Please do really take care of yourself now. Once you can get up and accept this, hope you can search medical opinion for you. Keep strong!
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    Hong Kong Trip

    May I know which airline did u choose and which period usually you go that cost around $900 all in? thanks in advance
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    Hong Kong Trip

    Hi, personally i think it is a good bargain.. u can compare with nov trip last year, 2 adult + 1 child by jetstar is already $1000. not to mention the transport and the hotel. Hotel due to nov period, it cost a night around $270 at novotel mongkok (per night).
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    Anyone know the rate for taking care of Primary student?

    Hi, I have the same dilemma since my kid will be P1 next year too. however I feel uncomfortable if my kid will be taking care by someone that we do not know each other yet before. will it be safer to put the kid in student care? just a cent of opinion
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    Ducktours or Citytours

    hi, i have bought ticket singapore flyer package + Captain Explorer Singapore DUKW from singapore flyer website. so far my experience is just so-so, and will not think to take again. it is just around the flyer. perhaps u can check the route before decide. Hippo route may be better.
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    Advice need..maid or childcare?

    hmmm...there is pro & contra engaging maid compare to cc. for sure if u have maid, u no need to take so many days leaves if your kid is sick & not allow to enter cc. of course yr kid will have enuf rest. while if u dont have maid and some1 taking care of them, u have to take leaves...
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    Advise Needed - Toddler with asthmatic

    Hi baobei, my dd is taking ventolin 5 days for her nebulizer (not the syrup type). so far i notice there is no effect that makes her more hyperactive.. before this period, she olso took ventolin.
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    Any mummies with low weight baby?

    Hello, mine is also underweight..but when she reached 7mos i tried to give 2 solids perday (1 cereal and 1 porridge) on top of 4x milk @ 180ml
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    Single mummies support group

    Hi i managed to raise my bb without helping of families..since 2.5mths i put her at infant care.. I am a working mum...and i believe you will be able to raise yr loves ones although you have no supports from family.
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    Sahm Allowance !

    I am FTWM so I dont dare not to work cos HB is not earn lots. HB only occasionally gives to his parents. Thinking that we need to save for our future and ours is hard-earned money, I feel that it's correct that we should prioritize our own family instead of parents..
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    Hubby cheated on me while I was pregnant.

    Hi Rainie, what the counselor advised me is not to discuss anymore with him and no point to know more the details.. it's true..the more we know the more is the pain...bcos we will imagine will never ends let the past behind us..and we start all over again.. the most important is...
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    Hubby cheated on me while I was pregnant.

    Hi Rainie, it's normal yr emotion up and down really takes time to heal the wound...i experienced that few year back but till now i could not even erase that from my we could forget that! reading yr story makes i remember that time.. it's only one-night-stand but it really...