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  1. createjoy

    WTB snow white birthday theme items.

    Pls PM if any.
  2. createjoy

    Exchange Nan pro2(Switzerland) for friso 2

    Any mummy wan nan pro 2 400g? mfg switzerland exp oct 2012. Will include the 2 nestle cereal sachet and a 30pc huggies wipe. can request friso 2 sample for me? i will topup $10 for the friso sample which is big tin. Exchange cck,bt batok, jurong or clementi mrt. Pls PM me if keen.
  3. createjoy

    Items to exchange / giveaway

    items for exchange of equivalent price . Accept NTUC voucher, wet wipes, cash $3 mothercare wrist rattle condition 8/10 $5 palmer cocoa butter stretch mark cream open in may 2011 more than half left cos bb decided to come out 3 wks early.. $28 dale c sect binder 2pc. used for...
  4. createjoy

    Createjoy: preg/bb book/DVD with free CD,VCD

    pregnancy &amp; babycare hardcover 249 pages $15 <!-attachment-!><center></center><!-/attachment-!> <!-attachment-!><center></center><!-/attachment-!> What to expect -1st year (2nd edition pls note not latest edition) 791 pages $15 <!-attachment-!><center></center><!-/attachment-!>...
  5. createjoy

    Giveaway 3-4yr old boy clothes

    Self collect bt batok west ave 8. Pls pm if keen nt for v fussy parents, tq.
  6. createjoy

    !!!any one book origin jamu?

    R they good?any recommended lady to tk.thks!
  7. createjoy

    ! Advice for confinement lady, need contact urgently!

    halo mummies, sorry to interrupt, my friend has given birth to her 2nd bb boy but her confinement nanny no good need one urgently, any recommendation? Pls PM me. thanks alot!