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  1. aynix07

    Items to clear

    Please read the following before u PM any interest. 1) Self collect around Tanjong Katong only. I'll contact u exact location once it's confirmed date and time. 2) NFCFS: I will decide who to give to. Indicate in PM date and time and item interested. I'll contact u. If no reply within the...
  2. aynix07

    WTG/E - (Queenstown only) Aynix

    Please read before u PM me. Items are pre-loved but in acceptable condition. Not for fussies What u see is what u get. All sizes are indicated with items Not first come first serve. Self collect along Dunman Road at my convenience. PM me with following details: item u are interested in...
  3. aynix07

    Desitin, California Baby Calendula Cream (Aynix)

    Posted on 21/12/2016 I'm left with 3 packs of Desitin Creamy Twin Pack (2 big tubes) from my latest spree. Prices to clear. Self-collect: $22 /twin pack $40 for two twin packs Will include free postage if purchase all 3 packs. $60 Expiry 8/2017 Pm me or email me if keen at...
  4. aynix07

    20% off drugstore

    Taking orders for drugstore 20% off this offer ending on 13/9 Have some orders on hand already Please post ur orders on thread. Rate 1.3 Payment to DBS savings plus 0637011288
  5. aynix07

    Anyone has experienced lost smartpacs before,

    Hi just trying to find out if any mummies out there ever experienced not receiving smartpac by sing post? I sent out a smartpac and signpost said they have delivered the item. But my addressee said it wasn't delivered. Anyone has similar experience?
  6. aynix07

    Fast Gap / Old Navy Spree (Aynix)

    Mummies, I'm doing a short term spree on the above sites as I want to consolidate packages for my vpost account for my current packages. Rate is 1.3 (will be adjusted if higher) Payment to DBS Savings plus 0637011288 International shipping to be shared amongst spreeist Self...
  7. aynix07

    Fast Drugstore Spree - Aynix Please post your orders with the order form below: Nick: Collection: Payment details: include amt paid. Item Name: URL: Qty: USD: Total: USD * 1.3
  8. aynix07

    Crayola Spree (Cityhall, Woodlands, Queenstown} Rate: 1.3 Domestic shipping: Free International Shipping: Share amongst spreeist by weight Expected time to arrive: 1 month upon placing orders with merchant. Payment to: DBS savings plus 0637011288 1st Payment: Cost of items USD * 1.3 2nd Payment: International...
  9. aynix07

    Crocs Spree - Aynix

    Rate: 1.32 Payment to: DBS Savings Plus 0637011288 Domestic shipping: Free International shipping: Comgateway/VPOST divided by wt. Pls place orders <font color="ff0000">WITH</font> payment. and using the following Order format. <font color="119911"><font size="+2">Order...
  10. aynix07

    Amazon Spree 1.28 rate (Aynix: Orchard, Woodlands, Queenstown) Exchange rate: 1.44 Payment to: DBS Savings Plus 0637011288 International Shipping: VPOST Nick: Email: Collection: Advise tentative preference. Can change later. Item Name: URL: Pls ensure link works Price: Qty: If OOS: (Will drop unless otherwise stated by you)...
  11. aynix07

    Pediped: 50% off (AYNIX) (this is edited 28 August 2013) All pediped shoes are ordered from the above website.
  12. aynix07

    LUK/Mini LUK

    Any keen takers to get items from here? Shipping via VPOST (10% off shipping) Domestic Shipping free for orders above $50. Exchange: 1.47 Please leave your email if keen. Will let you know if spree is on.
  13. aynix07 Spree (AYNIX) MOQ: US$150 (DVD/VCD) Payment: • Exchange rate at 1.45 • Transfer to DBS Savings plus 063-7-011288 • Please tt after you post your order so as to secure your orders Shipping Via VPOST (10% off) Domestic Shipping divided by cost of products purchased...