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  1. sghlynn

    haakaa pump and breastmilk necklace diy

    have 1 prelove haakaa pump + 1 brand new sealed for sale. $10 for preloved and $20 for BN include normal post. also have diy kit to make your own breastmilk necklace keepsake, pls pm me for pics
  2. sghlynn

    lower back pain

    bt batok... let me know the details if possible.tks
  3. sghlynn

    lower back pain

    after delivery, my lower back pain still persist... prior to delivery already felt pelvis and lower back aching and thought will go away post delivery but still aching :( gynae suggest phsiotherapist as might be misalignment... anyone have the same experience or any recommendation of good...
  4. sghlynn

    Accuracy of edd

    usually 2 weeks beforehand but it reaslly depends... usually gynae will not recommend beyond 40th weeks esp if your baby is big size or of healthy weight already else the labour will be long and painful if the baby is too big
  5. sghlynn

    Can newborn sleep on a pillow?

    yeah without pillow, no flat head otherwise u can put them by their side to sleep? there's pillow--> those with a dent in the middle just for infants which u can buy if u want more "ergonomical" hehe
  6. sghlynn

    Delivery Charges For Thomson Medical

    dont rem the exact amount 1. cesarean 2. single ward 3. total bill $12k approx 4. think its around $1800-2000 deposit with the gynae so they make reservation 5. gynae fee $5500 more ex due to ligation procedure. otherwise should be around 4k? 6. should be all stated already
  7. sghlynn

    Breastmilk DIY kit

    For soap?
  8. sghlynn

    How do you make a new father be more pro-active with the baby?

    i think a good heart to heart talk will be good and to manage expectations and duties ask him to help out with diaper changing if he doesnt like feeding or vice versa, so there's some exact tasks allocated i think some men are quite slow/ thick headed so must spell out exactly to them. and when...
  9. sghlynn

    baby can't slp well during day time

    dont know if u dare, but try sleeping on their tummy? i think in daytime it is ok, since can check on them frequently. mine sleep better that way
  10. sghlynn

    baby products brand to recommend

    personally i will not want to put powder on baby. their nostril so small and sensitive and the taclum particulars can easily get inside/ irritate the baby. their skin is so smoot already, dont need to put powder la :) just put lotion is sufficient 1) baby diaper and wet wipes Mamypoko/ huggies...
  11. sghlynn

    Which baby shower and hair good for baby?

    you can check cetaphil/ physiogel all can be bought from pharmacy/ supermarket i personally like california baby well, for such specific brands, it is not cheap but certainly very good for sensitive skins
  12. sghlynn

    Mummies trying for baby after 35 or after 40

    gave birth to my 3rd when 36. didnt take any folic acid beforehand as was unplanned :P however just as long your diet is healthy and u exercise regularly ( once/ twice a week) that should put you in good place however got GD (gestational diabetes ) with this preganacy largely due to age and...
  13. sghlynn

    1 year old birthday

    think those major caterers like neo garden also can assist in decorating for a small fee
  14. sghlynn

    Cesarean (Csect) Mummies

    all csection must walk on the 2nd day then will assess if u can be discharge on the 3rd day else the dr will recommend to keep u hospitalized longer. the pain was 8/10 when coming down from bed to walk. thereafter subsequent walking is fine and can be done unassisted just have to walk baby...
  15. sghlynn

    Yellow discharge from vagina

    It's vaginal infection, better to get it treated asap
  16. sghlynn

    Support for Gestational Diabetes Mummies~

    Btw my total weight gain is 11kg , baby at 3.37kg born 39 wks
  17. sghlynn

    Support for Gestational Diabetes Mummies~

    Hi everyone! Only chance upon this thread after I gave birth. Was also diagnose with GD during week 30 and have been controlling my diet with twice a week pricking. Just delivered last week, baby is normal and healthy. After the strict diet I only gain 1-2kg for the last 9 weeks which is...
  18. sghlynn

    Gynae (Female/Male) delivery fees at TMC.

    Yes I did, and she's not cheap. You shod know when she don't even have any package now so everything is quite ex Her fees range from $3088-5088 I paid $5088 for the c sec and the anaesthatist will charge 25% of her fees I stayed in a single ward so total bill size is nearly $12k all in before...
  19. sghlynn

    ! Anyone can share your antenatal & delivery package?

    She's quite ex.. Now she doesn't even have pCkage anymore so each time $88 for consultation and $88 for ultrasound Plus everything else if needed So u end up easily paying close to $200 with supplements Charges for delivery is $3088-5088 with c section on the higher end. Her per ward visit is...
  20. sghlynn

    Epidural C section anyone ?

    Would still prefer Epi c sec cos baby won't be groggy and no drugs inside. Milk can flow quicker too, was able to be within 1 hr after they clean him up. The total bill with 1 single bedded in tmc comes up to 12k before subsidy at tmc Quite ex, definitely more than natural since need to stay 1...