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  1. huiqi16

    Many things to let go (Brand New and Preloved)

    Hi mummies i have many things -Brand New and Preloved (in good condition) to let go so that i can clear things in the house to make way for some renovations 1)Preloved Casio Keyboard with stand (Model: CTK-3200) 2)Preloved Yaolan with motor (motor comes with music), springs and 2 netted...
  2. huiqi16

    WTS: Brand New in Box Boots Milk Storage Bags

    Hi everyone, I have 7 boxes of Boots Breast Milk Storage Bags to let go. Have stopped pumping milk last year thus doesn’t need these anymore. One box, there are 40bags (recommended hold up to 250ml) and there are suitable for storage in fridge/freezer. BPA free and are pre-sterilised...
  3. huiqi16

    WTB: E.Excel products

    Hi my mum buys the products for herself. can ask my mum to order for you too..
  4. huiqi16

    Preloved toys & many bb items to clear

    BNIB Fisher Price Walker to Wagon to let go...
  5. huiqi16

    BNIB Fisher Price Walker to Wagon

    Hi mummies I have BNIB Fisher Price Walker to Wagon to let go. Letting go at $55. Collection at bukit purmei/vivocity. Thanks
  6. huiqi16

    WTB - Feeding chair

    hi have just watsapp you. I have a preloved puku feeding chair that can be foldable. Thanks
  7. huiqi16

    Preloved toys & many bb items to clear

    Leapfrog Activity Centre
  8. huiqi16

    Preloved toys & many bb items to clear

    Hi mummies I have a number of preloved toys in very good condition to let go. Collection at Bukit Purmei. Pls pm me for the prices. I have also the number of items to let go and will try to find time to take pictures and upload them: 1) Avent steriliser (export set) * works well with travel...
  9. huiqi16

    (2017/02/02) CLEARANCE LATEST DESIGN PJS 2-12T / DRESSES @$4/ SINGLET SETS @$2/$3!!

    Hi I will like to order: 1) APJ074 - 4T 2) GPJ084 - 7T 3) GPJ105 - 7T 4) GPJ101 - 7T 5) GPJ068 - 7T 6) GPJ095 - 7T 7) APJ099 - 4T 8) GPJ091 - 4T 9) APJ078 - 5T 10) GPJ091 - 4T Are these 10 for $85? Thanks
  10. huiqi16

    WTB bed rail

    Hi I have one bed rail for sale. Letting go at $20. Collection at Tiong bahru area. Measurement :142cm x 41cm (ht) Thanks
  11. huiqi16

    Exersaucer and Jumperoo

    Hi I have preloved leapfrog exersaucer. In very good condition, all toys intact and working well. Bought at $199 n letting go at $80. Self collect at tiong bahru or can send to yr place if its not too far. Tks ([email protected] Thanks
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    thanks xiu03 for sharing. Im asking this as Hubby and I both have thalassemia and we have 2 kids who are minor. Im considering to have a third child but hubby is worried that we might have a child who is major. If so, what will be our choice?
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    Hi mummies Are there any mumies here who have thalassemia as well as spouse??? How about your kids??? Any thalassemia minor or major kids?
  15. huiqi16

    Yew Kwang Studio Photography

    Hi can u email me details of your family package for 2 adults and 2 children. [email protected] Thanks