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  1. huiqi16

    Many things to let go (Brand New and Preloved)

    Hi mummies i have many things -Brand New and Preloved (in good condition) to let go so that i can clear things in the house to make way for some renovations 1)Preloved Casio Keyboard with stand (Model: CTK-3200) 2)Preloved Yaolan with motor (motor comes with music), springs and 2 netted...
  2. huiqi16

    WTS: Brand New in Box Boots Milk Storage Bags

    Hi everyone, I have 7 boxes of Boots Breast Milk Storage Bags to let go. Have stopped pumping milk last year thus doesn’t need these anymore. One box, there are 40bags (recommended hold up to 250ml) and there are suitable for storage in fridge/freezer. BPA free and are pre-sterilised...
  3. huiqi16

    BNIB Fisher Price Walker to Wagon

    Hi mummies I have BNIB Fisher Price Walker to Wagon to let go. Letting go at $55. Collection at bukit purmei/vivocity. Thanks
  4. huiqi16

    Preloved toys & many bb items to clear

    Hi mummies I have a number of preloved toys in very good condition to let go. Collection at Bukit Purmei. Pls pm me for the prices. I have also the number of items to let go and will try to find time to take pictures and upload them: 1) Avent steriliser (export set) * works well with travel...
  5. huiqi16


    Hi mummies Are there any mumies here who have thalassemia as well as spouse??? How about your kids??? Any thalassemia minor or major kids?
  6. huiqi16

    Advice needed on how to stop breastmilk naturally

    Hi mummies, I intend to stop breastfeeding in 2 to 3 months time. Im looking to stop the BM naturally without any drugs. Is there any mummies who stop breastfeeding naturally?? How do u managed to do it and what are the ways?? Thanks
  7. huiqi16

    Baby rejecting Formula Milk

    Does any mummies experience their babies rejecting Formula milk?? My son is 4mths plus old and I have been breast feeding him since birth. Lately I have been trying to feed him formula milk so that in time to come, he will accept Formula milk when I stopped breastfeeding him. But whenever...
  8. huiqi16


    Any mummies care to share which brand breast pumps u are using??? Appreciate if you could provide me details on the pros and cons of the breast pumps u r using so that I can compare. Thanks!!
  9. huiqi16

    Advise needed for Cradle cap

    Mummies, what do u apply when bb has cradle cap?? Any mummies recommend vaseline to apply on the scalp??? My bb's scalp is very dry and is flaking badly, not sure what to apply
  10. huiqi16

    Rashes on baby's face

    My baby has very bad rashes on his cheecks and specially his cheeks. The rashes looks very itchy and red. brought baby to see PD and was given some cream.. it got better the first few times but subsequently baby's rashes got worst. any mummies experience this too and any recommendation...
  11. huiqi16

    When to stop waering mittens and booties for babies??

    Mummies, care to share when did u stop wearing mittens and booties for your babies?? My bb is 3months old and Im still putting on mittens n booties for him, but my MIL asked me to stop waering them for BB. Any advise??
  12. huiqi16

    Bonding with BB

    How do mummies out there bond with your babies?? I was told by friends to read books, sing and talk to Babies but is there any other way of bonding???
  13. huiqi16

    Cleaning of white layer from BB's tongue

    Just wondering if mummies out there do clean off the white layer stain on BB's tongue?? Seen a PD, he said its just milk stain left behind on the tongue and its ok to leave it alone. I tried using a soft cloth to clean the white layer on BB tongue, but BB will always cry out loud...