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    ** Longchamp Spree ** - A French

    Hi, can quote me the price for LMHandbag Reference : 1623510, medium size right? thanks! pls email to [email protected]
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    (cheche) Disney Store SALE Spree

    hi che che My order Batch-93 payment made including courier service charges: Baobei_sean Deluxe Disney Cars 2 Figure Play Set -- 10-Pc 9.00 11.88 500 17.30 29.18 To Account POSB Savings 091-56445-9 Ref: 0551 Date: 03/10/2012 Time: 13:55 Amount: $29.18 + Courier $4.90 = $34.08...
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    DISNEY [[email protected]] – 25% OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE (Taking orders 03-04 Mar 11pm)

    NICK: baobei_sean email: [email protected] 1)Personalizable Lightning McQueen Backpack Item No. 9268047152425P Qty : 1 Personalized name: Sean Wang Amt:US$9.99 + USD 3.95 2)...
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    (cheche) Disney Store SALE Spree

    Name/Nick: Baobei_sean Email: [email protected] URL: Item name: Alternative if OOS: Drop Deluxe Disney Cars 2 Figure Play Set -- 10-Pc. Quantity: 1 Price in USD: $12 Total no. of...
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    Boon Keng Mommy's Club

    Hi, wishing all Boon Keng's mummies, Happy Mother's Day!
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    Advice - Is it ok to home teach a 4-year old and 5 year-old?

    Hi all, thanks for sharing.. is really an inspiration for us as working mother too! I always wants to do something different from CC, lab-book is a great idea!
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    Boon Keng Mommy's Club

    Thomson Medical Pediatric Centre @ TMC Recommend Dr Ang Boon Liat & Dr Ang Ai Tin
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    Any advise? To give HP to maid or not?

    hi val, should change after 2yrs since is under yr name. Maid attitude will be worst after renewal
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    Birthday Cake pics to share

    Train cupcake
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    Birthday Cake pics to share

    Train cake from Prima Deli
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    3 Yr Olds To START ART CLASS

    Hi ep, i m keen, will it be weekend class? i m staying at Boon Keng area, pls send me more info to consider, thanks..
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    Boon Keng Mommy's Club

    See video man caught stealing bras
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    Boon Keng Mommy's Club

    Hi, just to share.. man caught stealing bras at McNair Rd flat, picture posted on My Paper today. I m staying there, encountered missing bras for few times..
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    Rainbow Vacuum, Anyone comments?

    Looking for 2nd hand Rainbow Vacuum, app. 2-3 years old, budget is $800, do let me know if anyone willing to let go, kindly contact me at 9106 3939. Thanks..
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    Cough and vomit

    Hi, anyone heard of crocodile meat soup can cure coughing?
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    Which Brand of FM Yr Baby drinking now?

    hi, i use Abbott product too, 1-3 years: Gain IQ, >3 years: Gain IQ Kids, n then Pediasure Complete due to son got lactose problem
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    Which brand of stroller you think is best?

    hi, i use Aprica since birth till 1 yo n subsequently switch to Maclaren Quest,happy with both..
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    Advice needed on maid. Pls Help!

    hi bee, u mean salary? my fil maid with experience is $360 (add $20 if w/o off day) per month.
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    Hong Kong Disneyland

    hi, 1) macau day trip i will recommend the must go to the castle n also lots of shopping n food over there. 2) if u not intend to book a hotel at Disneyland, must bring stroller for yr young one to take afternoon nap n many cafe for u to take a break. i will recommend u to stay till 7pm...
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    Any advise? To give HP to maid or not?

    just to share, the moment u gave them hp will have 2 problem, family from phil called will affect maid's mood to work, friend in sin called will make them feel like going out to have fun, etc..