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    ! ! ! Excellent Kindy at Teluk Kurau/East Coast Area

    Hi, I m staying at Bedok Rd and my two kids studies at Bedok Methodist Church Kindergarden since pre-nursery (N1). The school is famous and well-known. You can consider. I m SAHM since I pregnant my 3rd last year and have been trying few childcare. All not suitable, chilfren fall sick easily...
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    Acupuncture slimming

    Hi, I m interested to find out the program, has huge weight to lose after having my 3rd kids..... Please email me at [email protected]
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    About Transfering Maid

    Hi Shan, as I know you are liable for the levy until she is transfer to new employer. I have a Filipino maid for transfer. She has been working for me for the past 4 years, salary $400 and no off day but weekly time off 2 hours to call her home and sundry shopping. She is a hardworking person...
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    !Looking for nanny/babysitter who comes to our house!

    Hi Meowjo, I m SAHM with 3 kids and a maid at home. Stay near Tanah Merah MRT. I can do the nanny services with hourly charges ..... please contact me at [email protected]
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    BEDOK mommies club

    Hi mummy, I m new here ..... moved to Bedok from west two years ago ..... Now SAHM, found it very sian ..... everyday the same busy with 3 kids .... School Dec 2011 holidays coming, any program for young children ?
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    !- Advice: How to save my marriage -!

    It easy to say but not easy to take action ....Jia Yu