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    Any review on Dr. Benjamin Tham?

    Does anyone know if his anestheologist is good? Planning to do epidural
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    Gynaes with good stitching

    Any gynae to recommend that is very good at c-sect stitching? Public or private is ok.
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    Doppler / radiation?

    anyone bought any doppler before to be able to check on baby at home between appts? My appts are 3-4 weeks apart and it drives me crazy because i have had a mc before and always wondering is baby ok or not. also is it true cant use doppler too much as it has radiation?
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    Early Pregnancies

    Better to wait for 7 weeks. I am always so excited so try to go early then in the end waste money and cant see anything :(
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    Pregnancy with complications...

    You are right, it depends on the location. I had one large one that was 10cm by the time baby was due. I can't recall the location but the doc did mention that for that particular location it was possible to take out one shot and if it had been somewhere else, a separate procedure would have to...
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    Bring confinement nanny in from Malaysia

    Hi there, any wise mummies recently brought in confinement nanny from Msia recently (e.g. around Oct 2020-Jan 2021 period)? I am most probably getting a nanny not through agency and just want to know any processes you went through due to COVID etc. Thank you for your help and advice!
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    Anyone doing IVF in 2020?

    Have 1-2 Brazil Nuts daily. Helps with stickiness. Was also advised to keep the body "warm.
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    Confinement Nanny to recommend!!

    Hi there, wondering if anyone has Elaine's current number? Please PM Me.
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    Recommendations for English speaking confinement nanny in Oct

    Did you manage to find one?
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    English speaking confinement lady needed

    Did you manage to find one?
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    IVF/ICSI Support Group

    Yes depends on doc! Mine keep asking me if i need mc because he knows i miscarried before. Sometimes I want to laugh coz like.... my boss gonna start to think i don't work at my co anymore
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    Pregnancy with complications...

    I had a fibroid that grew with my bb. My gynae at the time at kkh told me she will one shot take out the fibroid during my c-sect. Managed to do it without complications. Really thankful for her decision
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    Anyone doing IVF in 2020?

    Omg 6 weeks, I don't think I can handle another 6 days with this. Really painful. But thanks for the tip, and huge congrats!
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    Anyone doing IVF in 2020?

    How long did it take to subside? I have been having tight tummy and feeling breathless too. :(
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    Anyone doing IVF in 2020?

    Anyone had OHSS that turned up during 2ww? Feels like a horrible pain on the stomache but doc said to just up water and protein. Anyone experienced before and how long does it last?
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    Staying sane while ttc

    i know how you feel. It's a total commitment and takes over your life. The best advice I received was just to go out and do activities as much as you can, especially after work if you can meet friends, binge watch Netflix, go for classes, etc. and try to live as normally as possible (in between...
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    Anyone doing IVF in 2020?

    Is there a whatsapp group for those currently going through ivf? Keen to join. Thx