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    2 pcs of IKEA white high chair

    2 pcs of preloved IKEA white high chair. 1pc at $9 Collect from Hougang Ave 1.
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    Preloved Lindam Safety Gate

    Preloved safety gate: main gate + 2 extensions to fit 117cm door width. In working state although the handle bar is worn out. Selling at $40 Collect from Hougang Ave 1.
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    Cath Kinston backpack

    Looking for Cath Kidston backpack. Those with side pockets & a front pocket.
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    Swimsuit for 10 yr boy

    Swimsuit for 10 yr boy
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    2 pc swimwear for girl

    For 9 yr old girl.
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    keyboard stand

    Looking for Yamaha keyboard stand.
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    preloved kitchen cooking set

    Preloved. Condition: 7/10. Defect: the stickers on the stove torn. $30 Self collect from Hougang Ave 1.
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    Wtb: mickey mouse bag for toddler

    Looking for a brand new backpack with mickey mouse pic for toddler.
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    Tankini for children

    Looking for tankini for 9 yr girl.
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    Pcf paya lebar uniform

    Anyone has PCF paya lebar girls' uniform & PE attire to give away?
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    Swimwear for size 140/9 yrs old

    Looking for whole pc swimwear / swimsuit.
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    P3 & P4 books

    Please state which u want. (Passed down from a friend but I bought already) Collect from Hougang Ave 1.
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    Toddler underwear

    Looking for bn toddler underwear for girls, 3 years old.
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    Wtb: backpack as diaper bag

    Looking for a backpack with many compartments tt can be used as diaper bag. Lightweight: 0.5kg & below.
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    Lightweight diaper backpack

    Anyone clearing the above?
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    Urgent: Frozen cake toppers

    Need it urgently by thurs. Preferred collection at North-east area.
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    Swimsuit / swimming trunks for 10 yr boy

    Anyone selling Swimsuit / swimming trunks for 10 yr boy?
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    Movable yaolan

    Looking for movable yaolan + spring + sarong Hope can try out on baby 1st b4 buying.
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    Diaper bag

    Looking for a bn TMC diaper bag. Design as per the pic.
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    Waterproof / PVC bibs

    Urgently looking for Waterproof / PVC bibs.