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  1. jovialz

    Advise needed on Mirena

    Anyone is using Mirena (a form of IUD) or tried Mirena before. Can share your experience ? I used to have bad menses cramp and now expecting my no. 2. We intend to stop at 2 but I'm hopeless in remembering to take contraceptive pills etc.
  2. jovialz

    1 yr old (or younger) MUST NOT be given Honey - Infant Botulism

    Extract: Feeding honey to your baby could be harmful if he or she is younger than 12 months of age. Honey could be the cause of a rare type of food poisoning called infant botulism--a serious...
  3. jovialz

    3 yrs old attend Chiltern house nursery - Any comments ?

    Any feedback / Comments on Chiltern House (especially East Coast) nursery classes for 3 yrs old ? Is it worth the money ? I'm considering between this and kinderland parkway. Thanks a lot !