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  1. shimmrs

    THE CHILDREN'S PLACE SPREE by (Lynn54 ) 20% off (Taking order now) closing asap

    Hi Lynn Did I miss out my orders ? Are they ready for collection? Pl advise outstanding amount. I do not check the thread. Thx
  2. shimmrs

    Jolene-Carters & Osh Kosh 20%off regular exclude clearance and door buster

    Dear Jolene I would like to opt for postage. Pls check email for my mailing address ya? Account POSB Savings 559-36901-2 jolene smh Transfer Currency and Amount S$11.66 Transaction Reference 10503481893 Thanks & Regards
  3. shimmrs

    THE CHILDREN'S PLACE SPREE by (Lynn54 ) 20% off (Taking order now) closing asap

    On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 9:36 PM, Joanna H <[email protected]> wrote: Dear Lynn Here are my revised orders. Pls advise payment. Thx! Nick shimmrs By Post 1. ruched sleeve top...
  4. shimmrs

    Jolene-Carters & Osh Kosh 20%off regular exclude clearance and door buster

    Dear Jolene Leopard-Print Flip Flops With Back Strap Size 7/8 Qty 1 $6.00 Long-Sleeve Bunny Tee...
  5. shimmrs

    Difference between Sambucol US version & UK version ?

    Just wondering is there any difference in both versions? Many thx!
  6. shimmrs

    <Oct_BB> KIDDO TAGS ~~ Personalised Name Labels, Iron-ons & Bag Tags

    Nick: shimmrs Email: [email protected] Contact Number: Item 1: URL: Step 1 - Colour: cyan Step 2 - Character: ballet shoes dance Step 3 - Fontface Colour &amp; Style: white &amp; sunshine Step 4 - Type Your Name - Line 1 (Required): Kyla...
  7. shimmrs

    Fitflop Spree(Swim N Sandals) - No concierge fee, low exchange rate!

    Hi I am interested in this pair. Pls advise which size is sz40? FitFlop Walkstar I Sandals - Red
  8. shimmrs

    InchBug - The Personalised Bottle Labels!

    how many pcs per pack?
  9. shimmrs

    Questions on Happy Call Pan !

    Dear Mommies I hope to find out which pan is best for doing steaks? 5.5cm or 7.5cm depth pan? What is 5.5cm pan use for? Hope to hear from users using 5.5cm depth pan. Many Thanks!!!!
  10. shimmrs

    Nu Skin's TRA vs HerbalLife Products

    dear fellow mommies, yes, i am still bfg my 2yo baby and is having trouble weaning her off. she is getting more and more "addicted" as she grows. i am trying not to stress over this bfg and comfort myself by believing that she will unlatch one day on her own! Kate M what?!!! oh...
  11. shimmrs

    (Advice- How to deliver easiily and faster)

    Congrads on your newborn, Kacie! Just sharing my experiences : I swam everyday during my 1st pregnancy and i guessed it helped my smooth delivery, took 7 hrs, on epidural. my 2nd pregnancy was fast, I didnt swim, but i walked alot everyday, going out for yumcha, shopping, sending and...
  12. shimmrs

    Nu Skin's TRA vs HerbalLife Products

    wow wow wow! these threads are making my eyes blur at this hour! very tempting to try out TRA halfway reading thru! Dear All, I am a SAHM of 2 who loves to indulge in sinful foods and beverages! I gave birth to my 2nd baby 2 yrs ago and still bfg. Am having a huge tummy and huge thighs...
  13. shimmrs

    Comics: Braun Thermoscan 5 Ear Thermometer (SGD61.00 incl Reg post)

    is this an on-going spree? i would like to order. thx!
  14. shimmrs

    Any massage lady to recommend?

    hi e ling just to clarify how much you paid for yr sessions? thanks!
  15. shimmrs

    (2004/02) February Babes

    Congrads, Linda! Max is so adorable... Dear mommies Enjoy your upcoming gathering in SG!
  16. shimmrs

    Any mOmmies based in Hong Kong?

    Hey Weishy I will add you on msn to chat! Cheers!
  17. shimmrs

    (2004/02) February Babes

    Dear Pink Condolences to your family. Mommies We are moving house today, to one floor up!
  18. shimmrs

    (2004/02) February Babes

    hi mommies I was just telling my frd on msn tt our thread has been so quiet for so long liao! And here I am, reading again! So happy!!! Hows everyone doing? Gisele Congratulations! Van MeiMei has grown alot! So adorable!!!! Feel like carrying her leh.. Avos is such a sayang gorgor! So...