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    WTS : Sample milk powder

    Deal at Sengkang Buangkok or Hougang MRT. Unopened. $15 each.
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    To bless 1bag of baby clothes & stuff

    To bless 1bag of baby clothes, socks etc. And a pack of maternity pads & breast milk bags. Not for fussy. Self collect at Sengkang.
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    Rates for nanny

    Hi mummies, Want to ask what is the market rates for part time nanny. Say 3 hrs X 4 times per week. Need to fetch kid (5yr old) to and back from school and cook lunch. Any advice ?
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    WTB BN training pants

    WTB BN training pants. Pls provide pictures, and state size and condition. Thanks
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    WTB : Thomas & friends / Leapfrog DVD

    WTB : Thomas & friends / Leapfrog DVD. Pls state price & condition and email to [email protected] as i seldom visit this forum
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    WTB : Bumble bee VCD

    Hi I am looking for Bumblebee VCD If you have available, pls let me know best price & condition
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    Children with inverted eyelashes ?

    Hi Hi, Have anyone of your babies have inverted eyelashes ? My son's lower eyelid the eyelashes are inverted and causing his eyes to be teary. Not sure what to do. Pls share your experiences if any. thanks
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    Anyone with babies having big head ?

    Hi My son is now 20 months, and his head size has been in the 97th percentile for at least the last two checkups. Height is around 25th percentile & weight around 90th percentile. He just started walking and not yet talk. Doctor mentioned his development is slow. Propose to do MRI...
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    WTB : Board books & VCD/DVD for 2-5 year olds

    Hi I am looking for Board books & VCD/DVD for 2-5 year olds Do PM me the condition of the item, price & collection venue. regards, Karen