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    ***Any Recommended Baby Store that is not shopping mall?**

    you can go to Baby Meadows @ parkway centre. The lady boss is very experience and patient to serve me when we are there.
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    (Comparison) Ameda Vs Medela

    Hi Mum05, I got the ardo set from the agent instead as introduced by CL. Maybe you can try sign up the trial package. PM me if you need the contact.
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    ****Help!!How to remove the funny taste in Frozen EBM?****

    *Confuse* I hv not been boiling the EBM before freezing. it shouldnt be the way as it kills nutrition. Once it is warmed, i hv to feed my baby or else hv to discard it. @Ching22: i actually tried a few brands of milk bag and found the new brand: "ardo easy freeze milk bag" is acceptable to...
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    ****Help!!How to remove the funny taste in Frozen EBM?****

    HI Mummies, i have the similar experience too. Use good quality milk bag or milk bottles for storage. I used the cheap cheap milk bag n hv storng plastic smell, the smell is worse after the heating process. Since then, i dont dare to use too cheap milk bag.
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    (Comparison) Ameda Vs Medela

    Hi Vivian, Had replied you via email.
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    *Using a used pump-RISK?

    Hi mummies, it is not advisable to get a used breastpump as you might have a risk of getting virus infection. Every mummies have different body condition and carries different virus. Some virus are not able to be killed by steriliser or boiling water. If you get a used breastpump, the virus...
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    (Comparison) Ameda Vs Medela

    Hi vivian, Sorry, i cant compare with the medela pump in style as i never used it before. The ARDO breastpump is very new brand in Singapore and this is the reason why i hesitate to buy initially. The motor unit is quiet. It has abt 8 levels of suction n speeds for me to choose. The...
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    (Comparison) Ameda Vs Medela

    hi mummies, Just to share my point of views about the breastpump. I came across this new brand: ARDO Calypso breastpump - Introduced by Confinement lady. At first, i never heard of this brand at all and hesitate to buy. The price is not cheap too. My CL has sample set n let me to try...
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    Any good confinement lady to recommend?

    HI, I used to have this confinement lady: Mei jie, who was working with me 6 years ago and she is really great at cooking as well as taking care for me & my baby boy. Moreover, she is the only confinement lady (i had seen so far ) , encouranging me to breastfeeding and teach me how to...