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    MIND CHAMPS carnival - I'm proud of you.

    A extra pair of tickets for a child and adult to sell off. Priced for a pair. $50 Event is at Singapore Expo on 7th and 8th October. This Saturday and Sunday. More than $500 worth of activities for the kids on the days of event. It's an event held by Mind Champs for Children's Day. Ticket...
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    WTB: grow milk formula for 6 years above ( tins and vouchers)

    Looking for vouchers for above at $1 each. Tins at more more than $26 each. Brand new tins only. Will pay lesser for those expiring within the next 4 mths. Prefers collection along the east west line towards jurong from raffles at night. Pls PM to deal.
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    Brand New Primary 2 textbooks.

    Hi. I've got a set of brand new primary 2 textbooks and workbooks for Chinese, math and English. Kindly note that different schools use different syllabus. Mine is from west spring primary. Gotten a extra set by accident early this year. Pls PM to deal. Selling them away at 20% below what was...
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    WTB pediasure sachets (all flavours)

    Looking for pediasure sachets prefers vanilla and strawberry. Don't mind short expiry dates but will only pay $1 for it with postage. Budget at $1.50 with postage. Pls PM to deal.
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    Looking for 7-11 stamps and figurine.

    Budget at $0.50 per stamp inclusive of postage or deal at cck or orchard. Looking for only captain america figurine. Budget at $6. to deal in cck or orchard. Pls pm to deal. Thank you.
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    Looking for PEDIASURE sachets (any flavors)

    I am looking for pediasure sachets. Any flavors. Don't mind the shorter expiry dates but i expect they cost lesser. Looking at no more than $1.50 per sachet & $1 per sachet for expiry dates shorter than 6 weeks. Will need a large quantity. Pls PM to deal Preferably prices include postage...
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    wanna swap away my USS cash vouchers of $100 to other vouchers

    I have $50 × 2 pcs of USS cash vouchers. They can be use to buy entrance tickets to USS and for most of the merchants located around USS as long as they accept the vouchers. Expiry is end of August 2013 which is this month Exchange to NTUC / TAKASHIMAYA vouchers.. otherwise cash deal. Kindly...
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    Am looking for Gain IQ KIDS (4) & PEDIASURE sachets

    Hello all. Am looking for the above mentioned. Pls pm for fast response. Thank you.
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    wtb pediasure and gain iq kids (orange) sachets and 400g tins

    Hi All I'm looking to get many pediasure and & gain iq kids milk sachets and 400g tins. Kindly email me at [email protected] I do not mind short expiry dates for sachets. Thank you.