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    berries or tien hsia

    Dear Mommies, my kid will be going P1 next year. Currently he is at Berries but i was told that it does not support P1 curriculum. I am thinking of moving him to Tien Hsia. but not sure does it good enough for P1. Thanks
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    Berries or Tien Hsia for P1

    Dear Mummies, I am looking for P1 Chinese Enrichment class for my kid next year. Is there any difference btw Berries or Tien Hsia? Thank you.
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    Chinese Tutor for K2

    Hi, I am looking for a chinese tutor for my son who is going to primary 1 next year. I am looking for someone who can guide him as we do not speak chinese. If you know of anyone, please PM me. Thanks in advance.
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    Advice needed. Is it sign of Autism?

    My son (19 months) likes to see spin things. He will turn over his cars and spin the wheels.He likes to see ceiling fans. We do not it at home but if he sees outsidd, he will point them out to us. However, he doesn't obsess about it. He'll do it for a few minutes and then move on to playing with...
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    Agape Little Uni @ Clementi

    Dear Mummies, Any feedback on Agape @ Clementi. I just enrolled my kid there for childcare. Previously my kid was from little wings. Teachers seem to be more patient and professional @ little wings compare to Agape. I accompanied him for 2 days. Need to wait and see.
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    Fish Oil for 18 mths old

    Hi hi mummies, Any recommendations for fish oil for 18 months old baby?
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    Any good childcare centre at Clementi Area?

    Dear Mummies, Any childcare centre to recommend in Clementi area? I'm going to send my son to childcare center after 18mth. Appreciate if you could give some recommendations. Thanks in advanced.
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    Free infant clothings to give away

    Dear Needy Mums, I've a few infant clothings to give away. Only for those who are unemployed or single needy mums or from low income family. PM me if you are interested. Happy National Day to you all.
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    Food recipes for 6 months & above babies

    Hi Mummies, Kindly let me know how to make home made food for 9 months old babies. I'm a first time mom and not sure how to cook baby food. I prefer home cooked food than ready made. Thank you.
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    Refusing home made food

    Dear mothers, my bb is 9 month old and he prefers ready made food like rice cereal with chicken or milk cereal. I tried to make some home made food like fish/chicken porridge, porridge with carrot and pumpkin etc but he doesn't seem to like it. He even throw out after feeding. Any suggestions?