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  1. StrRock

    Solo trip to mend a broken heart

    Ohh, I feel so sorry for you. I went through this pain and therefore understand your feelings very well. Two years ago my husband left me and I wanted to commit suicide, but stopped in time. I thought that we would be together all our life, and he went to to another woman. I didn’t know how to...
  2. StrRock

    Bad service from Shalom movers

    Ohh, I understand you very much because I myself have come across many times the irresponsible work of movers. I remember when I was 15 years old my father and I moved from Texas and hired movers, but as a result, upon arrival, we found that a lot of our things were broken, and the company...
  3. StrRock

    The Enrichment Classroom@ JW sports complex

    This is exactly what I did, because my son loves sports very much, and the schools in the slums of Australia are in very poor condition and there isn’t even a repair. I turned to the parents of other children and we got together and raised money to hire a private company for indoor sports...
  4. StrRock

    Hair Loss Problem

    Ohh, my girlfriend is just looking for a similar shampoo, but she can’t find it anywhere. She, like you, noticed that she begins to bald after washing her hair and starting to blow dry. She was shocked and there were tears in her eyes when she came up to me. The doctor said to take harmonics and...
  5. StrRock

    Passive income

    I, as a professional poker player in an online casino, I can say that to earn 3 million with $ 200 is simply impossible. Poker is a game where a lot also depends on your luck, not only on skills and in order to earn at least $ 100,000, you need to invest more than 500 bucks in the game. In...
  6. StrRock

    WTS new coffee table, Solid wood, Nice design

    Hmm, you know, I like this table and I would buy it with great pleasure, especially since it is very inexpensive, but I have already bought a luxurious metal coffee table and do not want to change it for anything else. It would be cool if I saw your offer before, I would buy your table. I was...
  7. StrRock

    Looking for home based job

    You can work as a trader from home. It's a very nice job I think and very profitable. The problem is that it's pretty hard and you have to study a lot, but the benefits are worth it.
  8. StrRock

    Advice: where to celebrate birthday party for baby??

    The most right way would be to ask child where he would like to celebrate his birthday, but not in your situation. Yours is too small. It makes doing decision really hard. It depends from the people you will invite. I think he doesn`t have many friends in this age, so mostly your family will...
  9. StrRock

    What is love,

    Love is a feeling that is very difficult to explain in words. Once, we made an appointment with my friend, and when we met, he was not alone, but with his girlfriend. At the first minute, I fell in love with this girl, despite the fact that he was the bride of my friend. I then started asking a...
  10. StrRock

    Wtb : Chinese character posters/charts for 2yr old . 识字

    You could try looking on this website for paintings of such sort, , just type in the search bar something like Chinese writing or Chinese hieroglyphs. They have good prices for the quality they offer, and from time to time they have...
  11. StrRock

    2 adults and 3 kids - How to take holiday?

    There is no need to go to Thailand when you can merge with nature in Suffolk and relax in the comfortable Suffolk Holiday Cottages. This is a great place where I have been spending the 3rd week in a row and I don’t get bored. There is no car noise and boring work , only picturesque nature...