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  1. Teddy75

    Ask support Age 44 TTC

    After my tubal reconstruction, I managed to conceive at age 41 but miscarriage at 11weeks. Tried 1 time IUI and natural till now, no news and periods become irregular as I age. Should I go for IVF again? Previously before 40 did 2 times IVF failed.
  2. Teddy75

    TTC Naturally at Age 43 (Need Support)

    Intro my background. I had did a tubal ligation at age 33 thinking not want any more children. A regrets. I started my 2 cycles IVF journey at KKH at age 39. (2 fresh and 1 Frozen.) I did a major surgery to fix back my tubes at age 40. 4 months after the surgery, I conceived but miscarriage...
  3. Teddy75

    Asking for Egg Donar, TTC for 3 years

    Hi, I am already near 43. Have been try several methods to conceive, with no success since when 39. IVF, FET, IUI, Clomid Pills, Tubal Reverse. My womb is clean and good. Problem unable conceive maybe due to aging, poor egg quality. I hope to receive donar eggs to try FET for better success...
  4. Teddy75

    Why wanted to be mummy 2016?

    To share my story. I am a mother to five children. Eldeat child in 2000 and Youngest in 2008. I have did my liagation in 2008 on the birth of my last child. Turning 40 this year, wanting to challenge my body to do IVF. Treatment starting next week May; awating for my "M" day to...
  5. Teddy75

    Five Kids and Planning for IVF

    Anybody think that I am crazy? Middle income family able to support, especially no maid can cope? Both hubby and me are working. Eldest now in Secondary and Youngest at P1. Idea striked me to do IVF before I reach 40 this year. A experience, then asking for success for IVF because just...