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  1. ambermummy

    WTS: NTUC Bonus Points Exclusive Jamie Olivier Kitchenware

    $8 for 37 points, including normal postage. Please PM me if keen.
  2. ambermummy

    WTG: Preloved Battery-Operated Lanterns

    Light for both are still working. No music from Pooh. PM if keen. Self collect from Marina Square/Suntec area on weekdays, King Albert Park area on weekday evenings and weekends.
  3. ambermummy

    WTG: Preloved Battery Operated Inflatable Musical Hello Kitty Lantern

    PM if keen to self collect at Bt Timah / Suntec area.
  4. ambermummy

    WTG: Homemade Mandala Drawings

    1 big stack of different colour permutations Mandala drawings to give away. Self collection from Bt Timah area, near King Albert Park station. PM if keen.
  5. ambermummy

    WTB: Playhouse

    Hv fun ;-)
  6. ambermummy

    WTB: Playhouse

    I hv a preloved one. May i hv a phone number to WhatsApp the pic over?
  7. ambermummy

    Preloved Ballet Character Skirt & Shoes
  8. ambermummy

    WTB: NTUC coupons

    I now hv 38 points for $8, including postage. PM me if keen
  9. ambermummy

    WTB: NTUC coupons

    25 pts for $5.50 including normal postage. PM me if keen.
  10. ambermummy

    WTB: IKEA Mammut children's table and chairs

    Mammut set still available
  11. ambermummy

    WTS: Preloved RAD Katz Low-Heel Character Shoes Size 11

    $10. Self collect at bt timah area. Can also meet along downtown line betw Promenade and KAP stations. PM me if keen
  12. ambermummy

    WTG: Sealed Prosure Orange Flavor 380g

    This is a very old post. Thread closed.
  13. ambermummy

    WTB: NTUC Points for Tefal Cookware

    I hv 4 points for $1, including postage. PM me if keen
  14. ambermummy

    WTB: IKEA Mammut children's table and chairs

    Hi. I hv a green Mammut round table and 3 matching chairs for $30, and a colourful Kritter set (1 rectangular table, 2 chairs and 1 bench) for $50. Please note Mammut chairs are placed outdoor so color is kinda faded. 1 chair for Kritter Set has a broken tail (please see pic). Self collect...
  15. ambermummy

    WTB - Ikea children table and chairs (with back rest)

    Letting go this whole set at $50. Self collect at bt timah area. Cat's tail broken in one of the chairs but no sharp edges. PM me if keen