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    Confectionery Full Month Package

    I engaged sweetest moments few years back and overall is satisfactory.
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    Part-time house cleaner

    Not sure if you heard of Kleepers. I have been engaging them for awhile now and the cleaners are fast and cleaning is above satisfactory.
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    Baby skin products

    Congrats and have a safe delivery :) BM will not be sufficient initially will need to standby formula on first few days. Sorry can't advise you much as have not tried NTUC Gold Formula for my LO before.
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    [HELP]Any good Water Purifier Recommend?

    Hi Mummy, both my SIL and I have been using 3M Hot and Cold water dispenser since the birth of our children. I would recommend that - easy to use and convenient especially preparing milk for LO but can be a little pricey. :)
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    Baby skin products

    Hi Mummy, have not tried NTUC Gold Formula but I have changed a few formulas for my lo. Started with Friso, Nan and later Enfa till date. Her poo changed colour initially and I thought is due to the formula. Shouldn't have changed too many brands as I heard it is not good for babies. How old is...
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    Baby skin products

    Hi Mummy, I used GAIA shampoo and Mustela Gentle Cleansing Gel for my 2 yo going to 3 who has slight azcema since birth. Laundry wise will be Pureen ABD. :)
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    2016/05 ( May) babies

    Have any mummies started sending your lo to any classes? Art, Phonics, Swimming classes? My lo is 2 yo going to 3 and want to have mummies's opinions.
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    Changing of childcare

    Hi Mummies, my 2yo going 3 comes home from childcare with bruises and scars previously. We tried asking my daughter where she had all these scars and bruises but she still not able to express herself well. Tried confronting the teachers but they didn't seem to know either. My hubby and I have...
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    Part time cleaner

    Hi my friends and I have been engaging Kleepers for our home cleaning and so far their cleaners are quite fast and efficient. I have tried others part time cleaners and I think theirs is the best.