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    Psoriasis on nails - Please help

    Hi Mummies, I'm asking on behalf of my friend. Her son is 3 years old and has been diagnosed with psoriasis nails for a year plus. They are currently residing in overseas and have seen many doctors and specialists there. All are of no help. They said there's no cure and only prescribed cream to...
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    Confinement lady - market rate and duties

    Hi, May I know what is the market rate and duties for confinement lady? I didn't employ a CL for my 1st preg, I plan to get 1 this time. I heard that price increased again and their job scope reduced liao. Please advise. Thanks.
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    How to remove stretchmark? Which product is better?

    Hi Ladies, I just noticed that I got stretchmarks at my lower tummy... red ones... Any idea what I can apply to remove them during and after pregnancy? Some ladies recommended the following products, anyone use before? Are they effective to get rid or fade the stretch marks? - Elancyl...
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    Dr Adrian Woodworth, Dr HK Ho or Dr Lawerance Ang?

    Hello, I've shortlisted 3 gynaes, Dr Adrian Woodworth, Dr HK Ho & Dr Lawerance Ang. I'm not sure which one I should choose. Dr Adrian's clinic is the nearest and the most convenient to my place, but he seems to be in a rush when I went to see him for the 1st appointment. This made be very...