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  1. greentara

    Active Global (Specialised Caregivers)

    I have been sourcing for a suitable domestic helper to care for an elderly. Received a recommendation from a social worker within a local hospital named "Active Global" and would like to seek comments / reviews on those who have engaged their caregivers before. Below is a chart of theirs...
  2. greentara

    8 birthday gifts in Jubilee Baby Gift pack

    Singaporean babies born in 2015 will receive 8 birthday gifts in Jubilee Baby Gift pack All Singaporean babies born next year will receive a Jubilee Baby Gift pack comprising eight presents, as part of the Singapore’s 50th anniversary celebrations, said the National Population and Talent...
  3. greentara

    ! -- Advice: Childcare NurtureStars@Mount Faber SAFRA -- !

    1. Was at SAFRA Mount Faber with my darling a few weeks ago and we saw several toddlers finishing their swimming lessons. 2. I asked one of the adult taking care of the toddlers if we can sign up our girl for the swimming class and was pleasantly surprised to find out that there is a...
  4. greentara

    Genetic Ultrascan vs Amniocentesis

    During an OSCAR scan just a week ago, my 2nd angel was classified as a very high risk fetus and amniocentesis was highly recommended. CVS is an alternative. Through a kind friend, we learnt about Prof. Anandakumar who is an expert (was from NUS in the 90s). We chose to have a Genetic...