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    Dr. June Tan @ KKH

    I would love to help you! I have been under June Tan (I assume is the one from KKH) for both my #1 and #2 (edd 29 July). Unfortunately, my #1 decided to come out earlier when she was on leave, so I was delivered by her covering officer which I can't even rem her name now.... LOL But generally...
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    Delivery at KKH 2016

    Hi there, I did ask the nurse during my #1 time, if you or your baby have any complication, KKH will downgrade you to subsidized patient, hence your bill will not be rocket high. That is one of the reason why I chose KKH TPS in the end rather than TMC or MtA or MtE. This also applies to...
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    Any reviews on PEM Confinement Agency?

    Dear ladies, I'm deciding between getting a CL through the agency or through my friend's recommendation. Currently the charges is about the same (2.4k) and the line of duties are similar as well. Anyone has engaged your CL through PEM before? My friend had a horrible experience with hers last...
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    2016/07 July babies

    Hello fellow mummies and mummy-to-be:) I'm expecting my no2 and edd is 29 July. I just have a question for those expecting no2 or 3 or more... Do you ladies still do a lot of chores and looking after your elder children or carry them since tri1? My husband is v busy with work and I have to...
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    (2014/10) Oct 2014 Mummies

    Hi Ladies! This is my first pregnancy and I'm really nervous! Found out I was pregnant 2 weeks ago and went for ultrasound scan on Monday, 7 weeks as of today and saw the little heartbeat of my baby :) EDD in Oct 09! Please add me at