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    Anyone with a partner/spouse who has anger issues?

    This type of situation often but not always you dig under the surface both sides all got a bit of temper. At least the cases I've seen
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    Oscar vs Panorama

    Technically NIPT is a description , the other are brand names. But for layperson like us the difference isnt worth worrying about both have high sensitivity and low false positive rate (very important for peace of mind)
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    Complusory Vaccination

    can i join too?
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    In love with a married man

    Nah lovefoot case seems more reasonable. So when you say your married lover going through the process of filing for divorce, you mean is uncontested divorce? or already seperated long enough ?
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    Genetic Ultrascan vs Amniocentesis

    moral of the story of this thread and a ton of similar threads. Ignore OSCAR results and go straight for panaroma or harmony. Only worry if that says high risk..
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    KKH Harmony Test

    They may not "sing the same tune", remember FTS/Oscar tests are pretty inaccurate in particularly it generates more false positives . Notw this is different from the 90% you citing which is a sensitivity test measuring how well it correctly flags positive cases which may be different from it's...
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    Pregnant after 35 years old

    if you are above 35, please do yourself a favour and do a NIPT like harmony. Oscar test is likely to scare you with a high risk (it adjust upwards for age) anyway , just look at all the threads of scared mummies and then you still have to pay for Harmony or worse Amniocentesis. Unless of...
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    NIPT high risk but declined to do further amino test!

    Heres what the page on Harmony says "Positive predictive value (PPV) is the probability that a positive test result is a true positive. PPV is based on both the performance of the test and the prevalence of the condition in a particular population. In blinded published studies, Harmony has been...
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    Complusory Vaccination

    I'll reply to this because this is the only part that comes from you but is so stupid an argument that even the PhD you cite isn't arguing this way. If you want to do science as opposed to handwaving and copy pasting things you don't understand, you need to understand we need to test things one...
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    Complusory Vaccination

    Since you copy and pasting things you don't understand, I can copy and paste too. " A scientist’s rebuttal to Hooker’s rebuttal. 1 – the study was controlled as well as possible for genetic and environmental differences by strictly limiting it to children of Danish-born mothers. It is...
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    Mother in law help taking care of baby

    The "you can also eat" is fine. You being petty about that. The rest you didn't give specifics. Let's be frank, no matter what parents will side their own child first, some are better at hiding it. But as long as she never go, you can't eat cos expensive or some similar shit you got nothing to...
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    Chances of pregnancy

    Go for cheaper one if money is an issue
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    Chances of pregnancy

    How old are you and your wife? if you below 35.. 50% will suceed within 1 year. But if your wife or you have special conditions then might want check up earlier. And yes, try every 2 days during critical period. In fact I believe the evidence is showing it's better to do 1 day before ovulation...
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    Complusory Vaccination

    I must say I really enjoy studying more in-depth this. There seems to be only one study in 1998 , Wakefield et al (1998) that claimed a link between autism and measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. The paper was since retracted in 2010. And worse it was later shown to be fraud...
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    Complusory Vaccination

    Too tired to Google the terms I used? Or just realizing you have no hope of matching me? Such an *expert* who can't even match the knowledge of a med student lol. Yes, very convincing, particularly funny how you don't even understand what a placebo is in the control and think that means they...
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    Sexless Marriage

    lol the infamous troll . From past sagas Divorce or Separation Questions - need advice Don wait. Divorce or not divorce. Make a choice. I wait and wait. See. He still go out with her. Guys will be guys. Make a move. Guys won't make the move one. Normally is the woman initiate divorce, not...
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    Mother in law help taking care of baby

    >Although MIL always says she treat me as own family, but there are things which I see obviously is treating me different from her own children. Like what?
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    Complusory Vaccination

    Looks like you fell into the trap.. showing again how much you don;t understand how science works. Firstly, have you noticed in newspapers, they report one paper saying drinking red wine will cut heart disease risks and then a while later report an opposite study? That is because studies are...
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    Complusory Vaccination

    It's amazing once I point out how amateurish your arguments are, a few weeks later you come back and suddenly seemingly "know" the right lingo. Did a lot of Google in the last few weeks did you? Still not good enough unfortunately. Okay first you say you complaining about lack of RCTs. Then...