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  1. zolldoll

    Legoland Tickets / Angry Bird Theme Park Malaysia

    Dear Mummies, I am looking to purchase cheaper Legoland as well as Angry Bird Theme Park tickets for both adults and children. If any mummies have any to let go, do pm me or sms me at 90996499, thanks alot.
  2. zolldoll

    Urgently looking for a Part Time Nanny in Clementi Area

    Dear all, I am helping to post on behalf of my friend whom is feeling very lost now as her maid told her suddenly that her hubby has a new job in another country, and she has to break her contract and leave soon to go back be with her children. My friend needs a part time nanny only as her...
  3. zolldoll

    Comments on Agape Uni at Clementi Ave 3

    Hi mummies, Anyone of you with kids enrolled in this school? Am thinking of transfering my gal to this school next year after my boy get enrolled into Primary School. Cos we shifted from Jurong to Clementi, hence when my boy goes into Pri 1, would prefer to transfer my gal to clementi area so...
  4. zolldoll

    Good Swimming Instructor in Clementi

    Hi all mummies, I am looking for a good swimming instructor for my kids, one boy and one gal, would prefer the lessons to hold in clementi swimming complex in the mornings. Any mummies with any good instructors, really appreciate any recommendations, thanks alot.
  5. zolldoll

    Mclaren Stroller (Servicing)

    Hi mummies, need advise here. Any mummies know where and how I can replace the piece of black belt (the part that kids rest their shoes on), as it broke. I went back to spring maternity and it cost $28 for that rubber and to wait for 2 weeks. Thanks for any advices in advance.
  6. zolldoll


    Looking for a not too old playpen for my friend. If any kind mummies out there has any to let go at a cheap price, or for free, do email, thanks in advance.
  7. zolldoll

    Effective weight lost programmes

    Anyone out there to share any effective weight lost programmes, be it by self controlled dieting, or by any centres that you may have visited. I need to lose weight fast, been very sad by my weight gain and the huge amount of good appetite that is so hard to curb. Will appreciate any advices...
  8. zolldoll

    Baby sitter in Jurong West

    Anyone knows or recommend a good baby sitter for my gal of 15 months? Baby sitter should live near Jurong West Street 93 or Street 91, i need one urgently.
  9. zolldoll

    Bad rashes on baby's face

    I have just delivered my daughter recently. And now she has got very bad red spots all over her face. My first child did not have his face like this so this time i panicked to see my daughter's face like this. Any mummies out there has the same problem? I dunno if i need to bring her see a...
  10. zolldoll

    When to stop applying diaper cream

    Mummies, when can we stop applying diaper creams for our child? My son is currently 15 months old and is still applying each time i change his diaper.
  11. zolldoll

    Travelling with a 14 months old baby

    Dear all mummies, Anyone went travelling overseas with a 14 coming 15 months old baby before? What did you have to bring like bath tub, steriliser etc..And also how to cook porridge for my son when i bring him overseas? Appreciate advices out there, many thanks in advance.