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  1. sarah92

    Aloe Vera Products

    Aloe Lips with Jojoba Moisturizing Aloe-based formula Soothes and moisturizes Great for year-round use The soothing properties of Aloe Vera are ideally suited to care for your lips. Aloe, jojoba and beeswax combine to create the finest all-season lip product on the market today. Forever Aloe...
  2. sarah92

    Pregnant Mommy to Be!

    Congrats on your pregnancy! If you're interested; ~To receive pregnant and baby related products try and review on social media. ~Getting early scoops on latest deals. PM ME now :cool:
  3. sarah92

    Lose weight naturally

    Anyone intend to lose weight but not paying sky high amount to slimming centre? I lost weight with Aloe Vera, pm me if you interested to know more. 1 bottle of Aloe Gel cost $46.25, and it benefits our body.
  4. sarah92

    Aloe Vera

    Want a flatter tummy, & lose some weight without rebound? Look Better & Feel Better with Aloe Vera in just 9days! Product founded in 1978. Pm me for inquiry.
  5. sarah92

    Aloe Vera Products

    Aloe Vera Gel helps to support healthy digestive system and natural energy levels. If you're looking to detox, there's no other way than Aloe Vera juice to flush the toxins out of your body. PM me for more inquiry.
  6. sarah92

    Pregnant Moms Advocate

    As an advocate your benefits includes: - Getting early scoops on latest deals - Earning products to giveaway for your own private group or community - Get exclusive invites for events and gatherings - Be the first to try out new products in the market PM me for more information if you're...
  7. sarah92

    New Year, New You

    Look Better & Feel Better in Just 9 Days! Loss weight and be healthier with Aloe Vera. PM me for more inquires. #detox #lookbetter #Aloevera
  8. sarah92

    Benefits of Aloe Vera for TTC

    Ladies, have you heard of Aloe Vera? Aloe Vera is known for boosting your uterus health and provides vital nutrients to the body that aids in increased flow of blood and deep cleanses. PM me if you're interested to include Aloe Vera in your TTC journey.
  9. sarah92

    2019 Mummies Group

    Hi Mummies, Congrats on your pregnancy, mummies who're delivering in 2019. Have you join 2019 SG SuperMoms facebook group, because I saw this support group will be choosing and giving away 2 cartons of diapers! (It's a great saving) Join below link...
  10. sarah92

    Grab your Goodies Bag now!

    Expecting mommies!! Hurry register for your goodies bag, includes Dumex Mamil Mama 400g sample which is suitable for pregnancy & breastfeeding mothers!
  11. sarah92

    WTB: 1L BN bottle of DOM

    Collection place: Yishun Northpoint Pm me with price and if you can pass to me at the stated location. Thanks in advance!
  12. sarah92

    Enfagrow Stage 4/ Beach Toys/ Kate Spade Diaper Bag /Etc

    Enfagrow Stage 4 (900g) Expiry May 2017 x 2tins Singapore source, $36 each tin. Kinokuniya Vouchers $100 value, to let go $90 =No expiry dates= Self-collection will be at Yishun st 21, PM if keen.
  13. sarah92

    Wtb: Baby boy gift set

    Hi, looking for above as gift for baby shower. Budget less than $15. Collection prefer at Yishun.
  14. sarah92

    Wts: Enfamil stage 1

    Size 900g, 6tins available Singapore source $54/tin Self collect at My place in Yishun
  15. sarah92

    Wts: BNWT Robocar Poli Tshirt

    3 designs available! Size 110 cotton tshirt Selling: $10 each Normal postage included
  16. sarah92

    Grow Preschool Sachet & voucher

    Voucher expiry Jun16 Item in the pic for $4.50 mailed Pm me if keen.
  17. sarah92

    Wtg: Grow School sachets

    2 sachets expiry Nov2016 By postage only, $2 P&H
  18. sarah92

    Wts: Enfagrow Stage 3 sachets

    Qty: 18sachets Singapore source $28 for all. Expiry Nov2016. Self collect at Yishun or by postage at your cost. Only PM me if interested, not negotiable.
  19. sarah92

    Pediasure discount vocuhers

    Pediasure $5 discount off voucher to purchase 850g milk powder 4 pcs to let go $1 each , take all $4 free postage. Pediasure $3 discount voucher to purchase 6bottles RTD. 5pcs to let go at $2.50 free postage. Expiry date: 31 Dec 2015.
  20. sarah92

    Wtb: Eys Bo Ying Compound

    Hi, I'm looking for the above. Let me know source from where/price and prefer collection north area. Brand new package only. Pm me if you're selling! Cheers ^.^