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  1. fion40

    2nd IVF

    Hi, I hv gone thru IVF in 2014 n successfully give birth to my boy in 2015. We intend to try second round of IVF to give my boy a sis or bro. But we are quite worried because after my boy, I had serious post natal depression thus just like to check what preventive measures we can take to prevent...
  2. fion40

    LO Coughing

    Recently, lo hv been coughing badly at night,to the extend vomit out, tried the vick method even applying theivies essential oil on his feet but nothing works. Appreciate if u can share what k be done? (Special remedies) or Which pd do u bring ur lo to? We live in Jurong....
  3. fion40

    Will you quit?

    I have been working for this lady boss for a year over. In the beginning, she was very nice but soon she treat me badly. She ask me why I was so fat before. She called me stupid before and once there was a discussion with a asst mgr, a senior exec n me (exec) but she just " excuse me, (my name)...
  4. fion40

    Mosquito bite

    Dear Mummies, recently I bot my LO to a chalet and stayed, end up my LO was bitten by mosquitoes and have bites on his leg and hands. Worst is one of the bite is on his foot palm... Can mummies recommend which cream is good to cure mosquitoes bites? He is 14mths old. Thanks in advance.
  5. fion40

    Baby coming to 9mths but still don't sleep thru the night

    Hihi all, It has been long time since I logged in. My boy will be 9mths soon but still don't sleep thru the night. Even getting him to sleep is a chore cos he will flip around or cry like a good 30mins b4 he will fall asleep. Don't get me wrong, I am not very very worry or don't feel like...
  6. fion40

    Post natal depression

    Any1 suffer from this and has recover? I suspect I hv this....
  7. fion40


    Hi all, Wonder if it is ok to do needle works at my 37wks nw?
  8. fion40

    Pain at the waist area

    Dear all, I have this sudden pain at my left waist, it is a on off pain. Just wondering anyone has it too? I am now at my 35wks...
  9. fion40

    Qing Ming

    Hi all, am now at my 35wks. Wonder if it is advisable to go praying during Qing Ming?
  10. fion40

    When to book hospital for delivery

    Hi all, I am at week 30 now and today when I try to ask my gynae about booking of my preferred hospital for my delivery, he told me it still early. Is it so?