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    Ask support Age 44 TTC

    Also the total number of ART cycles still stands at 6 right? it says 2 out of 6 of the ART (3 Fresh 3 FET) can be done over 40yrs old, but for those who has exhausted 3 fresh previously before 40 cause of previous initiative, then she will also not be able to enjoy co- funding for a 4th one...
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    IVF 2019 support group

    Hello I like to clarify something. in Aug 2019, there is news released of some changes to ivf treatment on older age women. effective 01Jan 2020: Women aged 40 and above will be eligible for co-funding for up to two of the six co-funded ART cycles. • This is as long as the couple had...
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    Best TCM

    Hi Any suggestion near the East-West line mrt? TCM process needs diligence and I am looking for convenience in terms of travelling and not too Long waiting. I have tried Dr Tan at Clementi but I do not have good experience. His charges per visit is quite high and we need to go during that...
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    IVF 2019 support group

    I was not given this type of counselling, tho I was given scenario option. It would have helped a little. Everything just went so quickly after ER. May I know which hospital/gynae did you visit?
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    IVF 2019 support group

    I heard of cases when embryo that is not too good transferred on D2 or D3 can still result in a pregnancy to healthy baby. I also heard embryo that is average or good grade could not survive to D5 blastocyst and result in no transfer. I understand for some, they just want to ensure positive...
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    Ivf @ NUH

    Hello, Is it the embryologist or nurse or your doctor update embryo status after egg retrieval in NUH?