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    Maternity insurance and life insurance for newborn

    Oh, I didn't know about it.. But I was in touch with another AXA agent (she processed BandAid for me), who already told me about the AXA shield and rider with HFM etc. Wouldn't it be duplicating the info? In fact I have the booklet with me now. :D Will be delivering at Mt Alvernia.
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    Maternity insurance and life insurance for newborn

    Hi Frankie, Thanks but no thanks. I got into this forum rather late, am already in my final weeks (coming to week 36 + already bought the OCBC/Great Eastern plan) I didn't know about this AXA plan beforehand. Will pass on the information to any friends if they ask. Cheers.
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    NB diapers

    Sharing info for people in same plight as me researching on NB diapers: Huggies has just changed their packaging from green to white. What was previously known as Huggies M in the green packaging is now known as Huggies Newborn (white packaging). (only found out from the sticker on the diaper...
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    Post natal massage

    Ok thanks!!
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    Post natal massage

    Hi all, I'm due in mid Jan. How early do you book the post natal massages (in house), and when does the first session start?
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    Confinement rules

    I believe TCM advocates keeping feet /body warm and no cold water for basic well being. Not sure about the water/shower rule. But the main principle is to ensure your body is kept warm and well all the time. If you do shower/wash hair, do it during the day and dry immediately with a hair...
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    Maternity insurance and life insurance for newborn

    I bought the OCBC Max maternity plan (mainly because I didn't want my plan to be linked to an investment-linked policy. I got it quite late (after my 20 week scan) though you can enrol much earlier (week 13) I also realised during the Mt Alvernia maternity tour that they partnered with AXA to...