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    Vitamin C for pregnancy

    Hi any mum taking vitamin c any brand to recommend thanks
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    Sep 2018 Mummies, anyone?

    Hi I have just fill up the form kindly add me in thanks
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    Baby Scan - Every Visit

    Hi did u ask dr chew hw come the scan can only be done on those week? Wat if u insist that u Wan ur scan to be done every check up I don’t think he will reject u since is $
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    Baby heart device

    Hi anyone bought the device I do know a brand name call Doppler. Is it safe and where to buy? Thanks
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    Any good female gynae from Thomson/Raffles to recommend?

    Hi I’m seeing dr Koh from raffles Hos. I switch from dr chew Nuh to dr Koh raffles Hos
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    Taking Chinese Med during 1st trimester

    Hi just like to ask anyone eating Chinese Med but also taking western Med?
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    NUH Gynac - Dr. Stephen Chew

    Hi I’m seeing dr chew from nuh. I used to see prof Wong but he always on leave so I change to dr chew. He is friendly, humorous and approachable to me I feel
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    Sep 2018 Mummies, anyone?

    Hi ladies like to ask any one go for hair cut in 1st trimester?is it safe? Thanks
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    morning sickness

    Hi I saw Sara bought a no morning sickness tea may I know where to buy? Thanks
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    Child Adoption

    Hi can I ask is it the form that we get online for house report? Thanks
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    Can pregnant woman go facial during 1st trimester?

    Hi can face steam? My hubby scarce ba dang to go facial during 1st trimester as needles are use.
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    Can pregnant woman go facial during 1st trimester?

    Hi does any ladies went for facial during your 1st trimester pregnant? Thanks
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    Any 1st-time Mummies?

    Hi this is 1st pregnant can add me in to the chat group. Thank you. By the way does any of you have cough and sore throats symptoms any remedies? Thanks
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    Ivf/icis treatment

    Hi dolly, May I know who is your dr and which hospital?were you on any medication given by your dr? I now eating duphaston ( just increase to 3 times a day), progynova 2 times, folic acid and Crimson gel for insertions. Thanks
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    2017 IVF mummies

    Hi I'm still pondering to eat or not to eat bec I'm already on a lot of western Med. The nurse and my dr advise me better not. Oh btw may I know who is ur Tcm? Thanks
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    Ivf/icis treatment

    Hi dolly, Can I ask do you continue to eat the Tcm Med after you pregnant? Thanks
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    2017 IVF mummies

    Hi Truddy, Can I ask after your pregnant do you still continue with your Tcm Med? Thank you
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    2017 IVF mummies

    Hi I'm Claudia here can I join in the chat. By the way like to ask has any one pregnant through ivf and still continue eating Tcm Med?Thanks